My Aquarius man!

by Ashley/ His Sweetie
(ATL, GA. Usa!)

It is so true what they say about Aquarius men. I am a Gemini and my boyfriend and I are so compatible its crazy. We are the best of friends, I'm affectionately needy, but he loves that. It shows him that I am into him. This is the first man that I have ever thought about spending my life with. He is the best person to be around... whether your happy, sad or etc. He will be there. He loves hard, but cautiously. I use to go to the clubs a lot just to dance (i love to dance), but since i met him... all we have been doing every day (if we aren't at work)... is chilling with each other. I love his company and he loves mine. Our friends ask, "How do you spend so much time with each other and not get tired of each other"?? The answer is a difficult but simple one. We tell them, "We don't think about it... Its natural". Its something that we like to do. PERIOD! We have completely fallen in love. Now don't get me wrong... the relationship isnt perfect... but the flaws in our relationship are so minor. That they don't even matter.

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thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you for the feed back. I too am a Gemini woman, and just recently fell in love with an Aquarius male, only known him for 2 wks and have never met. we talk everyday all day text non stop, i feel like he is my soul mate. or am i tripping?

take care
by: Anonymous

take care....
you could be tripped.
i had an experience, a severe one with an aquarius man.i am aries.
as long as there is a distance,and no demands, he is so funny and chatting, smsses.
when it comes to real relation, you will feel alone in it. they don't know how to communicate, and talk on the phone for hours and so on.
the far and distant you are, the lovable man will be.and vise versa.
they hate commitment,they hate demands and will try to show that u r not pushing or trying just to be friends so u don't loose him,but if u have real emotions to him, you will fail showing being just friend.
he is attractive,but once he knows u love him,or need him, he disappears.take care

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