my ex-friends sagittarius guy

by kis4cancer
(chicago, il )

i met him through an acquaintance (a libra) who used to mess around with him. she had a boyfriend at the time while he was trying to get with her. she had nothing going for herself, was easily pleased and didn't have any class;she would also wear the same thing 3 times a week. prior to me entering the picture he bought her a cell phone, shoes, and would take her out. she cheated on her boyfriend with the Sagittarius guy by letting him give her oral sex. she also told me he couldn't "get it up" so they didn't have sex. - according to him, he "got it up", went inside,but couldn't "stay up", and then gave her oral sex.

a couple of times, I'd be at her house. he'd come over, and would only acknowledge me when she left to go to the bathroom (sign). it became an opportunity to get to know him more & eventually exchange numbers. she'd use him for whatever she wanted that day, and at the end of it tell him she couldn't go any further than that with him.

so, he calls me up one day while im in class. i return the call later that evening and he asks if i wanted to grab something to eat. we ate, talked, laughed, whatever. weeks go by and im still hanging with her, and enjoying my time with him. time go by and he tells me he never "felt like this" (whatever "this" means) for any woman before.

we had AMAZING sex. i couldn't tell you anything else AMAZING because there wasn't. he enjoys his social life, work, independence, and availability to the opposite sex. i (a cancer) admire ambition, goal-oriented and adventurous guys. but this sag is indecisive and i'm all about structure.

he behaves like he's my boyfriend. but he parades like he's a mack. i had his phone, just to see what he'd do. this boy had a damn heart attack. lol. its funny because i never encountered a SAGITTARIUS before. he's quick to tell on himself and he's a sucker for a BIG-BUTT & a SMILE. i have everything he's looking for, yet he stalls. my mother tells me to leave him alone.. but its fun messing w. his head because he lets me.

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