Like this guy who is a Capricorn

I like this guy who is a Capricorn. I want him soooo bad. I probably think about him almost everyday. I met him a couple years ago, and we became friends through an organization at school...We talk every now and then...usually through texting......I really want him to know how I feel about him.... but i am too shy and scared to tell him.....I haven't seen him in a while....but I think I will be seeing him pretty soon...all i can think about is how to impress him.....or just making him fall for me....without me telling him...

I really like everything about him.......but there is one thing i dont like.....he is pretty cheap.

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Duaghter of Venus' Response
by: Anonymous

Yeah Capricons are disgustingly cheap!! The more generous are the scorpios, sagg esp, libra and aries. I dated a Cap who was so cheap that after he asked me what i wanted for my bday gift (libra) he told me i was a gold digger when i said boots (bare in mind i had to wrack my brain to think of something because i get myself everything i want). so if you can handle, me, me, me and selfish, but headstrong, cold and funny/serious then go for it. Perhaps you can pull his heart strings in such a way that his purse strings loosen for you my dear :).

Good Luck again!

capricorn man
by: Anonymous

Mostly all capricorn men are not cheap if it seems worth the time and effort. If a capri man truly was involved with you he would risk everything to be with you. If you want him to fall for you make a little pass to show your interest. Good luck!

ud be surprised
by: Anonymous

Alright I'll give you the key, next time you see him, tell him you want advise about how to approach someone you like but doesnt know yet. Ask him how to go about it in a playful way but dont hint thats its him yet. You want to hear more than just be yourself. Then hint that you dont know if you have what it takes, sort of like he's out of your league and he barely notices the signs. Get him to elaborate about how anyone would be glad to have you in their life. You should be close enough to have the option to lean in to steal a kiss, but not too close your in his face. Then in mid sentence about how lucky one would be to have you, stare into his eyes in awe revealing your heart to his through your eyes, you shouldnt be smileing now. When he speaks in confusion to disrupt(sorry for spelling) your trance like stare, ignore him. Now at this point you can slowly lean in for a slow lingering kiss, or you can break your fake trance as if comming back to Earth and excuse yourself as haveing to leave immediatly for whatever. If you chose the second, when calls and asks to talk, you have a window and an ear to express how you feel, asure him you respect his space but you like him, and you never told him because you didnt want to ruin your friendship. If it goes sour play it like you were just feeling down and desperate and just lost it for a sec, thus giveing you a back door out of the fact you just humiliated yourself, and at the same time planting an idea of you and him in his mind, in which he will evaluate on and let you know. A little theactrical i know, but it ignites wonder. Or just simply ask him has he ever thought about yall being a couple, keep it playful, and tell him yall should have a pretend date, and the rules are you dont know each other, stay in role the whole time, and see where it leads, you'd be surprised at how the capricorn mind can utilize imagination.

be real
by: Anonymous

Get naked infront of him if yuou want his attention....he is a randy dork horny man...remember that!!!

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