Libra woman Aries man is this real?

I am a Libra woman involved with a cancer guy for 15 years. I recently met this wonderful Aries guy and he completely blew me off my feet! I dont understand!!!! WHY? We clicked. We have been texting and phoning each other non stop and we never get bored. He makes me laugh and he makes me FEEL!!!I swear I hold my breath when he speaks to me and feel like he knows me better tha I know myself!! Is this connection just BS or is there something going on!!! PLEASE HELP!!

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it is real
by: Anonymous

I am also a Libra lady who was instantly taken by an Aries male...although he is too scared to move and lives in denial. His actions (as much as he tries to hide them), indicate he is very keen, and when we do talk, i am overwhelmed by his beauty. I go gaga every time I hear his name, let alone the physical presence. There is something sooo damned special about these guys, and I wish I could just get him to move forward without being so afraid. Lucky you, at least you have progressed and if you want to be happy you will keep him(:
Happy Valentine's

Keep your head libra girl !
by: libralass

Yes its real. So be careful and DONT lose your head girlfriend! Keep in mind, that the same
attraction will be there should he meet another libra girl. This relationship is a game you must play well and it never ends. The best player always wins. It's a libra balancing act...The right mix of beauty, charm, wit and intellegence will get you everything! Libra is influenced by the wind so change should be easy for you. When something you are doing stops working, change course. This keeps aries man from getting bored. They like a woman who can match their wit and keep up with them. When my aries says something smart, i always come right back at him with equal sass and then go him one better. This keeps his they love to spar...and secretly libras do too! When you see that mischevious look in his sparkling eyes...let your eyes reflect his sparkle. Be completely honest and up front with him, but keep your hand well hid and dont ever show all your cards. Sometimes being emotionally unavailable works too. But nothing works all the time...that would get bo-ring! Try to stay one step ahead at all times. Making him wait is good for him and in turn for you, but when you do finally get to make love to him, go at it with everything youve got. With aries and libra its either all or nothing. :)*(:

Aries man and Libra woman
by: Anonymous

True. Going through a similar experience. Aries are so attracted to Libra women but sometimes they try so hard to hide it...

by: Isaac

I'm an Aries and met a libra(girl) few days back, everything fell in place like it is a set up. Only girl I got attracted to so much:-)I love listenin gto her and she feels the same I guess, wait for her call/text. I love her within few days......,strange but I like it:-*

To D.L. from E.L.
by: Anonymous

After reading all these posts, it's refreshing to know I'm not crazy. I'm a Libra female and do not remember the last time a man has completely blown me away like D.L. Two days!! I've only known him two days and I cannot stop thinking about him. What he considers his flaws, I consider character. It just feels so good to be around him. We have so much fun together. I've dated an Aries man before and I'm aware of how vital it is to keep them on their toes. Hopefully this time it will work in my favor. I guess only time will tell....

you yummy libra...
by: ariespiscescusp

im a balanced aware awaken aries lad. i met a libra her 21 and i 19. in all honesty. at first it was rocky. but we.MENDED out all the issues. she used her scales and balanced what needed to be balanced. and in my observation she was tooo selfless so i help her have more self. and she literally. kills my ego and helps me be selfless. being an aries your life goal is to leave this plane having learned to say i love YOU. rather than i love i. and a libra being our polar opposite. them being structure. and us being wild and spontanious. yin and yang. in my opinion. if both people in the relationship are enlightened. or atleast on their way to it. this is basically as close as your.gonna get to heaven while being on earth. its like climbing up a mountain. therebis lots.of work and pain. but once you get to the top. you literally sit there. un alone. ontop.of a.mountain. your done. life complete. on the physical plane anyway. i feel like i found my twin flame.

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