My best friend the taurus man

by erin
(san antonio)

Hi. I'm an Aquarius girl who is hopelessly in love with my Taurus best friend. It all started our freshman year in college when we first met each other. During that year we spent a lot of time together and we would talk about everything and even though we wouldn't always agree in everything we would always manage to work things out. After our first year I transfer to a different school and he quit school to work full time. Even though our schedules were hectic and chaotic we always managed to text each other and occasionally get together.

Even though we never expressed our feeling for each other I always felt he cared about me and he would sometimes hint it but would never fully say it to my face. A few months later he told me I was his girl (never really asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend) just like that and I of course agreed because that's all I ever wanted from him. Well after dating for three.months our relatively short relationship ended due to.him being distant and not affectioning at all.

In my perspective I always felt like I had pushed us into the relationship and would blame myself even though he would say it was all him. Even though we ended as friends we stopped talking for a few months until I decided to text him because I missed him. Well long story.short since then all I hear from him is how.he.misses me and how I will always have a special place in his heart and that there is no one else that compares but til I don't feel he wants any sort of commitment with me and its not like I'm looking to.get married but it be nice to b with him again. So would yall say I should move on or wait for him to be ready??

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probable solution
by: Anonymous

hi, i think you should continue to be his friend...try to be his best friend..dont push him for committment because taurus people dont like to be forced...but just be his friend without expressing in words how much you love him..just be with him...all the best!!!!!!!!!

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