My first experience with a capricorn man

by Brown sugar
(Manhattan, NY)

Capricorn lady. Me and my mate share the same birthday which is January 18th, i want to get to know his sexy a**, the only problem is i don't know how so i am really trying to figure this thing out, i approached him and he responded accordingly we talk a lot on the phone but i'm kinda leery as far as where we'll end up in the days or years to come. We're hard workers and i do understand that he is tired at times, he would blow my phone up when we first met but since i gave him sum buns, he calmed down not really sure wats that all anyway anytime that i miss his calls and he does call me atleast twice a day from 4x, he needs to know exactly where i am and what I'm doing, which is nothing i go to work and go home.

The first time i lied to him for no apparent reason, he knew i was lying and told me if i lied to him again he would be done with me,(how interesting) not sure what that's suppose to mean either but o.k. no more lies.

Overall i like him a lot and i am so turned on by him, our sex is dynamite. The Question is: Will we clash? i wonder. This post sounds a bit silly but i am so serious, now that i have his undivided attention i'm not quite sure what to do with him We spend time together he goes out his way to see me, he told me he love me and i just got silly, i'm not quite sure what the hell is that all about?.

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cap-cap (first losing faith)
by: Anonymous

Hi cap, Im a cap-man too and have experience with this relationship of two caps. The first thing that will occure is losing faith in eachother, wether we can talk about faith. Because at first sight, a cap man (somewhere has to survive a first kill). He wants to trust you. And trust really means everything to us. He wants to know your ins and outs. There's no thing you can hide for him. Because you both are ruled by saturnus. He's knows when you lie to him. Because we as cap man, have strong cautious feelings. My cap girl did lie to me, and dated another, and that closed our story. For now. She didnt expect this ending and she wanted to have a new start after our break up. I still do not trust her. Its that substantial feeling of depending on eachother in ups and downs. its hard to explain. If you want to get him, stay close to him. Its worth waiting.You need a lot of humor to win his heart! And be there for him always. A relationship of two caps comes from both sides. You can win him if you ask him for dates:)Especially when he gets cautious, then proof him wrong. I tell you: when you conquered him, he makes you happy!

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