Love Struck for an Aquarius man

by Phyllis
(Vicksburg, Mississippi)

I have been seeing an Aquarius man for about three years. Its the most exasperating relationship I ever entered. He is so impersonal that I often think he cares nothing for me. I have ended the relationship countless times and so has he. But we always come back together. It's crazy because nothing changes. He still not showing me affection and consideration I want. But when we are together its like we are the only two people int he world. When he makes love to me he looks directly into my eyes piercing my soul. I am hooked!!!

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Same thing
by: Deanna

I am also a Scorpio woman "dating" an Aquarius man for the past 1.3yrs. I say "dating" because he told me he wants me
to be his girlfriend. Mind you, this happened after I told him I didn't think this relationship could prosper because we NEVER TALK. How can I consider someone my boyfriend when he only texts me on avg. 3 days a week and calls once every 2 weeks??? That is not a boyfriend to me. When I call him it takes him like 15 hrs to call me back. But when we do see each other (which is either once or twice a month) it is VERY obvious to everyone around us that there is love between us. He always lays his head in my lap, always plays with my hair, feeds me food off his plate so that I can try what he ordered. He was the first to tell me he loved me. I still haven't said "I love you" back because I'm scared to open my heart that deeply.I probably spend about 2-3 hrs a day thinking about him. He told me he would marry me and start a family hence the reason why he works so much and never calls me; but I'm sorry no one works that dam much

Are we dating the same guy??
by: Anonymous

OMG, did you just look into my mind and post to the world what's going on with my relationship. My Aquarian asked me to marry him from out of no where because I thought he was playing a joke (because we never talked about it or he's never told me he loved me.) I laughed thinking it was a joke until I saw the look on his face. we've been together for over a year i like him, I could love him but I really don't know how to deal with this man. I know that I need more than what I'm getting from him but he doesn't talk, guess what I'm a talker...

Made me Laugh!!
by: Red Oktober

He asked you to marry him, without ever telling you he loves you, nor discussing it?!!! WOW!!

Man, what an Aqua on point! Its actually kinda funny and sweet when you think about it. I guess you'll never know what was going through his head all the times he went quiet or distant from you. I'd guess though, that you have been stuck in his mind and thoughts for some time - who know with these AquaMen?!!

It is the intrigue of never knowing what is going on with the AquaMan's thought processes and feelings that keeps the Scorpio women drawn like a moths to a flame. That, and sex that just blows the mind - by Scorpio standards!

Lots of strength and happiness to you!

Red Oktober

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