Lioness Madly in Love with Lion King

by Love in Him Lioness

Oh dear where do I start??? The man whom I believe to be my soul mate and love of my life is a Leo just like me. Our birthdays are actually only 2 days apart. (August 7th., August 9th.)and only 1 year apart. Well, with him I fell in love- deeply, crazily, passionately at first sight and kiss... This was almost 4 years ago. I literally lost my mind and made some of the worst decisions in my life in just a couple of months... I was literally addicted to him and gave up my whole life for him. Now I have spent the past 3+ years changing, growing, and evolving. I was determined after the initial break-up when he left me to win his heart again. So I embarked on a How to Win Your Lover Back Campaign involving lots of reading, research, and applying techniques with a lot of patience and understanding. Over this period of time I made some serious mistakes by listening to the advice of female friends (who were actually jealous of me). (So now I only take advice from a 70 year old woman who had a beautiful marriage and another married couple)I have spent much time and skillfully have tried to rebuild the relationship with this Leo King Man whom I intensely desire, passionately love, and would die for. I continued to be his friend. Recently we have become closer and he issues me a challenge after I really poured out my heart and soul.
Now in order to successfully capture his heart, captivate his soul, and win all of him I have spent the past 8 hours obsessively reading about the Leo man - and the Leo woman in Love and the best way to adore me.
He said to me quite regally, "Make Me Fall in LOVE with you."
( Now I think this way, "Your wish is my command."
In the moment when he spoke I was in my moment of shock and puzzled- thinking hmm.. How?
Leo Men who are reading would you please be so kind as to instruct me step by step how to make my King fall head over heels, passionately, truly, forever, deeply in love with me? How can I truly be the Queen of his dreams and win both the affections of his heart and his heart once and for all time?
In my 3 + year campaign to show my devotion and love to him I have written a book for him, love songs, love letters, and poetry as well...
I am a compassionate, kind, good- natured,sweet, docile,loving, passionate, creative, imaginative, intelligent, generous, caring, Christian lady.
However, my weaknesses which I am trying very diligently and systematically to overcome are rooted in child hood trauma:
fear of abandonment, depression and crying spells when I don't feel appreciated, admired, or loved, continually seeking to heal a broken heart, and so not being exactly grounded, and lacking in self- confidence and esteem ( although actively reprogramming my mind) and on the joureny to accept, forgive,and love all of me, incredibly vulnerable- especially to him. When he ignores me or withdraws my mood has become dangerously low.
God has gifted me with beauty, but I am still trying to clear up my skin. (he comments about the condition of my skin ) I am very tall, slim, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes- how can I get my Leo Lover to choose me?- What is a fool proof plan of action?
I apreciate your advice,suggestions,and help. =)
May you be unified with your soul mates and enjoy a boundless pure love and bliss...romance...

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May be it helps..
by: MUHS

I am LEO.. Hmm ma opinion... If u hurt him from your act. Just straight forward with it and apologize him.. Dont try to get on his nerves.. because leo men dun like a gluey person.. give him a space.. A time to think himself... Simply ask what he wants??? Have a little discussion with him and sort out the problem... Why wasting your time in book reading :P

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