My amazing scorpio woman

by Stephen Hardy
(Burbank, CA.)

I am 48 dating a 42 year old Scorpio woman. We first met when I was 17 and she 11. Our families knew each other from church and she was friends with my younger sister. I always said she was going to be this beautiful lady when she grew up. Well her family moved to LA from San Francisco when she was 14 and we lost touch. We reconnected on facebook awhile back and I moved to Burbank California to be with her.

The sex is so amazing that I now feel like what I had in the past wasn't sex at all but foreplay leading up to this beautiful relationship. I call her snobby because she's so into her BMW and perfect clothes and matching shoes, while I,m a t-shirt and jeans truck driver. The bottom line is I've never felt love like this before. Maybe I should have pursued Scorpio women in the past.

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A truck driver dated with a Scorpio lady
by: Anonymous

Good for you that you reconnect with your lady Scorpio by a face book. Well I'm not too surprise if a Scorpio men or women are amazing or not in sex. I like some Scorpio man if she or he is a well educated person; no offense!! Anyone can have an amazing sex-no need to learn, lol...Anyway, I just met a very cute Scorpio man. He is a respectable and honor gentlemen who I'm going to work close to him. I'm a Virgo "pretty" "young lady." mature and dependable. I just met him a few days ago; he is very special to me. "He said, I'm the BEST!" I feel that I want to dance; so, I can breathe now; I fly again as a kit. Whatever, he is taken but in his eyes, he needs something when I looked into his eyes...pure loves? "He said, Gook luck to me." Now, I'm able to put a smile on my face after I met a Scorpio man. I just cant wait to see him again after the vacation. He knows exactly that I'm a very devotes and educated Virgo. Sound as I'm a snobbish. I hope to go out with him in some day just to have some coffer. So, I have to say goodbye to my Lover who has abandon me along time. I'm good and always. I feel I'm free now.

Good luck to every one in the articles!!!

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