Libra woman versus Leo man

by Lisa

Well too all you Leo men that can help me here I would be so appreciative to your input and to anyone who goes onto read this who have shared this type of scenario this Libra woman needs understanding here..My story begins like this A story I'm less than proud of but loving this Leo man is like a high...I am a 39 year old female Libra he is a 39 year old Leo man..We met at work I was in a long term relationship with many many issues and he too is and was at the time of us meeting was in a long term relationship.I left my relationship with my former boyfriend 6 months after the affair started It's been over 2 years now and he hasn't left his relationship.But the affair continues sometimes very hot and other times so cold I don't know where I stand.It began as a lust situation. I know this, he was so handsome I couldn't get him out of my head. I too being a attractive woman we meshed quite well. It began with sneaking to see each other as often as possible, the texting was almost daily about how we couldn't wait to see each other , The love making was almost out of this world, this man made me feel like a porno star. I could open up and experience things with him that it took me 37 years to realize I had in me. But now as time has gone on I see a pattern in this man that drives me crazy. I'm so sweet and loving to him although I have many opportunities to move on in my life being a free woman. I don't want anyone else but him. He has everything I dreamed of in a man. Good looks, a hard worker, a great father, just so much that's hard to find all wrapped into one man. I wonder is he afraid to leave his current situation to come be with me in the case that it fails he will have lost twice? He always expresses how she and him basicaly live togather out of convenience. She doesn't sleep with him "so he says". They have a daughter together and this is why he says he stays. What I find ironic is when he is feeling me or wanting my attention he wants me then no excuses to why I cant find time or to put him on a pedestal but then at times he is so cold. I text he doesn't respond for sometimes days.We've broken the affair off several times but a short time goes by and one or the other ends up sending a text to profess how we really miss each other. I have stood by him would walk through fire for this man. I waited 2 years to hear the words "I love You" I really dont think I ask for much and I believe in many areas he would agree. But I wonder why I just can't win all of him.I'm a independant woman I raise my own kids I have a good job my own place and my own vehicle. I don't count on him financially. It's the emotional side I want and need. Will I ever win him or should I just give up and go on with my life. I have come to realize the one who would really be losing here would be him..I need a Leo's man advise ..Help Me !!!

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Similar but Different
by: Hollie

Oddly enough, I am in the same situation minus the child of his and wife. He has a girlfriend though, the number of months and years this situation has occured is scary because it's the same as mine. I'm 16 and he is 20, but he shows his affection towards me all the time I love it! I think about him day and night and I don't sleep! I've been waiting so long, and he finally said Hollie, I don't think I could ever hate you. I love you. It almost made me tear up! He will not leave his girlfriend in fear of hurting her, and it's making me so angry I just want to make things better, and he always makes me happy and he says I make him happy and he hates to leave me and hates when I leave him. I love our friendship but have no clue what to do either. <3 Hollie PS I hope everything works out with your Lion, I know you can make him roar :D

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