Met an Aries man online


I met my Aries man online. When I saw his picture I was in love. I sent him the first message he responded. That was it, however I know he was viewing my profile. So finally I had enough and I e-mailed my cell. And yes he called the very next day all excited!! This happen a couple weeks ago, we talk but not like I'd like to.

We met face to face we hit it off, he did say he wants to see me again. He's very polite when he calls (not that often) or when I call. He'll say babe I'm in a meeting I'll call you later, but he doesn't. My b-day is coming up (Yeah I'm Scorpio, I get it oil and water) so I want to mention it to him. I mean has my Aries man lost interest already, I don't think so. Help me what do I do. I really like him and I think we can work!! I need to stop acting shy and just jump in with both feet!! If he does call me I don't call him. HELP!!!

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