Mixed Signals

by Fran
(Orlando, FL)

Hello, I met my Taurus man online. We have been communicating via phone for 3 mos. We finally met about a week ago and spent the weekend together. Before he came to my city he had told me he wanted to meet my family and friends. We did not stay at my home but we did visit it several times during his stay. The sex of course was great. He was not all over me as this board say a Taurus interested in a woman would be. So does this mean he does not like me? I am in another city and can not meet his family or friends like he did mine. He does speak of them with me. I know all about them as he shares what is going on with them to me. This includes his children and siblings. His parents are both deceased. Additionally, he has made a major part of his company that he has started up. I have all the information that he has and am authorized to do the same things he is in his company. So I know that he trusts me with his business matters. I know of his personal business but I do not have access to his personal information as I do with his business. While we were on our date another love interest of mine called. He noticed this and asked about the relationship. He then asked if he could call him to talk with him. After a discussion, I dialed the number and he spoke with the guy and pretty much let the guy know that he and I were together now and made it kinda plain that he would be wasting his time to pursue a relationship with me any further. This threw me for a loop. He has not told me that we are exclusive or not but has eluded that we are. His business is still growing and he said that he needed to focus on it right now, and our romantic relationship would have to take the back seat. I am separated and he said that this was a problem that needed to be cleared up too. I have read that when a Taurus man likes you he would want to spend time with you. I've told him that if he is not interested in me that I would still work with his company but he will not tell me that this is all he want. He has not made it clear what he want. Can a true Taurus man please help. I am getting mixed signals that I can not decipher. Oh he also loved eating off my plate or drinking my pop. He never missed an opportunity to do so when he dined out. He love looking into my eyes of course. Is it just a business interest that he wants to make sure does not go a rye or is he considering me for more. We started out as potential lovers but are business associates mostly. But it was his idea for us to meet. Please help!!!!!

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