Libra women are so classy!

I am an aries man. Recently i met a libra woman and i have to say that i was knocked off my feet. The first thing i noticed was she is just really classy! She is just a prize to me and a woman that you can respect simple! She has an opinion and doesn't just agree with it!

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by: Anonymous

i am a libra girl and i have a aries boyfriend. its been 4 years that we are together and i dont know what is in him that i simply cant live with him.i am so much attracted towards him and we both are so much satisfied from each other,its like we have our own beautiful world for just two of us and we love to stay in boyfriend is like deeply in love with me and he seriously cant live without me and we will marry very soon.we have strong bounding towards each other and we love each other.i never had any boy in my life before and after him and so is the case with him.we both are very loyal to each other.

by: Anonymous

i've only had aquarius, capricorn, and virgo bf's (i'm a libra). but oooh i now have it bad for a hot aries guy, lol!

Lib and Aries are not compatible
by: Anonymous

Aries guy is a god of war; You may be going along with him well before getting married. It is only be a good friend with Aries, but after getting married and settling down it is very hot and explosive; I mean that as a negative... You cannot stand it. Good luck to you Libra women with Aries man or husband.

I'm an early Libra woman, just to let you know.

Re: Libra women are so classy!
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo guy and I am totally captivated by a Libra woman's persona. I'm up to the challenge of trying to figure her out, and even have some fun while doing that. I find that I'm very attracted to Libra women and I think they are the best choice for me for a partner.

The first Libra I fell for, I was only 6 years old and in first grade. She was in my class and I was on the phone with her practically every night for the longest time. She was a great buddy and I wish she could have been more. But alas, after third grade we were put into different classes and fell out of touch.

I met another Libra lady who now works with me that reminds me so much of the girl I met and had tender feelings for back in elementary school. I'd like to get together with this one, but I have a very big problem- I'm married. If it weren't for that, I would not have any issues with asking this Libra lady out. Whenever she gets near me, I just get the feeling that maybe she's the right one for me. She's as sweet as they come, and she has a beautiful smile, on those occasions that she does smile. She's very quiet and shy, and doesn't let on to others what she's thinking. But if I could only spend time with her I'll bet it would be MAGIC!!! :)))

libra girl
by: Anonymous

awwwww the comment above me is so cute.

Leo Men
by: Anonymous

Libra and Leo are so good together, Im a libra with a leo man, Im really getting concerned about seeing all the affairs leos are involved with though, it kinda worries me. I guess theyre having a lot of affairs with Libras though ??

Re: Leo Men
by: Anonymous

Not all Leo men want to have affairs. That might be just an illusion to distract potential partners from wanting to get too serious early in the game. It also seems that wanting to have an affair is sending the message that you're looking for something that you really want, and can't get with your current partner.

As a Leo guy myself, I never cared for 'playing the field'. If I could find one girl (preferably a Libra) that really made me happy to be with, there wouldn't be anyone else! She would be the center of my world, and I would do whatever I could to make her happy, and be able to keep her! If she was the answer to my prayers, I would have no desire to shop around anymore!

don't care for Leo's
by: T

I am a Libra (Sept 25) and for some reason I can't stand being around Leo's! It might be because my Moon sign is in Leo and that underlying part of my personality doesn't like sharing the spotlight. I find it completely exhausting being around Leo men (3 that I know of) because they demand so much attention! Always vying for the spotlight by trying to be funny...

Who cares for Libra?
by: Anonymous

Heh,heh...You are right! Libra needs attention and always want to be in the spotlight. I work with Libra, she flirts a lot with people regardless of sexes or ages. I'm a Virgo never have a problem with Libra at all. Libra does all the thing for me. She never wants to lose me off site-looks around for me when i just a way from her a minute. Goodness gracious Libra!!! I like her because she do all the talking. I very shy in the crowd; i felt so much comfortable while staying by the side of Libra. I dont mind if she is flirting with guy. Who cares?? All I knew Libra is great!

by: Lovely Libra

They say Libras best match is in aquarius but that isn't true on my part. I find that I get on with Leo's very well. My partner says that I can so complicated that it drives him crazy because he love to try and figure me out.

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