My experience with a Taurus man

I was working as a hairdresser when a man walked into the shop to make an appointment for his daughter to get her hair cut. I booked the appointment for him and when I looked into his eyes I felt something that was very hard to explain. His eyes were so beautifully blue and they were the kindest eyes I had ever seen. I knew right away that we were meant to know one another.

He later phoned and asked me to meet him for lunch. He was well off financially and I was a struggling mother of two daughters. He wined and dined me and showered me with gifts. We dated for six years, and in many ways things were good, especially considering he is a Taurus and I am a Scorpio.

Our obsession with intimacy seemed to be our most common ground. I sometimes believe that our star signs may have had a role in what we felt when we first met, how we handled the ongoing relationship and then, finally, our "battle of the wills" which caused us to end our relationship. It was not a sad time for us, it felt like a sense of relief. We could now move on to our next challenge, new desires and our passion for life.

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Taurus Woman/Scorpio Man
by: Aphrodite Bull

I am a Taurus woman. I dated a Scorpio man for three years. Needless to say, the relationship ended. It was strange how we connected in the beginning. It felt like a spiritual connection, as if we were meant to be together. I'm convinced we have met in our past lives. There was this magnetic attraction! We could not keep our hands off each other. It was a timultuous relationship. Of course, there were two strong personalities at will, here. There were so many similaries, and yet so many differences. I'm more grounded, practical, modest,logical, and ethical. He was more flamboyant, emotional, controlling, passionate, guarded, and moody. Suprisingly, we're great friends NOW! But as emotionally chaotic as our relationship was...I will have to say, I had no regrets being with him!

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