Mixed signals from Aquarius man. Should I move on?

by Summer

Six months ago I met an Aquarius man online. He was very brief in his communications and this somehow interested me and so I met him. From the first time, he made me very comfortable. I lose interest fast but I was constantly just curious about him. Since then, we've become somewhat close and the sex is amazing but I've already ended it 2x because he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship and I am an all or none woman. However, we got back together 2 weeks later during which time I never communicated with him.
Since then, I've decided to just enjoy my time with him and let him take the lead (which is not easy for me). I wish I could see other people but I can't see/date more than one person at the time. I just can't. I don't text him often like I used to, only when he contacts me. Somehow, it seems now that he's been more interested. I saw him recently and it was like he was examining me. He asked me more questions about me in one night than in all the time before. He said that he misses being in a relationship but he didn't ask me to be his girlfriend. I was so confused that I didn't say anything. What is going on? Should I even stick around?

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no, yes, well maybe
by: Anonymous

I'm 47 y/o and I date an aquarian man. I have been married, divorced and have no interst in having children. He's perfect for me even though I know he's probably getting lots of attention from other girls. If you want a one on one relationship and to feel secure, stop dating him. If you want to get married and settle down, find someone else. If you value great sex, fun and friendship without ties, he's your guy.

Sorry to be so honest but I wish someone would've told me.....

Yup... didn't want to see the obvious
by: Anonymous

Thanks Anonymous,

I know that I was fooling myself. Fortunately or unfortunately, I recently learned I will be moving in a year or so, so I'm not too keen on this guy anymore. I am not a complicated person and I prefer people who are straightforward. Though I am definitely intrigued by him, I think I want to spend the time I have left with friends rather than trying to figure out some complicated guy. There's somebody out there for me, just maybe not this guy.

by: Brittany

if it takes him more than 3 months to make up his mind packup and leave then he will make up his mind then lol

Six months
by: Anonymous

Well it's been six months dating and never been on a date up until this week it was great but sometimes he plays like a kid that don't know what to do I was just as confused to but I found out how they work just treat them the way they treat you don't buy them anything laugh at the ridiuclous jokes don't call them my aquarius man is 51 and we became lovers before we became friends now we are friends and still lovers play the game ladys if you wan't to keep your aquarius man cause they will try you and don't appear to be dumb keep him guessing all the time and never,never show any emotion until he does 10/4.

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