Libra woman dating Aries man for 2 weeks

I'm a Libra woman, just met an Aries man and the sparks are flying something fierce. It's been less than 2 weeks, we've been out only once but already, it feels as though I've known this man my whole life. Our ability to laugh, tease, has me spinning frankly as I've never experienced this with any man I've met.

He has stayed in constant contact with me from day one. I'm in my 30's as is he and he has been extremely up front in his words and actions thus far leaving me little room or reason to doubt he has anything but honest intentions in his pursuit of me...and that he will not be ditching the relationship so to speak once he has "conquered". Quite the opposite, in communicating that he is searching for something serious.

I'm both terrified and intensely drawn in and excited by this Aries but, again, it's only been 2 weeks. Only time will tell. However long it does or doesn't last, I have a feeling I'm in for the ride of my life...

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totally understand
by: Anonymous

I totally understand, I am a Libra woman dating a Aries man. The problem is I am finding it hard to believe someone gives their all in a short period of time. I have known him for a week, we are spending valentines day together. He is making all of the plans. He is very vocal with his intentions and how he feels, but at times I find it hard to believe what he says. I believe in love and love at first sight, but when someone says they love you right away, red flags come up. I have spoken to him about this. I understand everyone has different ways of expresing how they feel as well as the varying time it takes to feel that way. I simply said, I am taking my time to know you and enjoying the process. He liked that and appreciated my honesty.

One thing I did not like was his constant mention of the various partners (or dates, as he call them) he had and the ones he claims he gave up to get to know me. I don't know about you, but I do not appreciate that being said to me in a short period of time nor the constant reminders. I also spoke to him about that too and we came to an understanding that we will just live the present.

Also, he is very possessive, and demanding of my time. This was a little concerning, on the third day of knowing each other, he had a bad day. He told me about it and of course I was sympathetic and weighed the pros and cons of what I was being told. When all was said and done, I was quickly confronted with the question, are you talking to my friend. Mind you, I met his friend the same day I met him. Did not exchanged numbers and to tell you the truth don't even remember the guys name. Long story short, he claims that minutes before I called him, his friend texted him. I can honestly tell you I was truly pist that I would be accused of anything without facts. When I asked him why the question and how did he arive to the idea of asking me this without any foundation, I made sure I told him, choose your words wisely because you are threading in dangerous waters. When he realized how serious I was he quickly apologized. After the apology, sure enough he had to tell me that if I ever lied or was unfaithful he would leave me. Of course I was pist again. I went over his house because he asked me to so we could talk. I greeted him and then I laid out my feelings about this whole thing, from how fast he said I love you too the trust issue, to work and anything else I thought needed to be addressed. He claims he understands but we will see. Actions speak louder than words.

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