Libra Woman with an Aries Man who broke up with her is cruel to her but is still in love with her

by Steph

I am a 25 year old libra woman who was dating a 29 year old aries man. He is the first person I have ever truly loved and who I met that completed me. He broke up with me 2 months ago because I accused him of talking to other girls behind my back. This happened because our relationship went long distance for 8 months and during the end of our relationship he began to be very distant with me and seemed uninterested in having a relationship with me. I knew he was suffering from depression and I did try to be patient but then one day I caught him online and talking to a girl in a chat room that we both go in and he was meant to be on skype talking to me which is why I accused him of seeing people behind my back and he ended up breaking things off with me.

He says he can't be with me because of the long distance and until I work on myself and change and I move to the country he lives in he won't be more than friends with me. He said to me he does see a future and he still loves me and is still in love with me but every time I speak to him he is very cruel to me. I have tried to be his friend and respect the decision he made to break up with me but he will either be friendly one day and very sweet to me or cold and distant the next. He constantly picks fights with me and will bring up our break up and tell me how much I hurt him and that I disrespected him but he has forgiven me. I can't understand because if you forgive someone you would not constantly bring up the thing that you forgave them on. I have tried everything in my power to work with him to build our friendship but it seem's to be going nowhere sometimes I feel as if he hates me and then other times I can tell he still loves me.

I don't know what to do. I know I did wrong to him and I have apologized but the more he reminds me of what I did to him the more hurt I get. I just want to vanish from the situation. I do believe he wants a future with me but with the rate things are going I feel as though I need to give up on him because of how cruel he is to me. Yesterday he told me that I don't know what love is and that I never loved him and that I can't love anyone until I love myself. That I have hurt him very deeply and that will take him awhile to get over it. That hurt me very much and I can't believe he said that to me. I don't know what he wants from me. He say's he wants to be friends with me but he acts like I am his girlfriend still and does not act like a friend to me at all.

I do truly love this man and he will be the only person I will ever love but all the problems I am having with him I feel like it is best to walk away but I don't want to.

I also don't understand how two people can be friends if they are deeply in love with each other and it doesn't work.

Is there anything anyone suggests? I don't want to give up on this man but I don't want to be stuck in a situation where I am constantly being treated like sh*t.

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Same boat
by: Sue

I'm a 31 yo libra woman and dated an Aries man for 2 years. We had our ups and downs, but always pulled through. I began to notice some distance a few months ago and when he would drink, he was very mean to me. Recently, while he was drunk, he humiliated me in front of our friends. I broke it off with him on the spot. Like you, I know I need to move on and I can't. I sob hysterically at the mere thought of him. He says he needs time to sort out his feelings and he has moved out. I go to work every day and cry every night. I was always a strong, confident woman and have never been this devastated over a break up. I want to cry in his face, beat on his chest, and tell him how badly he has hurt me, but I know that will make matters worse. I wish I had an answer because I know your pain. I feel like a hole had been carved in the middle of me and nothing seems to take away the pain.

im aries
by: Anonymous

what you need to do is :

1-tell him straight if he has not feeling for you then say you drop him;

2-find someone close by - long distance DOES NOT work. Hes using you, and hes unsure when hes saying that still loves you.

3-aries is complette opposite to libra.
You cant be idecisive , you must be direct.

4-every time I speak to him he is very cruel to me. So why you still keep intrest in him? Respect yourself.

5-I suggest you to find aries(pisces cusp) the softer one if you want to date aries.

Libra + aries match is like 50%on a long run.

Not your fault
by: Anonymous

You didn't do anything wrong. He seems guilty

from an aries man, some guidance
by: bj

to most, this won't make sense, but libras are understanding.

aries are very emotional people, and when we're distant, long distance i mean, it's hard to deal with it. we want to be with you but we can't. we want to touch you but we can't. we want to love you and make you smile, but...we can't.

i've been in long distance relationships and they are hell. you get all the mental without the pysical and only half the emotional. aries like to have it all, and most likely, he's trying to learn the boundries. it's like saying to a child, this ice cream is yours, enjoy....then placing it high up and out of his reach. he'll try to climb up to it, and fail, get mad, come back and try again, until either he gets it, and savors every bite of it, someone gives it to him, which he won't appreciate (he didn't earn it, so help him without him knowing), or he realizes he's not good enough for it, accepts that it was never his, and moves on.

Slow to commit, Limbo back & forth, when committed its half-assed
by: Anonymous

Libra moon woman with Aries moon man for a decade this coming December. Aries Libra ties always go bk & forth. Aries with Libra, serious commitment issues! Slow to commit, half-assed commitment (flirt, over friendly & too close to other girls- doesn't understand blundaries) & likes things at his own schedule meaning u gotta be at his beck & call high or low ease or hardship but he is the opposite- follow his schedule, chillax at his own pace & there's no forcing him when it comes to being there for u or couple activities (doesnt matter how idealistic & lovely the libra moon lady has it planned put with all her effort. organized & ready to be orchestrated & savored- he only does things tt he gets to be full on passionate choose mk final decisions in other words, his word has all the weight & compromising Libra always gives in- sonetimes ur plans fets hijacked deflected eyc while his plans are all his!!!). Granted though the Aries moon guy can be so passionate & generous & intensely into u when he's being spontaneous it wins u over but he's also spontaneously prone to breaking up the moment disagreements happen. Hence, mk up break up cycles!!!!! It is very hard for him to commit to libra NOT BECAUSE SHE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM- heck, he'll even admit Tt you're his dream girl (always giving in prone to romance & sweetness & compromising putting his needs first cos libra can't live w/o seeing the other happy too. It's unnatural for libra. We gotta be like able & accommodating dies Tt- even to our ENEMIES HAH!) plus Aries lives has that JOIRE DE VIERE French thing going on- live life for all the pleasures beauty & the Aries adventure energy.. Libra Aries have that little big adventure touch to a lot of things they do together.. Playful at times? Can be really lively together & feel so
Alive. Bk to being on point, he'll be playing around with commitment COZ HE HAVE U ALL TO EASY. The pull & attraction is there. The bond & ties are there do natural
That little effort is needed for him to hold on to u. Ugh. He ca. Get away with shit (both lib n Aries) & still forgive in an instant cos the 'fondness' (not gonna use the word 'love' this time) is just too strong & familiar. He's comfortable keeping u in that Limbo zone cos he has u no matter what? SUX RIGHT?

same here
by: Anonymous

!I am a libra woman.I fell for an Aries man 4years ago.we hardly could speak to each other during this period but whenever we met we could sense a strong bond for each other.I still love him but now he seems have lost interest in me.I'm not able to handle this.i'm suffering.I fell for him the moment I saw him,it was love at first sight.we both are married to different people.we have moral obligations.but I can't handle problem anymore.I feel I should never have met him.

so true
by: Anonymous

i have dated an aries man for 9 months now. initially he was after me. he was so crazy about me. it took me 6 months to fall in love with him completely. and when i did, he started treating me like shit. i saw his pictures with some girl n when i asked him about all this he started fighting with me that why the hell did i stalk him.i have tried my level best to trust this asshole but seriously i can not. he keeps a track of my activities n never lets me talk to any guy. it's better to leave aries men rather than thinking that you can't live without them. they are born bastards

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