Libra woman lost and confused

by Eebee

I am a libra woman and man did this hit the nail on the head about me. I seem to only be attracted to signs that are not compatible with me. Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Aries and Scorpio are the main attraction for and toward me. When I do come across a Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius or Leo the chemistry is usually instant but it never lasts. I am a Libra through and through... what is wrong with the situation? Am I the only one?

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by: Anonymous

no u are not the only one i have been in a relationship with a taurus for 2 years has been amazing they are the sweetest person u could meet a little slow but sweet...i love tauruses....seems like they kinda balance a libra out..i know before i got with them i was wild but when we got together i calmed down....

by: Anonymous

Wow I feel like I'm reading about my own life when I read the first comment.

Honestly I was to a Capricorn. I tried as long as I possibly could... 10 years. I had a child with this man, and he is now no where to be found in our lives. Now I'm attracted to a Pisces... and he is in his own dream world, but I thrive on communication, togetherness and mutual goal setting. I think I'm a bit much for him... but I Love how he soothes me with his love. If only I was less practical. (virgo cusp) I too am attracted to the same signs and everything says we are incompatible... but being a typical Librian I keep working it out... makingmy life better by example and keep trying b/c I believe in love more than anything and I need someone. Oy Innana!

Re: Libra woman lost and confused
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, Ms. Libra. I feel your pain.
I'm a Leo guy, who has been married to a Capricorn for what seems like an eternity.
She says she's happy, but her actions out of the public eye show me otherwise.
She's very confrontational, and argues and disagrees just for the sake of arguing and disagreeing. Most of the time she is very abusive, verbally and psychologically to me, cannot manage money, which has caused a few hardships for me, and has very messy living habits. She is always complaining about something, and it sometimes makes me wonder why I stayed in this marriage for as long as I have.
Before I married her, I was attracted to some other women, but most of them turned out not to be my type, or they were already taken or just plain not interested.
I have also known a few Libra women, mostly as friends, and from what I've experienced talking to them I feel a comfort in knowing they would not be abusive or try to hurt anyone's feelings unless they were provoked into it.
It's because of that if I had to do it over again, I want to be with a Libra.
Within the past few years a Libra woman came to work with me, and I'm head over heels over her. She doesn't talk much, but she is so sweet when she does talk, even though she and I don't know each other very well. If I was a little younger and I wasn't married I believe she's the girl I'd really want to be with. If I could have only known her just as she is today, way back when, I would have loved to, and would have gone to just about any length to make her mine, and I would have been true to her if I could have won her heart. She's not letting it show, but I think she knows I'm fond of her, and I believe she feels something for me too. I can only hope. I think the chemistry is there, I can feel it, and somehow I think she can feel it too, but she is not saying anything, (probably because she knows I'm married and doesn't want to come into the middle of it). I think about her all the time, and I wish I could figure out a way to open the door just a little bit. A small Valentine's day present would be nice. Any ideas from you Libra girls out there on what to get her?

by: Anonymous a libra woman i have dated

a Taurus- complete asshole...beated and cheated on me...

a Gemini-missed our sons birth cause he was playing WOW with the girl he ended up cheating on me with....

a Capricorn- knew him from the time i was 14 and we dated when i was 22. never cheated but was soooo annoying...he would poke me non stop (and not the good kinda poke) and then get made at me when i asked him to really mad...

a Leo- he cheated and tried to fight me once...but im a big girl...he was maybe 115lbs soak and wet...and he was my lss he failed miserably.

and now im with a Scorpio....who cheats on me all the time via internet...has dick pics all over the web (and its not that big so im like "really guy?")and when i took a screen shot of one of the sites i found him on....he flat out denied it..and tried to say he got hacked....when i said i didnt buy that...he then tried to make me feel like I was the bad guy....

i am starting to think that it has nothing to do with what 'sun sign' i am....and more to do with me just not being good enough for anyone...which as a Libra, is a devistating epiphony.

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