Loving My Capricorn man

by Hopeless Romantic
(Pembroke Pines, Florida)

I am a Gemini I have a friend from since I was 11 years old that as i bloomed into a "Blossom" my brother prohibited anyone of his friends to date his little sister. I am actual glad that we were able to rekindle the friendship.

Since August of 2010 we have been communicating. I went home around the Thanksgiving time and it was like "fireworks" He has since discussed marriage, children and relocation. He is loving, compassionate and attentive to my feelings. I've lost both of my parents, the memorial of my father and my mother's birthday was this month an he called and checked on me through out the day.

I am happy about the way he speaks to me, he's protective and family oriented. I have 3 adult children and he has has a 14 year old son. I know that he is in love with me as he said since we were kids he lost a rare gem and he is no planning on losing it he will fight for it. I find that he needs reassurance of my love for him. He has asked many times if I am in love with him and when I started to have feelings for him. My only concerns are I am a believer, he knows the word however is not a believer. He says that he's ready to change his life I said okay then do so which I m willing to assist with the transition. My concerns are that the question about children has arisen 3 times.

Now I have been offered to be a stay at home mom with a nanny if I have a child. As Lord leads, if it is His will. I must say that I have not fallen in love like this before. He has made it so real to me. I am the one pressing the brakes and he is pressing on speed ahead. My thing is Love like you have never loved before and the rest only time will tell. Like he said "you will leave if anyone is leaving but I am here for the long haul... I am truly blessed with a journey ahead of me. Hopeless Romantic in Pembroke Pines

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