Libra woman knocking me senseless

by Greg

I am a 46 year old Aries man who met a 47 year old Libra woman on an online dating site. I have never really studied astrology and did not pay attention to it.
Her picture and profile struck me immediately and we began emailing. Soon we started talking on the phone and I was more and more intrigued each time we spoke. We talked for hours at a time. After a week or two of talking we scheduled our first date at a restaurant that she recommended. We decided to meet at the restaurant. She arrived before I did and was waiting in the reception area.
As I walked through the door I saw her for the first time. It felt like I had been simultaneously hit by a freight train, a lightning bolt, a tractor trailer, and a baseball bat. I could have been downed with a feather to the forehead. She was devastatingly beautiful, she approached me and gave me a warm yet polite welcoming hug. I was hooked. I have only once before in my life felt anywhere near that intensity of a reaction to meeting a woman. Love at first sight does happen, I know it did to me.
We have been dating now for about a month now and my feelings for her grow each day. She has been teaching me about astrology and I am starting to see more insightfully into my own personality as well as understanding hers. I have fun knowing she is using that Libra charm to convince me that its my idea to see a chick flick. I like her balanced approach to things and love watching her trying to decide on what to order at a restaurant. She is charming beyond words and I truly appreciate her sensual nature as well. We have held off on full on sex but have had some amazing encounters just shy of it. The chemistry is palpable.
Age may play a part in it but I am not a commitment-phobe and actually breached the L word to her first. I was so relieved when it was returned.
In short, I see this woman as the best thing that ever walked into my life and I will be chasing her as long as she can stand it. I say 3 cheers for Libra women, I know I have a great one.

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libra knocking him senseless
by: barb libra monkey

So good to hear the Aries male admitting to the effect we have on them...I feel it, and saw it, but he just never got to asking me out...yet. May you be deleriously happy together forever(:

I'm jealous!
by: Anonymous

Very similar situation happened to me (Aries man) the passion in bed, the conversation, the communication, she is so damn sexy and rocks my mind, body and sole. However, just recently, nothing, she's faded...then out of the blue she reaches out sending me pics of her having fun at the beach with her kids, shots of her in a bikini, text me she's horny when having a few drinks wit her friends etc... I have not seen her for two weeks now and when I make an effort to see her she shuts it down. I love the Libra women, but I will say, their brains work in some mysterious ways. Damn I miss her bad.

Don't worry Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Libra women (I'm a 47 yr old Libra) can be very complicated most of the time. Especially when it comes to emotions. Trust me, if she's texting you sexually about anything, that means she's interested. You may still have chance with her. When we really like someone romantically, our dialect with them is very different than it is when just conversating with someone casually. By nature, we are just nice and kind to almost everyone we meet, but when we are really really interested in someone romantically, you will automatically know. It doesn't happen easily, but it does happen-:).

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