My Aquarius experience!

by Roman reloaded
(Houston tx )

I have to ask... Ok I am a cancer female... I knew a Aquarius for 9 months before we tried to date each other. Right when I got ready to leave back home 3 months before- we started getting very close... Before we would just flirt all the time but we both knew we liked each other... Being a cancer woman I'm a sensitive person but I can be a bitch also... Very moody! Well me and him waited 9 months to have sex and when we did it was fantastic- I mean the best, the connection we had was so amazing! But I kept telling myself something is missing. He is awesome I live his style, and a lot of his flaws does not bother me... Well I I left and came back to Houston... We planned all the time that we were going to be talking and still seeing each other. When I left we started to get distant from each other... I felt myself getting clingy and I hate it. But before we got to far in a relationship he just stopped talking to me... Stop texting me! I asked why are you pushing away from me??? He told me he is not pushing away I'm just trying to do too much! After that we completely stopped talking! I miss him soooo much. But he will not talk to me! Why us this? Where did I mess up? Or was he ever interested in the first place like he said he was???

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Fellow Aquarius
by: Anonymous

We aquarians love long distance, love the space it provides. We aren't overtly emotional. We keep a lot just under the surface. Your Aquarius might not think that they need to text or call with the same frequency as before because you two are simply not in the same physical space, making dates and coordinating logistics, etc. Communication for Aquarians is deliberate. It's hard for us to just text "hi thinking of you" even if we have thought of you. I am an Aquarius woman dating a Pisces male and it can be difficult for us to find common ground when it comes to conveying emotions. My recommendation would be to schedule a time when you have a phone call each week or twice a week. Making it a system is appealing to our Aquarius brains and provides the platform to talk and share emotions that you need for your Cancer mind.

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