Married to an aquarius man

by Michelle

I'm married to an Aquarius man and I'm a Gemini. Its perfect because we both are independent but faithful (despite my flirtatious nature). I have discovered that by being completely honest, he is more understanding and accepting. This is what makes us so great together. all i must say is be ready for the constant projects and the "must be better than everyone" attitude. you need to be ok with a little demand for the romantic love if you feel you're not getting enough. I wouldn't have anyone else :)

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I agree with the Gemini Lady
by: LibraLady

Everything that the Gemini wrote about being married to an Aquarius man is the same for me. I've been married for 4 years now to a wonderful Aquarius man and he is honest, loving, kind affectionate and a lot of fun. we have never had a real arguement, we just talk about everything and seem to think alike on many topics and when we don't we both listen to eachothers ideas and it always works out. I've never had such a perfect relationship before. He is so in tuned to what everyone needs and I enjoy finding ways to please him. he is totally worth it. I'm a very lucky woman.

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