Long distance love affair with a leo guy

Hi, I'm a scorpio girl who's been dating this leo guy for about 2 years now. I'd say that the first encounter was quite wierd.. So let's put it into the history section.

At the beginning of our relationship he was this extremely considerate prince charming and all. When he started to ask me out he was like "ask anything and I'll give it to you".. Treated like a queen, of course I fell in love with him. The first two weeks were sweet, passionate moments then after that, boom. He just got mad at me saying that I was cheating! (I wasn't cheating at all!!) He kept talking about his first crush which really makes me JEALOUS. And yeah, he totally knows that I'm a prone-to-jealous person. Still, he flirts with other girls.

Eventually when I moved to another place, we've argued a lot since. He's broken up with me a couple of times and then went back again and so on. I really love to annoy him and that makes him so mad at me : ) I really push him over his limits and learning his lessons, he would just let me win the fight.

When he's got mood swings, he'd be extremely happy and all, I'd know immediately that something's not right when he's shifting gears. He's a bit childish too. All he thinks of is online gaming. Sheez. And I couldn't really bring myself to feed his ego because I AM NOT SO PROUD about him, at his age, playing War of Warcraft!

Yeah, I know that I'm just too serious and he's just plain adventurous which sometimes makes me think that he's immature.

I'm really scared of him and I never get to tell him of exactly what I feel. I always hold my feelings fearing that he may not like it or he might get mad and all. On the other hand, I want to tell it to him because that's what he wants. One time, I told him that I didn't like what he was doing, and he didn't speak to me for weeks. I got traumatized with that, I really can't stand it when he's not communicating with me. He makes me miss him a whole lot more.

I tried to extract revenge on him when he fell asleep while talking to me. I got mad because he told me to wait. I waited for hours and hours and then I tried to call him. No answer. The next day he told me he fell asleep while texting me and he said sorry. I didn't give a sh*t and he made me feel like it was all my fault : ( He's really good at turning tables, I admit it.

You may think that in my point of view, leo men are such horrible creatures. :p He may be exhausting sometimes but I really love my leo man, after all, I have done wrongful things to him too like being jealous for no reason (I really hated it when he mentioned his longtime crush), it really crushes my heart when I see other girls with him, either a normal, long time or best friend. Don't bother asking me because I really don't know why.

And that's my experience of being in a relationship
with a leo guy for almost 2 years now. : )

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