My aquarius man

I am a Scorpio young girl (the ultimate crier, extremely emotional) and very much in love with my Aquarian boy friend. from the first glance I was attracted he's handsome! the first thing I noticed that his personality itself spoke louder than words. its like everyone one knew he walked in the door and its like he greeted each and everyone of us one by one in just those couple of seconds. for the first 9 months we were the best of friends I cant explain why or how but the friendship was easy. the one thing we have in common no doubt is a great sense of humor. he is so humorous100% fun unpredictable and open having no shame what so ever. I am very playful and he plays with me I do and say a lot of crazy things others might not do or say and he goes along with it he loves it one thing I know we don't have in common is traveling or trying to find out something mysterious. surprising facts and details don't interest him just being in the view or having the attention of everyone e. it wasn't so easy for him to say he likes me he kind of showed it and gave me very obvious hints to read between lines and so on. I asked him why he was attracted to me he said "cuz you seem so down to earth". after 9 months of friendship we became girlfriend and boyfriend we both just left prior relationship. him as a boyfriend was great I was on top of the world. I loved how he cared so deeply and bragged about certain family members. it put a soft spot in my heart. then again he separates whets important like responsibilities and priorities and takes care off them all! later on now I learn he is a workaholic which=tiredness. I constantly tell him I need some time and attention I text him first thing in the morning until the last text good night. I see him 3 times a week and when I see him I am cradled up right under him really because I miss him he smiles at this and yes we sex like mad!!!! satisfying wild or passionate fun loving and outrageously kinky and I have no problem with that. I even questioned if he was just here for sex because that's what we do when we see each other and he said "thats our way of expressing our love cuz we bin apart for so long". I also noticed that sexually he wants to meet my needs and show me a good time. he's not selfish and I do give the same in return. he also has friends a lot of them everyone gets along with him and those friends include a lot of girls and then again almost every girl likes him I feel like I am constantly in a competition!!!! but my boy friend took my heart once again when he told me "a lot of girls are after me but I turn them down because I already have you". he also reminds me that they are friends and yes am guilty of being a very jealous Scorpio which gets him angry!!! but now I learnt that he really does look at them as friends and I've seen him push off these girls. there were even times when he texted me first waking me up or texting me midday to conversation and it was so surprising he began to show me love the way I wanted him to. then unfortunately it was a time I didn't hear from him for a week and I did the unthinkable yes affair. I was dumb+stupid+everything else because he was 1billion times honest and faithful. I had no reason it just happened and that messed up everything now he doesn't trust me at all and I doubt that he ever will. now after 10 months the relationship is enormously complicated I am scared of every move I make and every thing I say most of all I am hurt very badly. I love him to death but I know he doesn't trust me or believe me and this is one hundred times painful to me I have to explain my self very detail after he has heard something from some one else its my word against there's. it was so easy to get attached to him I won't leave him never even while I am not trusted. and I noticed after an argument he can have sex right afterwards I will but inside I don't want to. I rather just fall asleep on his chest and then when we wake up or something we will do that. even though he doesn't trust me I know for sure he loves me. there aren't any proof to see that but its by feeling. the smallest things he rarely does steals my heart. boy I must say this is a complicated relationship being with Aquarius but when you fall in love its so fixed to where you or probably I cant break away from it. I know now and am going to tell my boyfriend that I understand I am jealous and I will work on it because I know you only have eyes for me and I am going to be less annoying and I am going to continue to support you all I want to do is love you and keep you happy

..... I honestly and deeply and so strongly wish I could keep you my own forever and ever. that's one thing I notice friends break up and make up even after hurt but in a relationship hurt could possibly cause the other hate you or don't want to c you Eva again.... o ps my boy friend is great friends with his x's and we broke up 2 times before within the 10 months we were together the first break up latest roughly around 2 hrs the second was 1 hour but in the time in between he expressed so much anger over the situation and it seemed like he didn't want to hear from me again that is what he said so why could he be so cool with his ex.'s and while I was at the time his x he didn't want to c me????????? um now things are more scary I don't want to lose him as a friend at all if I unfortunately lose him has a partner I don't want him out of my life not at all my lug always and forever despite the complications I will make sure we make it. all I or you has to is compromise.^_^ I love my Aquarius boo.


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make up with aquarius man
by: Anonymous

Hi.. how do u patch up with your aquarius man??
I am in love with one and he say he is not going to reply me anymore.
I don't know what to do? Should i knock on his door with a big smile and act nothing has happen? Will he sees me?

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