My Capricorn seems uninterested

by Diana

I'm a virgo girl who has meet this wonderful capricorn man, just a couple of years age difference.. We meet and we have the best conversations, get along perfectly. He has given me compliments and directly said he is intrested in me, but he is not doing anything to get to know me better.

He seems to dissappear for a while, contacting me and when I answear, he stops there.

I've tried to let him take the first step, he does, but then he takes a step back again.
I've tried to take control and be direct, letting him know I care about him. He seems to like that, and then he's gone for a little while again.
I've also told him that it bothers me that we have such long "breaks" between the "spending time together"...he agrees, says he misses me but that he's afraid to "bother" me.....? And then it's almost as if he "falls asleep" for a while again, gone...

What do I do? I really care about this guy, I feel there is so much I want to know about him, spend time with him, but at the same time I feel rejected for some reason, never been in a similar situation.

He makes me want to give up, stop wasting my time, but at the same time when he shows me how much he cares...well, made me as you guys for advice because I'm far far past frustrated now xD


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by: Anonymous

Diana, I'm in the same exact situation :-). No lie. I'm also a virgo. I decided to give him space and time because I have things going on in my life (work and wanting to go back to school). My advice would be: do the things you like doing and wait on him (if you really like him)when you feel you can't wait any longer for whatever reason, leave him alone.

Virgo/Libra attracted to Cappie
by: Anonymous

I am also strongly attracted to a Capricorn. He is attracted to me too. I met him at work. He was my higher boss. I have now left and he has e-mailed me twice but kept it professional. There is still a strong attraction as I can read between the lines. I

I am waiting for him to move it alone but he is taking ages. I might suggest a date indurectly myself.

Good luck.

I too feel your pain:)
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm actually a cancer. I'm 20 and interested in a capricorn whose 23. The chemistry is there and the conversations are cool, sometimes I feel like we're on the same page and other times I feel as though I'm pushing for more while he's settling for less and I too feel as though my capricorn/potential beau is quite a distant lover. I mean I don't understand.

by: Cap lady

I'm a 25yr old capricorn woman and I so totally get both sides.
Capricorns tend to be very careful who we get attached to, so we do take our time.
Also, if there's a reason to keep us from going any further/deeper, we might not mention it unless we are met by persistent requests to know.
This is not to say this is the matter, because the funny thing is capricorns dont generally like to be asked over and over about something we feel we have already answered honestly.
It's definitely a tough situation but the best advice is to be true no only to yourself but convey all the sincerity you can, be as open and as transparent as possible, without being overly emotional, dramatic or clingy, just so he knows he's standing on firm ground and that might make him more comfortable to take more steps and hopefully faster.
I, for one, do the same thing even with men I would genuinely like to see more often. A lot of times the little time we have off we end up choosing to spend with those we ALREADY know and trust, like family and friends. It's a tough choice, but giving us time, honesty and a practical relation helps tons. ;)
Good luck ladies!!

Capricorn man
by: Anonymous

Ok I thought I was the only Virgo girl going through this. I feel every single bit of your pain. When he's not around me I don't know what to do with myself. He makes me feel so special and yet he has a way of making my feel so unwanted.

I hope he comes right:)

Same here..
by: Anonymous

The cap in question is actually one of my friends.. and I'm a virgo! I messed up and got a bit too dramatic which lead to a clingy feeling of wanting to go back to the beginning which left me emotional... Worst position to be in ever but the advice on thus page helped me realize alot. Me n the cap are still good friends (although I still wish for more) he is distant and cold.. Yet notices every move I make. Hmmm.. I just try to mirror his actions livingly so he can try to see what exactly he is doing to me and if it doesnt work.. Well im sure as a virgo female, it wont be long until im over it. His tactics just might backfire.. This heart can certainly freeze with too many "cold shoulder" vibes. Just sayin..

Virgo- Cappy
by: K

Same here! A Virgo fallen for a Capricorn. He made me realise that I didn't want to be with my ex anymore. Now we have gone out and had wonderful time. He doesn't let me reach him too often but he will go out with me every once in a while and then disappear again. I tell him I don't want to call too often and not be pushy. Then he tells me it's not the deal. Very confusing...
I will stick around for a little longer because I feel we do click when he has time for me.

by: Gentlemen

my opinion virgo in a relationship should balance time in EXPRESS MORE love and COME TO AN UNDERSTANDING business within a relationship. capricorn should take interest there lover and enjoying spenting time with her, have fun together. enjoy the moment. experience is different
by: taurus woman

I am a taurus woman and me and my capricorn man have talked every day since our first date. We see eachother almost everyday as well as we havent gone more than two days with out seeing eachother. He plans every occasion to the T. we do different things and it is going on two months since we met. I figured It is because he is an older Cap. ..and usually they are more ready to settle down. I dated a cap in my 20's and it was atotally different expereince. the best thing to do when dealing with a cap is be patient and not clingy...and hopefull if he keeps you around long enough and you make it to the top with him....he will be the most perfect MAN EVER! Caps are the most protective, secure mates a woman can have out of all the other signs. Good Luck lady virgos...But I think taurus woman Got that job in the bag. Lol J/K :)

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