Make the first move with Taurus

I was seeing a Taurus man for about a month before anything happened. There were times where i thought to myself 'maybe he doesn't like me that way' but when ever i was with him he wanted to touch hands and face, but he'd never go in for a kiss, There was only one way to move us forward.. i had to make the first move but it made everything feel 10 times more intense every touch made me weak and it was such a release to just kiss everything now its far more intense then i'd ever had before.

I found he was very shy when it came to 'seducing me' but now its so natural and moving. im glad i seduced my Taurus, he's one of the most gentle lovers i've ever had, So next time you want to seduce a Taurus, if things are going slow (as they probably will) make the first move.

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