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(louisville, ky)

Met an aries man online, after talking on the phone, we decided to meet. all i can say is hot, instant attraction, and hot, romantic encounters since. how do i say instant attraction, and i am not a believer in love at first site, but i am now. A very powerful attraction, like none i have ever known. btw, he is 52, i am 48...

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by: Anonymous

Seriously Aries hold a natural magneticism so beware. You would do well to not jump in with both feet. Aries like challenges and the 'chase'. The worse thing you can do is jump into bed or pursue this man. Just take a deep breathe and stay calm, collected and just out of reach. He knows you like him so stand back a little. They can be nasty one minute and enchanting the next - having 'foot in mouth syndrome' when it comes to understanding others. They are practical rather than theory led so don't think about other people's feeling when they open their mouth on a lot of occasions. They prefer feminine woman but you need to stand up to him also as they don't like weak woman. They are controlling so you will need to accept that compromise is required with these. Good luck

instant attraction
by: barb libra monkey

I know all about the Aries/Libra instant attraction thing! My experience was very instant attraction, with the most gut-wrenching aching for him that I have NEVER experienced. Unfortunately, as he is so afraid of having his heart broken, I never got to second base with him, and he pushes me away if I show any sort of strong attraction. I can't help the way my body goes whenever I see him...and am certain of the times he has made love to another at the same time as the chase went ESP and tangile knowledge, tell me when he is having a great time, but also drag me down on his bad days.

Had to let go...
by: Anonymous

I've met this wonderful charming man. Was an Aries, and kind of aggressive - maybe not the best way to describe him, but he wanted to kiss me on our first date (which I don't so), started telling me on the phone in a funny yet weird way how he want's me to be his future wife, and so on. Plus "make up your mind" when I don't like being pushed for anything. Still after dating half a year we also got intimate and it was great! He did everything right like no other has done to me. Magic was the word between us. He told me then that he also has a "friend with benefits" thing I didn't like as I wanted to be the only one. He said he "isn't ready for that". OK, the thing that came next is he stopped communicating with me for almost 3 weeks (other than here ad there small messages) I asked him why is he giving me the silence treatment and he replied he had found someone that he wants to make things work with. And guess what I did: I said "I respect your decision", and thus let him go. I am not good at fighting for love, maybe it wasn't that much of t, I don't know... I felt bad a couple of days... I've sent him 2 emails, never mentioning anything, just hello's, and he replied the same manner. It's all I'm capable to do. I can never see him in face. And I don't hate him or anything, simply cannot...

Shaddy Aries Man
by: Anonymous

I have been with an aries man for 2 years we moved in together after a year of dating within weeks of moving in he told me he had impregnated another girl. He convinced me to stay but it was tough particularly with my job as i travel alot he would bring the baby mother to our house, sleep in my bed using my car. After 10 months i decided it was time to move out as it was a total joke. 3 months down the line he came back asking me back and telling me that the baby mother has a boyfriend and doesnt wnat anything to do with him. The sad thing is that i still love him but i will never go back. I am a Libra woman and trust me an Aries man just wants to control, pull you down and they are damn liars. In bed he was very good and adventurous but that is all there is to it. No cuddling, little talk, foreplay was a nightmare from this man. May i add that this is my 3 Aries and i aint going back!

Aries... NOT!
by: Anonymous

All of your comments are dead on to the Aries Man I met. Unbelievable, but all so true. No thank you Aries Man, you are not worth sooooo much trouble. You make life and love waaay to complicated and extremely annoying. And you think your the cool one...NOT! She can have you! (whoever the poor soul may be)

by: Mary

Thank you ladies for this interesting info I have been in an on and off relationship with an Aries and you all have hit the aries characteristics so well. I finally have the courage to let go. We had a child together and he keeps saying he's going to marry me. But now it's a long distance thing so I know theres different women and possible a new relationship thats brewing. I needed this info to really help me move on cause I am really trapped under this aries to the point I didn't and sometimes still don't know what to do without him. Yeap, after reading it's time to let go.

truely unbelievable....
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra, good at communicating but I was speechless at what I read about most Aries men. I have waisted six years of my life wanting the aries man in my life to call me his girl friend and to finally tell me he loved me. Oh he did for about 7 weeks and then he took it away with no remorse....its so easy for them to turn it on and off as it thrills them with control. Thought I was the going to be the one, but never thought to read up on those SOB's in a zodiac profile. Wish I had of done that a long time ago. This would of saved me some serious heartache and pain. Thank you ladies... I am running in the oppisite direction, what they do faster than the passionate quicky they have mastered. This site and all the Aries profiles I have read are so bang on that no one should never waste their time on these Don Juans the Ram....ever.

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