Love being an aries woman

Wow after reading this article and what my other fellow arians had to say...its true! I hate being told what to do and I can't stand sensitive men. I am super upfront and I don't mind hurting peoples feelings because I'm honest and hate bullshit!

Very impatient gets bored easily and that is true I think like a guy my bf hates that about me. Also love to have the attention of one guy and not a million. Love feeling important to that special someone and love knowing that I'm sexy to my man if he doesn't compliment me I get bitchy!

Love surprises and traveling. Love having my alone time cuz we aries cannot feel trapped! Very loyal and straightforward and not a backstabbing bitch. I have many high aspirations and don't plan on settling for less!

Now that I'm in a relationship I can get jealous because I want all the attention from my boo also I can be a big bitch. Can't stand weak people and who always have pitty for themselves its like bitch grow the f up and get your shit straight! Okay point is aries bitches rock!!

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