My Capricorn man is asking me to marry someone else a cancer.. and i am in love with a Capricorn man, he was the one to take initiative and ask me...if i love him as well,and even i was so much attracted to him and finally agreed...We both spoke a lot and I know that he was loving me and he was very very serious about our relationship.. we wanted to get married and when i spoke with my parents, they were kind of okay with it, he said that he will also speak with his parents, his mom did not agree, in between, am some six months elder than him, his mom pointed this as a reason and totally refused.

I know how upset he was once his mom refused. And now he is asking me to move away and marry some other guy, which I don't think is possible for me. as I love him so crazily and he says that his parents perspective is so very important for him in this concern. I am trying to convince him saying that I am ready to wait. But he doesn't want me to wait and completely refuses saying that his parents won't change their decision for sure. I am so upset and I feel like am completely lost is it possible that this guy would come back to me? What should I do to get him back to me?

Any ideas? Suggestions?

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Just say no..
by: David-admin

This probably isn't what you want to hear, but any guy, of any sign who would rather listen to his parents than act on his own feelings about you is either a) not emotionally mature enough for a serious relationship yet or b) doesn't really love you.

Even assuming you can 'persuade' him or his parents to let him marry you, I can see this problem of him listening to their (dumb) opinions coming up again and again throughout the relationship. Asking you to move away and marry someone else?.. Jeez.

My suggestion would be to find a real man. One who puts you first, and not his parents.

for guidence stuborn capricorns
by: Anonymous

i was very much in love with a capricorn .im piceswe had all the looking in to each others eyes very intense .we broke off because of my parents threatening him . i went out i saw him he asked me out i said no because i was upset with him so he asked my friend out in front of me she went that night she fell pregnant. six months later they married .now 10 yrs later my daughters at school and hes been stalking me every day . i still feel exactly the same it never goes away .i think he married someone else to forget you .but if its real he cant ever forget you no matter how long the trembles still remain.he should tell his family to do one .you need to persue him as much as possible .i think hes trying to forget you because he doesnt want anyone else having control over him .he doesnt like and is affraid of love .dont end up like me 18 yrs later.

you will decide
by: Anonymous

I'm a capricorn man, faced exactly a similar situation ... i'm getting mad ... yes this is because capricorn tend to perfection (so no one should know what we are feeling and have to be strong and shows that everything is under control)
one fact, he loves you ... no ... "LOVES YOU" and will never forget you, literally he is crying everyday for being without you, he will always live in pain, but because capricorn are practical and honest, he did not want to pain you anymore, and this is the right way he sees things, hence, will try to move on with the least loses especially for you regardless of the solution or what it will cost him.
simply you have to put yourself in his show and decide:
1- staying with you but this will cause more pain for both as according to his thinking ... there will be no future or at least no guaranteed future for you.
2- staying away from you and trying to secure a happy life for you (literally he will try to compensate you; as he feels that it was his mistake and he should face all its consequences) regardless of what will happen to him.
now you decide keeping in mind that he is trying not to hurt you and to protect you "HIS LOVE"?

move on
by: virgo

Hi dear...i know it really hurts..but one thing in your example is straight ... he gives more respect to him parents and no respect to you and your feelings...even if you marry him,he will give importance to his mom and not to you. for e.g if their is a tussle or argument between you and his mom then he will favor his mom and will either ask you to compromise or will leave you aside
In my don't get too emotional for him,because he is not emotional and is total selfish !!
move on and get some good guy who have capability to maintain balance between parents and spouse.

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