Losing a Scorpio woman, advice?

by Amr

Dear all, I'm 24 (Taurus Man) and She's 23 (Scorpio Female). We met at a Law Firm we're co-workers, and next day we spoke a little (at first she have told me that she is married but she is not pregnant, and she hates her husband and she is having some issues with her husband and they will get divorced soon and then she told me after 2 weeks that she is pregnant and wanna get abortion or something like that, she have never told me anything true she is very mysterious girl, some times i feel that i don't know her!!!) and we had sex after 2 hours of chatting, and we started a very promising relationship, and everything was going good, unfortunately i was very bad with her, i was hanging out with my friends instead of her always make problems and troubles, i never listened to her regarding anything in my life and she was still love me (i was totally an asshole guy). After almost 2 months, she broke up with me, and then she told me that she went out a couple of times with somebody she met at the same Firm (he was working in the same law firm), the same person about she kept telling me when we were still together that she is not interested in him, i was stunned at first, as she broke up with me when i started to be very very loyal to her, and she said he is a successful man and look good and better than me (he is 31 years old !!!), and she told me i am very bad person as i treat her very bad, but i'm cute and good looking too and asshole, then i told her i apologize for my bad reaction and i told her i didn't mean to be bad i was confused with some issues and now everything is good.

after a while we started to work together again and this is all, she is meting him and chatting with him and sms him and loving him. moreover, i have spoke to him and he told me he dont know if he love her or not and so far everything is OK, and she told me she wants to marry him, but these days i guess there relation started to face some problems, i don't know but i felt that, and i have started to be good and nice and listen to her and talk to her and care about her, in addition today we have watched a match together on TV and we were happy but she have left me to see him, and i have sent her a message (hey, supp i miss you and i hope you have enjoyed the match) and i'm waiting a reply from her.

Furthermore, she is helping me to find another good job she arranged for my birthday party at the firm, she didn't say anything much about him but she mentioned that she like him and she want to be with him, but um totally changed, and she never told me anything about her past life and never wanted to talk about anything private in her life, I feel that he is playing her and he is not honest or loyal.

I truly love her and I hope that she will get back to me, what can I do more?, any advice??

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taurus guy
by: Anonymous

shouldnt have messed around with the scorpio. they forgive but dont forget!


Send her another message "I love you, I cant live without you, I want to marry you".

more self-respect please
by: Scorpiona

you sound like you're too easy and insecure, that's why she lost respect for you.

Uh oh
by: Scorpio

Well, as a scorpio myself, my advice would've been not to mess her around! As said above, we may forgive, but certainly don't forget. I know several female scorpios too and we're very similar - we hold grudges and don't forget how a guy made you feel. A lot of it could be about revenge for her - he works in the same place, she tells you directly to your face how he's better than you. My advice, be straight up and honest, don't beat around the bush cos chances are she already knows how you feel and is deliberately manipulating it! Lay it on the line and good luck!

by: scorpio

I don't blame her, I would do the exact same thing. He sounds like he's playing her but my only advice is tell her how you feel but don't be to pushy because us scorpios like to ...I guess make a game out of life in a serious way.

the hell with scorpios
by: Anonymous

forget about that woman. not everything that sparkles is gold. they are a waste of time. they are no good for long term relationships, but good for sex though.

Don't ever underestimate scorpio
by: Scorpio female

Don't ever say that we Scorpios are waste of time.I do believe that there's good & bad people in this world & so do with every sign. I believe u must ve met a bad one but don't blame on every Scorpio. U need to have more patience & understanding & I also believe that It's not always u who has to do the 1st step. But If u r up to good relations then u should have to have a better understanding.Unless u don't understand others feelings, no one will understand u. It's upto u. If u've met a wrong person then try to get someone more better than her/him. Remember that each sign has a positive & negative traits not only Scorpios. Best of luck.

by: Scorpio

I'm just laughing at dem Scorpio's girl advice... I'm a Scorpio woman and if I were her I would have done the same thing. You can't forget a Scorpio woman!

by: Anonymous

Sounds like you completely lost her trust. Considering that she was once again nice to you, that may simply mean that she either still wants to keep you as a friend or still had feelings for you. The fact that she won't get back with you means that she doesn't have those feelings anymore. I would be careful. When you hurt a Scorpio, especially in a relationship, they tend to get you back only 10x worse. Getting closer to you makes the pain that much worse, for you.

If I were you, I would just try to show her that you really are truly a good person and want to be there for her (ONLY IF YOU REALLY FEEL THAT WAY, SCORPIOS CAN TELL A LIE FROM A MILE AWAY). Usually, when Scorpios push people away, it is to test them. A Scorpio turning their back on someone they cared for is really them saying "You hurt me, don't you see? Now if you really care, you are going to do something about it...." Anyway, if she sees there is still something in you worth pursuing, she will come back. If not, let her go. Pursuing her further will only piss her off more.

Sources: Myself, a Scorpio Female

bad bad bad
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm a Scorpio lady and i think u you shouldnt have ignored her....hate it when people ignored her....and yeah more respect

Tell her you love her and that u were being such a dumb asshole...

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