libra woman aries man

by lucky libra

I'm a 22yr old Libra woman and I've been chasing this
22yr old Aries male for the past 2wks. We met at a club
and there was instant attraction between us, though I
was in a complicated relationship with my former bf at the time it didn't stop me from texting this hot Aries.
At first he was sweet, caring, and always texted me back nomatter what. Then after me and my bf broke the
Aries and I slept together and the most mind blowing
sex I've ever had in my life needless to say there was
lots of sexual chemistry between the two of us. I found
myself wanting more and more of him. After we had pillow talk and he held me close to him the whole night,
we slept and I dropped him off at home. The whole
way there we laughed and talked he even gave me a
passionate kiss before he jumped out of the car. A
couple hrs go by and I text to tell him how much I
enjoyed his company and couldn't wait to see him
again, he replied back telling me I was amazing and
how he felt the same. Well that was four days ago I
text him twice since then (I don't wanna seem clingy),
still no response. Wtf is wrong with this guy? Was
it a mistake to sleep with him even though it was the
most incredible night in my life. I feel like he played
me for a fool. Seems like he got what he wanted
now its over. I don't want to text him like crazy and
come off as over bearing, I wanted to give him space.
After four days of not hearing from him though he is
on the verge of being cursed out thru text. Am I crazy
for still wanting to give him a chance?

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