May-December affair between Scorpio and Aquarius

by kyrie

My Aquarius ex-bf is 12 years older than me and he is my first in almost everything.. at first, i got disappointed a lot of times on this guy because he seems insensitive, eccentric, too independent.. he also had asked me to make love with him.. since, i think i'm too young and ignorant on this matter, i did not agree to him.. but he still pursue until i just obeyed him..

Yes, Aquarians are really experimenting in terms of this but he also respect that i am not totally to give up my virginity to him so we ended up in cuddling and foreplay.. we did these a lot of times.. i kind of regret it but later came to accept it and just obey him..

we just have 28 days commitment in a relationship.. almost all our adventures happened outside it.. we still see each other and do what pleasures us, but recently i felt i was not thrilled and got bored of him..

does this mean that i do not like him anymore? why i get jealous if he just chats with his girl friends?

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