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  • astrology
  • dating, love and romance
  • flirting and self confidence
  • metaphysical (tarot, numerology, crystals etc)
  • sex and sexual health
  • sites dedicated to men or women in general

If we have not initiated the link exchange, please add our link to your site and then contact us with the URL where the link is located. Upon verification and approval we will add your link to our site.

Our linking policies

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We don't normally link directly to other sites in our content, however our link page is accessible from navigation bars on every page. We would be happy to consider more prominent mutual linking with select partners. Feel free to contact us with any proposal.

We reserve the right to remove links if we feel your content or theme has evolved in a direction no longer relevant to our reader base, if your site has become dormant, buried in advertising, or has become a link farm. We will always notify you before your link is removed.

If we are initiating an exchange we will create your link and notify you, with the option to change the wording or category if desired. The link will be removed after 14 days if we don't hear from you, or within 48 hours if you notify us that you do not want to be linked.