Marriage proposal to an Aquarius woman

by J
(Philadelphia, PA )

I'm in a great relationship with an Aquarius woman. We've been together for just about two years. We love each other and she has mentioned marriage a few times in the last six months. I want to propose to her and looking for a little feedback in this area. I already have many ideas of my own, but it would be interesting to hear some aquarius women thoughts on their idea on how they would like to be proposed to. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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proposal to an aquarian woman
by: Anonymous

As being an aquarian woman.
Aqurian woman would like to get propose in a confident way, rather than watching here and there. If you cant convince her, may be she will say you yes , becz she cud be emotionally attached to you. but she will be always confused on what has happened , does she really like to get it or not.

Even it happened to me , i was proposed by my husband many times , bt i was not convinced at all.

At last i said yes, but even on the wedding day i was confused to go for marriage or not.

Aqurian woman will like surprises , dont be dumb in front of her, she can like your different style.
But be ready for a surprise too.

marriage proposal to aquarius
by: Anonymous

As an Aquarius female, I hate to be proposed to in front of loads of people because i'll forget about the proposal and get busy with the attention and wont react in a normal way. We mosly dislike attention. Dont expect a happy reaction from her she might feel it since she wants this marriage but maybe not react as u expect a little cold maybe xD anyways u must know somthing about her that u wont find in some other female , shes super loyal and never cheats

by: Anonymous

Be simple and realistic rathet than dramatic and filmy

proposel to aquarius woman
by: luvbug

As an Aquarius woman born Jan.21st..I would love to be proposed to be not if I am not completely sure if my partner will have total commitment and loyalty..and can keep me happy with actions better than words..

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