My Aries guy not ready to get married

by Toni

I've been dating an Aries guy for a year now. We got on well in every way, was starting to feel like he is opening up and trusting me. Till we started talking about marriage, he brought up the subject saying that no one understands he is not ready. I knew in the beginning he had issues with marriage cause everyone he knows has been pushing him to settle down for years and no matter how good a girl he meets he always says he is not ready.

For some stupid reason I thought I would change that. I told him I am not ready now but want to be in a relationship that will lead to marriage at some point. I even told him that whenever I do get married I would like to be with someone like him. Then he just went quiet on me. Not sure if this is his way of saying it's over or he just needs space to think. I'm surprised cause normally if he doesn't agree with something or wants to break up he is the type to say so.

It's driving me crazy because I love him we have been thru worse and worked thru it. Not sure if I should call him but everything in me says I should just leave till he gets in touch, if not it's not meant to be. By the way I am a Pisces...

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