Manipulated by my leo guy?

Im a gemini woman currently seeing a leo man casually. He absolutely stumps me. When we met I was immediately attracted to him but thought nothing would come of it. He ended up getting my number and we txted a flirted a little but i had trouble keeping the topic away from sex and i became disinterested. It stopped for some time but then started again, and we started getting to know each other... We revealed our attraction to one another but he was very quick to let me know he wasnt interested in getting into a relationship with anyone. I was fine with that. I adjusted to the idea if anything were to happen with he and I it would only be sex.

And it happened. And it was amazing. We continued to text etc and started seeing each other casually. He gets annoyed at me when I allude to the fact I think its just sex and occasionally comments about how he likes me. I usually brush it off trying to play it cool because I don't want to get my feelings mixed up in that, especially after he's made it so clear hes not looking for anything. I can tell he gets jealous about things to do with me and other guys.

He's fairly insecure about his sexual performance.. and fishes for compliments when we talk about it which is bizaree cause I clearly enjoy it.

I'm finding him hard to read because despite everything I usually have to extend the offer to 'hang out' and usually have to initiate even normal communication but then hes overly (and getting more) intimate before, during and after for a casual r/ship...

The sex is amazing, and I don't want to loose it. The problem is I'm feeling manipulated because I cant help but think he just wants sex and is manipulating me because he thinks he has to. I can handle this I just need a clear boundary but with these mixed messages as a Gemini I cant help but see 100 sides to this.. especially knowing his and my relationship history. It doesn't help that I'm also massively insecure, especially in the face of hot men...

Help meeeee?

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