Mistress of a leo man. Help!

by Confidential
(Muslim Country)

I am dating and going out with a leo man, for a month ago, he has been sincere to me from the beginning, he told me he was married, and he had now a girlfriend, and still he couldn't hold himself in front of me, i am a capricorn, i am very confident, and he is so nice to me, always showing attention and very jealous with me, he doesn't want me to even talk to another man, but he constantly asks for affection from me...do you think i have a chance to make him brake up with his girlfriend now?

i really like him, but again i don't want to lose my time, even tho in my opinion he spends more time with me then her, it happened once to be in the same place all 3 off us, he was really nice to me, and couldn't keep his eyes away, i didn't want to give him reasons to be jealous , and didn't want to put him in trouble either so i left, i am a very sexy women comparing to his girlfriend and i couldn't keep the boys away from me...we're still going out, and i spend a lot of time with him, this is my second experience with a leo, but with the other i was official, this is my first time i am in this position...what should i do? should i continue or not? i am fallin' for him..i am in need of an advice please...i forgot to mention he is 40 and i am 24, and his girlfriend is 26 to...he is a very powerful man around here, and i am a very desired girl, which not so many had the chance to get to know me..and he loves the fact that i know all this powerful mans, i think that was his only turn on...HELP WANTED!

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by: Anonymous Aquarius Advisor

Looks like your in a pretty dangerous situation. I hate to be a critic but not only is being with him when he has a girlfriend bad but the fact that your 20 yrs younger is just gross(no ofense)! But if you really like him then sit down and talk with him about this situation. It's best for you guys to talk this out then let him cheat on his girlfriend and act like everythings fine. Tell him that this isn't right and if he doesn't like his current girlfriend or wife,if he is still with her, and wants you he should let those two go. I always say that healthy relationships involve comunication, trust, and ONLY TWO PEOPLE!!!! If he doesn't want to do this then gurl dump him like a sack of potatoes and move on, you deserve better than that scum bag.

You're naive, my child.
by: Anonymous

Hold on one second. He is married & has a girlfriend & you on the side? Blimey, what a lucky bloke! Tell you something, sweetheart. He's stringing you along like a nice bit of fluff. Leos are womanizers & love to admire beautiful women. I am Leo myself & a terrible flirt. I will get laid with any female I want as my sex drive has no limits. I will have fun with as many women as I like, however...when I'm in love, I get attached to one girl & nothing else bothers me. She must be special, extremely pretty & have the brains & she will have all my attention and faithfulness. Other than that, a woman is a fling for me & so are you to your Leo guy. Wake up, sunshine, you are being played for a fool.

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