Met an Aries man online

by Jenny

Ok so I met this great aries man online, I am a cancer 38 yr old woman and he is 41. He seems fantastic and just what I am looking for. We met on a dating site by the way. We live an hour apart. SO far all I read about our signs as a couple is good.

But I worry, his girlfriend of 1 1/2 yr killed herself 6 months ago. He says he is okay and ready to move on and find love again. But could I be setting myself up for a heart ache? He relocated to my state after her death, and says he dont blame himself for her killing herself, she had deep mental problems that ran in the family. They had broken up right before it happen, but she killed herself by taking pills in her car, outside of his house while he was asleep inside.

I just got done looking at his facebook and he still has pics of her on there, that are titled the love of his life. Not a memorial, I think he put that while they were dating. They had alot of problems from what he says.

So Aries men, what do u think? Any advice, I have never dated an Aries man, but my 20 yr old daughter is an Aries so have some experience with them.

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by: Anonymous

wow, how traggic for her family and really bad for his experience. I finally have my experience with 2 aries men. one I met at a dance hall i was managing a wedding, he was a visitor and after the reception, he came up to me and asked for my number. I thought he was really hot looking. it was my lucky night! but, I asked for his number instead of giving my number to him first, he got so bumd out, and said "you are not going to call me". That type of low self esteem turned me off. so we began to chit-chat, I finally gave him my number, just to find out he did not want to give me his, because it was turned off!(service)he immediately got on my nerves. luckly for me, because I am an emotional person, I was still messing aroung with a Taurus boy. This Aries, has the tendancy to jump in and out of my life. I tell him I dont want anything to do with him, to leave me alone! He is very persistant and what I say to him does not faze him. He still wants to take me out and "try" to get to know me and just "maybe" I can get to like him (he says). He has stood me up, never calls back till months later, and has hung up on me!!! he is a jerk, yet still he sends me flowers, calls me his princess, and buys me lunch, opens the door etc. etc. in the year and a half that I've known him, we only kissed once and never slept together. well I have also been hanging around another Aries, he is just a friend, but will always joke around how much he wants to "lick me, taste me, suck me but never @uck me". what ever, he is so much fun to be with, we laugh our @sses off. I tell him I will never be with him, but yet there he is, calling me, coming over and we have long talks and hard laughs, and at the end he never fails to see if "tonight is the night". I have fallen in so much "like" with my friend, he is truly sweet, but I now want to express this affection with the first Aries, cuz he is hotter! Althought my heart and feelings belong to my true love my "Cancer Hunk", I wont see him till years to come, met him in a pen-pal line, and I have been in love with him, my Cancer Hunk keeps me faithful. at least so far for these couple of years. I dont know if I give into either, will they stay, or will things go so bad, I will get hurt. But for sure I can get sweet kisses from these two Aries, and they will stay to see if "tonight is the night". but for advice sake, maybe we should just take it very slow and not too serious, Aries dont committ or at least they dont "stay home". although I wont see my Cancer hunk, when he writes to me, he express deep feelings that make fall deeper in love with him. As far as the Online Aries, ask him how he got over his girlfriends death so quickly, find out what his perception is on life and death, maybe this will help you understand him better, and if he is emotional or not, this way you can pick up on his signals.

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