Libra women and sex

Once a Libra women finds herself, she really is a rare commodity. She is very skilled, and loves all the aspects of Love. Making love is a very very very important part of her relationship. She is highly sexually. They say its the Scorpio woman, but I truly beg to differ. Once a man finds him a grounded, skilled Libra woman he is considered blessed, and rich.

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sensuous sex
by: Anonymous

We need to be stimulated mentally. If you don't stimulate me mentally, you are not going to stimulate me sexually. We like it slow, we like it fast, we like it hard, we like it soft. Variety, creativity, spontanaity. We like honesty and straightfowardness. WE LOVE SEX!!!! Sensuous, detailed,highly skilled, confident lovers.Sometimes I like to dominate, sometimes like to be dominated. Just like to explore all aspects of human sexuality. Like spooning and long sensuous oil massage sessions. Like to give, as well as recieve. A man that captures a Libra womans desire, is a very lucky man indeed!

Soooo AGREE!
by: Anonymous

Very true. Absolutely true!!

by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman also, and agree with all of the above. As for the first comment, my Venus sign is that of Scorpio, so therefore sex is very important to me. I just got out of a 3 year relationship with an Aquarius, and he wasn't affectionate enough for me. I feel like I should be, and deserve to be, desired from head to toe, all the time, like he worships me (and in return, I shall worship him, he will be lucky). We got along in every other aspect except that of intamacy, and it just cannot work for me. Before this Aquarius, I was married to a Scorpio man. That relationship was amazingggg...he understood what it took to keep me interested, and in return he always had the deepest part of everything I had to give. It has been said that Libras like a man that stands up to her, even though they won't admit it. It is funny because I find that true for me. I respected and loved my Scoprio even more when I realized he could call me out on my bullshit, and would take charge in arguments and put his foot down. I hated it at the time, made me crazy, but later I would realize that this man loves me that much to make our relationship work through any argument, and would never let me walk away. Anddd the sex was amazzinng, did I say that already?

Libra woman mezmerize, but not anyone can mezmerize her
by: Sara

We sence who wants us, we surly know that, our indicators trigger and ull definatly know we are interested, or we are not. who show us that we are desired, special and one of a kind, consider yourself the luckest person on the planet as u found urself by cherishing us.. we use our magic to make u feel like a king, and we like that fcat that u like it,our inner strength unleashes and we feel free to release it unconditionally.. we literally know how to show you stars if u reach to us(dont ever try that with any other sign, that makes us feel equal, we dont like that)!!

I agree
by: Yummy

I am a Libra woman and I find that a Leo has opened up a sexual side of me that had never been explored before. We had foreplay and sex for hours. It was soft it was sensual at time rough (in a good way). It was like painting a picture, taking time, feeling each other, looking at each other, smelling each other, appreciating EVERY sense. If you haven't had the oppotunity to be with a Leo...its a connection for Libra that is an ultimate high!

I agree with the comments before and that's how I think I reached this ultimate sexual experience with my Leo, just like what's been said before we connected on a mental level. There is an appreciation of beauty, creativty, and sensuality that enhances the Libra sexual experience.

I also agree with the Aquarius statement. My Aqurius tried but could understand quality verus quanity. I would rather have one deep sensual experience that will give me goosebumps for months than banging everyday.

The strange things with me is I've been with more Virgos than any other sign. I am not sure why. Anyone have any ideas?

the libra man
by: Anonymous

Ive been in this relationship off and on with this man and I cant seem to drift away from him he challenges me mentally and physically and our sex brings me to new heights I can talk to him and he understands me even when I don't understand myself its like he can read my thoughts and we're one person I love him so much but our relationships has its highs and lows and I question if we're going to be together in the future

by: Yummy

What's your birthsign?

Mental & Sensual Stimulation is a MUST
by: I think I speak for most Libra Women when I say...

Oct. 19th Evolved Libra.
The fact that Libra's are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love goes far beyond SEX for we are incredibly intelligent and highly sensual (that mean's all five senses get it?!?). In sex we must experience ALL sensory and thrive on it.
Due to our ability to listen intently to other in a fair and kind nature, we are sorely under-estimated in our level of intelligence. When a prospective lover shifts focus beyond our good looks and makes that mental connection with us, our hearts quickly follow.
We are very much "In Love" with all aspects of "Love" and subsequently "Love Making".
For the sake of this posting I will try to keep this brief, though I could talk for HOURS on the subject (and I'm sure my Libra comrade's could as well).
As an attractive younger Libra, I had many admirer's and at times in my single life would (on occasion) have a fling. ALWAYS with the single most attractive men :) - shallow but true.
Thanks to Facebook, several admirer's/lover's from my past have found me. That came as a surprise to me, as I am typically unassuming. However, it is clear that I made quite an impression (even after a number of years)!
As an attractive older Libra, I value loyalty in love making and expect nothing less than to have that loyalty reciprocated. EQUALY! No more one night fling's. I'm looking for my "Forever Love" or "Soul Mate" and will gladly do without rather than indulge in meaningless sex. I have developed or simply embraced a very strong sense of tradition and conservativeness that many Libra's possess.
Sex with a Libra Woman, is fun, sensual and dreamy, for there are typically "No Rules" in the bedroom that your Libra Woman wouldn't readily LIVE and LOVE to share with you. I have never known a Libra Woman to use sex against her man. It is ALWAYS a mutually pleasurable experience!

by: Anonymous

making love is like an art to us. Sensual and stimulating.

Libras are the Realest!
by: Anonymous

I am a libra, a young one at that. I'm still in the process of finding myself and discovering what I really want in a mate. I must admit, I'm highly picky. I have had much admirers in my time, but 97% I've never gave them a time of day for the simple fact, theres always something negative I find about them that totally turns me off. I've only have had 3 sex partners. I was building a relationship with 2 of them, which was a Capricorn and Aquarius. However, when we had sex I totally got distant because I wasn't satisfied. However, I've recently had sex with a LEO an omg, they open new heights for me. I've done and felt things I've never felt before. However, as much as I want to continue exploring the highness of pleasure with him. I become distant because I know its nothing but sex, I need love as well in order to climb mountains in every aspect with him.. I know I send off mixed signals. One minute I'm all in it the next, its like we've never even touched. Its difficult and I must say its tough being a Libra and dealing with our OWN feelings.

A balanced A-1 Nutcase
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo male. I believe my soulmate is a Libra female. She is everything this article is saying. I loved her since I was 16. And I'm still crazy about her.

Lady L i b r a
by: Anonymous

I am Lady Libra. I am a late bloomer and often misunderstood by men and women. I am single because i wont just sleep with anybody. Many men are highly attracted, they come running like bees to honey but i have not found my mate yet. I have loved scorpio,cancer,and they both took me for granted. One Leo came along but i was still licking my wounds from the scorpio and he left. Now im ready!

by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn in love with a Libra. We been together for almost a year not sure if she's really into me or just the sex. Is that common amongst libras.

Libra lost without Gemini
by: Brokenheart

I'm a Libra woman. Most of my friends are Aquarius,Libra,Leo,Gemini.Sag, But I fell in love with a Gemini just a while back I don't know what it is about him but he made me think. Omg I could talk
to him forever. I have never in my life met someone
as intriguing as him except an Aquarius. But I noticed both of these signs I had very strong feelings for emotionally... and I can't stand it. I want my Gemini back!!!
My friends are starting to see I'm not myself why because I'm upset but me typical Libra tries not to show any emotion even though I'm crying inside. I wish I could get my Gemini back now who the heck am I going to have intellectual conversations with.

Careful Lovers
by: kelly

I am a Libra female and I love to make love but only on my time. I'm selfish with my sex...even with my significant other. I've been told that he thinks I have more partners than I said, but I don't count them because they weren't good (no comment).

I can be sooo attracted to someone one day...and the next day, I can be completely unattracted.

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