Libra woman article hit the nail on the head

by Shanel
(Miami, Fl USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed your honesty about my (Libra Woman's) sun sign you even touched on some of my inadequacy and depression issues due to failed relationships. It surprised me (pleasantly though) since other writers always peg us as "long haul" lovers but they don't take the time to say that this is not always due to good behaviors. i am prone to tough it out with someone simply because i may need to make it work even when i know there's a possibility it may end up tragic for me

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I agree
by: Anonymous

Some times the way the world is just gets me down and it seems like no one else cares. I have never read another Libra profile that mentions depression. I want everyone to have a good life.

Libra woman article hit the nail on the head
by: kush

I agree as well. I was depressed from about 14 to present (34) with on and off periods where I'd feel like I was getting better...I just had to find my motivators and the things that I enjoy in life..No drugs from a doctor..ironically enough I smoke alot of weed and I am living life to the fullest now..Sisters please pull yourselves out of that mental hole..Libra women are the sexiest most intelligent and powerful women..take advantage of it in this life that God has blessed you with..I'm sure all of you are beautiful inside and out...

by: Aquarius man

well once more I got stabbed in the heart. my Libra lady out of the blue stooped the relationship. It looked like all was going well she was nuts about me and I was nuts about her too, we had so much fun and over night it ended. should I even wait to see if she will come back? she will not even tell me why.
and to do that to an Aquarius drives us up the wall
trying to understand.

Libra ladies?
by: T

It's so nice to find a forum with other Libra women. I have lacked having really close friends in my life that I just click with, and always hope to find another Libra friend. One thing I struggle with as a Libra is the friends I do make always end up trying to compete with me in some way and this makes my skin crawl! I find myself running into lots of Scorpio/Aries and some Leo/Capricorn women and always feel a disconnect or irritation with them. Do any other Libras feel this way?

by: Anonymous

OMG i am always attracted to leos and they LOVE me its like 90% of men ive been with where leos n this was b4 I knew about astrology its crazy!! But I hate them my leos are ALL crazy, self-centered and always get on my las nerve in the end...I have 2 leos I have been on n off wit for YEARS we get on each otherz nervez but we always stay in contact with each other its crazy lol!! They say they cant resist me im so ULTRA SEXY and I already know this lol. I know I have a control over them its jus my libra swag it comes naturally to us!!:)

Libra woman article hit the nail on the head
by: Anonymous

Hey im facing bouts of depression too. Im 18.. Sigh. I don't think any guy can embrace my mood swings.

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