Living with a Capricorn Man

Well, I have been living with a Capricorn man for 18 months, and just recently experienced one of their famous disappearing acts for the first time. We had an argument about 1 week prior to, and then nothing during the week, and bam the next Sunday, he left, without warning and stayed gone without contacting me for 3 days, then he called, but did not come back. Said he needed to sort some things out. He came back for 1 day, spent the night, and left the next day promising to return, he did not. Until the following Sunday, In which we saw each other briefly, with a promise to return. Never happened. Finally after a weekend of tears, and begging, he came home this morning. Like nothing ever happened. He says he has no complaints, and all is fine. I don't get it, I have a zillion questions, and want answers, but I don't want to stress the situation either. I don't want to go through losing him again. Any suggestions?

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bring things on table with him
by: virgo

get things on table. he might have taken a time-off and would have come to some conclusion, but you need answer, right!! so its not only that you need him, but he should also need you. so brings things on table, straight. don't let him dominate you like this, because if you don't speak up for your rights now, he will guess this behaviour and would always expect you to compromise or not to question back his behaviour.

Living with a capricorn
by: Anonymous

You were so right, he did it again, and seems to be living a double life. He say I give him no peace of mind when he is here, and seems so disconnected. I ask him if he wants to break things off and he says no. He wants to work things out, i just have to be patient and learn to listen to him. I have developed trust issues because of his recent actions. He is driving a car that belongs to a "friend" (female) he says. When I ask if he lives with her, he says no. I ask if he is involved with her, he says no. I admit when he came home the other night, i looked thru his phone, and car and found out this information. I called her to tell her he was there with me. He got upset that I went thru his stuff and did this, but he would not talk to me I had to find out. Now last night he was supposed to come home, he said, but again, a no show, and his phone goes to vm all night. I know in my heart he is there with her, but Is not certain he wants to leave me yet. What do I do. He does come home sometimes, and everything is good, but those times he doesnt, i am sick. What should I do. I love him, and feel my actions have pushed him to this point.

not love
by: Anonymous

He is not worth your time love, let it go. if the shoe was on the other foot he would not stand for you doing that to him, if you he can see that his behavior is hurting you and he is still doing it thats not love. He wont let you go cause your his fall back, and truth be told why should he leave you if you take all of that and are waiting for him with open arms. She is not his friend because after 18mth you would no all of his friends, and to let you no my boyfriend is a capicorn and thats not a triat of your boyfriends its a triat of a DOG!!!, Love you are beatiful inside and out, strong and you dont need a man, of course we all love to have one but its a want not a need dont confused the two. xoxoxoxoxoxx

by: Pisces

Understandably you are in love with a Capricorn man. But I agree that the disappearing act is not a trait of Capricorn Men, not unless you hurt them or dismiss them...then it will take them time to forgive and forget and MAYBE they come back. But just disappearing on and off with no explanation? At no time is it OK when living with someone to disappear and return? Someone else would have had his stuff in the street! Require respect and you will get it in return.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. Just to let you know, I decided to just let it go. I told him what he was doing was disrespectful, and unacceptable. That when he was ready to settle down and be in a real relationship with me, to call me.

typical capri
by: Anonymous

i am capricorn man a word of advice capri take long to forgive he is in love with you but he wants to be sure you fill the same way,capri take time goog luck.

He left and now he's back
by: Cappy's true love

well this is 4 months later and my cappy married someone, an older woman 49 or 50 on some business arrangement that did not work out. He came back, appologizing for putting me through all this. Now i got this woman calling harassing me, talking bad about him. Accussing him of being on drugs, and saying she put him out. Anyway, he has been back for 2 weeks now. The love is a strong as ever. I believe she tricked him into this marriage thing promising rainbows, and not delivering. Especially since we were going through such bad times. I dont know what to do now....confused. He hurt me soo bad, but then i hurt him to. I was married and he went thru it all with me. I am seperated now, but did not have the strength to do it while we were together. I believe thats why he went for that pipe dream. I believe he loves me because he came back to me. I had left him alone, although I did leave a way for him to contact me open. He got rid of all contact with me during his relationship with this woman. What should I believe??? Did he come back because he realized he loved me and hurt me, or because things did not work with her?

totally understand
by: Anonymous

Cap's like having their own lives. Mine isn't always around through out the whole week nor does he call me every night like he use to but he has responsibilities now. SO I understand. And sometimes we'll talk on the phone and he says he'll call me back... He sometimes does and doesn't. Or he'll say he'll come over but he doesn't and I don't think he realizes he does this to me. And then I guess I complain to him about it and some how it's my fault we're fighting because I'm complaining... Well next time actually be there!
So you're not alone. I guess my only word of advice is stop caring. He'll see what he's doing and try to make up for it. Cap's aren't ones to cheat so you don't have to worry about it. But maybe you have to make it clear about how you feel without making it sound like you're complaining. (From experience)

Loving a Capricorn
by: Angel

Hi, I've been in a relationship with a Capricorn for 18 months, We've been living together for 5 months. Capricorn are very if He goes home to you even after times of disappearance, then clearly He loves you more than you know Him. Although Capricorns trust you if you broke it, it may take a while for them to gain the trust back. The question is, Did you do anything in particular grave enough to make Him leave?...If the answer is 'you have no idea' then the problem may fall on the other category, Capricorns hate Emotional--Very Sensitive Partners. They tend to feel demotivated coz Capricorns are easy-going and positive about life. Try to understand Him less and Love Him more. Love yourself and always be positive about things no matter how complicated they may seem. Treasure what you have..what He did for you..and the point that He came home. Aquarius and a Capricorn according to Astrology is not compatible but I love my Capri....and I'd do anything to keep mine. He actually taught me to be more lively and positive about life.

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