Married Libra woman seeing a married Aries man

by Gina
(Cambridgeshire UK)

What can I say, I totally love my Aries man to bits, we are so passionate together, text all the time, makes me smile and feel so alive like no one else has, he feels so right to me and makes me feel right, he understands and loves me, although I think I love him more than he does me. We are both married to other people, so the situation is not ideal, he will not leave his wife for me and that is the hard part, I wouldn't push him into that or make him choose I know what the answer would be. Have been seeing each other for 3 months, slept together twice in the last fornight and boy oh boy it is out of this world!!!!. I know that maybe I am kidding myself about things, but haven't been as happy with someone in years, both of us have been married for 20 years, I am 41 he is 46, but to me it's like the first time I have been in love and loved someone. Totally awesome.

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Libra and Aries Update
by: gina

Hi, I wrote the above post and now things have gone down hill, my married Aries man, now only wants to txt me when he can see me, as he says he can't talk to me otherwise, as it hurts because he can't see me, this in turn hurts me because I want to txt him to talk to him but can't, we seem I guess that we both want each other but aren't on the same wave lengh anymore. I have just about given up on him, no matter how much I love him or him saying he loves me, I can't be with someone who just wants to txt me when they want to have sex and then drop me till the next time.

Please feel free to comment on this as I am at my wits end with it all.

that makes the two of us
by: Anonymous

Dont know what to say except sorry to hear that. Your situation describes mine to a tee in all aspects. I'm a libra hes an Aries.. both married and just texted me for sex which I could'nt deal with anymore.

He brought so much excitement, courage and laughs to my life. I only wonder if I did not do the same for him as we are opposing signs. Actually, I dont know what libras do for them. perhaps sex was the only meaningful thing to him.

wishing you the best

by: The Bold and Sexxy LIBRA Woman

I am in love with a married but separated and on his way to divorced Aries man. I to am Married and soon to be divorced. I have been in love with this Aries since we both were 19. We got back together six months ago and are still fighting to be together. He is in a different city. We visit each other but never have sex (as u know that is really hard to do, do to the magnetic emotional and physical attraction we have for each other).. I think the problem here is that ur Aries men are still with their wives. U most let them go. Or the will string u along for the rest of ur lives. There is no other sign in the charts that can make a Libra woman feel the way an Aries man can. But the problem here ladies is they are still with their Wives. U are ok with it. Again Strong Libra women, they are with their Wives.

Much love and Hope for my Sisters


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