Libra women aries man

I am a 22 year old libra and i met a 24 year aries through a mutual friend. We have been talking for about 6 weeks now and at first everything was so great. I never went a day without hearing from me. i was instantly the topic of all his conversations with his friends and we just got along so was actually a little creepy to me how well we got along so quickly. I'm not sure what happened but now its like pulling teeth trying to get him to talk to me or hang out with me.

Its strange though because one night i will try to talk to him or hang out and he wont be about it then the next night he will be and it just goes back and forth from there. I know aries like to be independent and do their own thing, but could it be possible he's lost interest already?

It's just weird to me cuz ive always known that aries are either interested or not from the very beginning and he is an aries to the core! Should i just wait til he comes back around or just assume its done and over with?

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