Mixed signals from Aquarius man

I am falling for an aquarius, but he is giving me mixed signals. I am
a cancer and in the beginning he was so interested and I welcomed his every move. So now he has backed away and is pushing me away.... Can I turn things around or is it too late?

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Me too
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces woman, currently very confused.

An Aquarian I met 7 years ago sought me out 2 months ago and asked me out. That first date lead to a month of spending 5 out of 7 days together, as well as the holidays with eah of our families together. He was going through a divorce which was final this month, so I kept telling him that we needed to take things very slowly because divorce is something that takes a lot out of people and most need a time to heal before getting into another relationship. Well, he
told me we could take things slowly, that he wasn't going anywhere, and the week of xmas he told me several times that he loved me, that he wanted me to move in, he wished that I was the one he had married and told me about his hopes for our future life together. Then a week later, the week his divorce was final, he texted me and said that he didn't have fireworks, that I was
wonderful and would like to be friends...he totally did a 360. I responded to his text and told him that I thought we had a great foundation for a genuine loving relationship that others just hope to find in their lifetimes. I don't believe the fireworks comment because I know he had told me he had them the month before.

What I believe is that he was rushing too quickly
and it scared him, so he wanted to retreat back to the friend category. It's been two weeks and I haven't heard from him. I figured with the stress of his divorce, I should just give him the space to get through his emotional issues and when he is ready he can contact me. However, his birthday was this weekend, I didn't want him to think I forgot, so I made him his favorite cake and left
it at his door, but other than that, I figure he knows what kind of person I am and knows how to contact me. I wonder if I am doing the right thing by giving him the space and not confronting him to discuss it.

by: Anonymous

just confront him. i mean, you need to know what's going on, you can't just wait out for him to show around.

I hear ya sister!
by: Anonymous

Omg he sounds exactly like the aquarius man I was just involved with..so keen in the beginning, talking life partnership and marriage (none of which I asked for!) and then total retreat and 360 over nothing??? Wow the diff is that I am now preg to him after an intense night of lovemaking..damn!! he was over the moon about the baby told everyone and now has totally retreated ..and I am confused as he fed me all of these flourishes of love for 2 months and wasn't worried about anything at all..just let it go..Aquarians are like a dangerous drug alluring in the beginning but addictive and bound to destroy you from the inside out! <3

cancer and aquarius
by: Anonymous

sorry to say but cancer and aquarius are the worst match and from my own experience, they dont get along very much.

Cancer woman dating Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

I'm dating the most amazing Aquarius man in the world. It is said that Cancer woman and Aquarius men are not a good match, but I'm here to tell you otherwise. I've never been so happy as I am with this man. He treats me like a queen and dotes on me. Yes, he did leave for several weeks, but for some reason & without knowing the Aquarius man trait of retreating. I knew he would be back. I never asked any questions nor felt like he didn't care about me. We are both busy, independent & out going people. I couldn't imagine my life without him

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