Libra woman feeling a connection

by Danakra

I have read many sites on the whole Aries-Libra attraction, and i have never felt a connection with anyone like i do my Aries guy (as a Libra we can make it with anyone). Thing is, our 1st date was so great i couldn't sleep that night, i felt like i had taken a good hit of E, lol.

After our 2nd date, which ended in a very passionate kiss for he won the round of pool and he called the prize, he text me after that, saying he did not feel a connection with me but thought i was super sexy and a great kisser, good luck.

I knew something was up because i had not imagined our connection, but as a Libra i did not press it and told him, thanks and good luck to him too. 48 hours later, he text and apologized for not being honest with me, was going through some issues with his best friend (unfortunately the friend is struggling with alcoholism and he is the only one who seems to be trying to help him). so i said glad to hear from you and we went resumed our lovely phone calls, hilarious texts and fantastic dates.

After that i briefly met the parents (the mother said, oh she is the girl with the lovely laugh that makes me laugh, she heard us downstairs when she was in bed).

I went away on vacation for 10 days and he took me to the airport, and we text and called while i was away. The day before i came back he told me that he had just spoke to his friend struggling with alcohol and was still worried about what to do. (i offered support as best i could). From my trip, i brought him back a red dream catcher (red is his fav colour) and a cute beaver bear in a blue sweater (blue is my favorite colour). upon my return he requested to get together and over tea, he told me that he wanted to be honest with me and let me know that although he still wants to see me, he is not ready for a commitment or exclusive relationship; that he had a previous girlfriend of 6 years but they couldn't get past their challenges and they had been broken up for over a year but that whenever has gotten into a relationship, things do not work out, he thinks he has some issues - you think!

So i said cool, i am looking to build but i'm not rushing into anything as i am taking my time to make sure i am with the right person. he asked if i had been in love before and i said no. We ended tea, he kissed me good night, text to make sure i was home safe added some humour which i responded too as i felt he was thinking, oh sh*t, so i returned his joviality.

the next day, he invites to to a bar to celebrate a friend's birthday. Turns the only people there were his best friend, her fiance, the birthday girl (best friend's little sister) and her 2 best friends and us. They all loved me off course.
And invited me out this weekend for the real part celebration.

That night, he also showed me that he had displayed the dream catcher above his study desk (he is completing his studies) next to his favourite flag, and the cute beaver was on his display shelf, right by his sports trophies.

So now i figure that he has obviously felt our connection and knows that this does not come by everyday, but not being at a level of emotional maturity to handle it like me, he pushes away. I think that he knew not to totally shut me out like he did the 1st time or i would be gone for good, but like a puppy, he wants to take his time and come round when he is ready; this surmised by the meeting the parents after the 1st push and then the bestest friend after the 2nd push.

My strategy is to be cool, respond to his communication, but not initiate any of my own, and if i'm free we can get together, but i'm not pushing my schedule around for him.I know we are good and i know i love him, and i'm sure he feels it too, but is afraid to face it. I need him to face this on his own with no provocation from me, and one thing i have is patience. he is super sweet to me, caring, affectionate, always a gentle man, and he said that i make him laugh from his core and he doesn't do that. I know that my soul responds to him, and i'm spiritual so that mean a world to me. Also, both times he pushed me away, i felt him pulling away during communication prior to this, though he appeared to be acting as per usual.

Please let me know if i am sensing right or what.

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afraid of rejection/defeat
by: T

He's intimidated. An Aries man wants to be the victor, knight and shining armor, and if you are a very strong woman, getting all the punch lines, making him laugh, charming him he may shy away. Let him be the conqueror (or at least feel that way). Let him make you laugh, show yo his charms, let him know he makes you happy.

Aries has no Power
by: Anonymous

In Love, a good man do not need to conquer from a lady who he loves. Gentlemen and modest men are the victor. Aries is too shallow at the present. He might be missing the future stage. I give my love and want to receive it as well as in return to make it fair. Aries cannot controls my will power. Aries absolutely have no power just in the naked eyes but for real, haha No!! I'm not a fan or a girlfriend of Aries but I knew Aries so well. A man that I don't wish for.

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