My Cancer Man

by Heather

I am a Capricorn Woman dating a Cancer man. We have been together for a year now and it has sure been an interesting ride.

I do have a few of the typical Capricorn traits: I am reserved, stable, straight forward, cautious, practical. But I relate more to my rising sign which is Cancer. Two people with Cancer traits can make for one moody relationship! I am ruled by my emotions and I am very, very sensitive. I don't see these traits as negative but it does make me very vulnerable to feeling hurt or taking things too personally. My Cancer man is moody. He is very sociable, outgoing, easily influenced by others and protective. He is just like the crab in that he has a tough exterior but once I found my way in I discovered that he is a total softy (for me anyway).

In many ways this is your typical "opposites attract" relationship. Sometimes this causes problems but on the other hand we really balance each other out. There is just something about us. He is a water sign and I am an earth sign and I know those go well together. It is true... When I am parched and dry he is the water that works its way into the cracks to revive me. I am the constant stable earth that gives him direction, that contains him and guides him.

This relationship was tricky at first. He's never been with a self respecting, demanding woman like me who knows exactly what she wants. He's never been with a girl who is as steady and self assured as me. He can be pretty cocky but I know how to keep him in check. He just needed someone who would stand up to him and challenge him and I needed someone who was more assertive, someone who could teach me how to have a tougher skin.

We've had a lot of kinks and misunderstandings to work out. Sometimes we just agree to disagree. But there is passion between us. He has great admiration for me and I have an understanding of him.

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I envy you
by: Anonymous

Don't ever change your ways with him and you should have a great relationship. He loves that you are strong and assertive and real with him. He is sensitive too and hopefully can understand your feelings and not want to hurt you. Keep your boundaries and you will have his respect.

by: Anonymous

I have lived with my Cancer man for 16years a friend I don't think I can say he is' but my lover, provider, and security blanket he is. He toughened my skin but pulls me back everytime. As a mountain goat, an earth sign ruled by sagitarius we tend to compete for the power in the relationship. but as a female, we love for the snapping moody crab to pull us into the water cause remember we are half fish too. So i say this too say that it was love at first sight with my Cancer man everything you wrote is dead on but it's a passionate voilatile relationship that will motivate you to climb higher and dare you to swim the waters

can't pin him down
by: Anonymous

I can't seem to pin down my cancer interest. He wants to see me only when it's a by chance meeting and we are both up for it, a hook-up I guess. He is just getting over a long-term marriage gone bad and is not ready for a relationship or ready to even "plan" anything. Will agreeing to be with him like this eventually turn into a realtionship? We are long-time friends, and have had a lust for eachother that has now been consumated. I'm afraid if I say no, not til you are ready for a relationship, he will find someone else and you know those crabs. They cling and I don't want to lose him...Help!

by: Anonymous

Don't know on this one. Anyone out there? Cancers?

by: Anonymous


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