My first time with a Pisces man

So I am a Scorpio female and this past summer I fell for a Pisces man HARD! We hung out a lot in the beginning of the summer because of our mutual friends and while I thought he was absolutely dreamy I was stuck up another guys butt and tried my hardest to resist. Near the end of July I found out that the other guy who I absolutely adored was involved with one of the girls I hangout with frequently and I was absolutely crushed. (This other guy was a Leo fire and we all know while our signs are opposites astrology says if you can get through the turmoil's it can also be a great match but sheesh he is a pain in my ass.)

So anyhow I was highly upset to find out about Leo's relationship and my Pisces came to the rescue in the nice of time. I had been crying and as you know us Scorpio woman like our secrets and when he would ask me what was the matter and be all sympathetic I crumbled and spilled everything despite my privacy. As Pisces do he was very caring and helped me deal with it and from there on in we were the best of friends. Mind you I was still a proud virgin and the Leo who had broken me was the person I was honestly considering losing it to and at this point I had given up on any happiness that could develop from guys. (I know pathetic but I was devastated)

So weeks went by and like I said before even when I was interested in the Leo I still was very attracted to my Pisces, we became closer and closer to where we nearly spent every day together. I was falling for him harder then I had fallen for the Leo months earlier and I couldn't understand it.

Then when August rolled around I had to begin my senior year in high school and our days turned into late afternoons and the less time I spent with him the more I couldn't resist him. But we still weren't anything more than friends. BEST FRIENDS as he put it his Ace Boon Coon or whatever. So in the middle of August my high school holds a football scrimmage one midnight and all the juniors and seniors go hangout and dick around while the game goes on. He showed up after I had left and when I returned home and everyone was hanging out at my house I went in for a minute and he came and went while I was inside. A week or two later we were making dirty comments to one another in what I thought to be a joking manner and in no way actual. (Well everything I said I meant but I didn't need him knowing that.) I then went on to tell him he shouldn't play mind games because I may want to take him up on one or several of his offers and he said he was completely serious all jokes aside.

I then became extremely nervous at that point but completely flattered. He went on to tell me that the night of the football game he intended to let me know how much he was digging me but assumed when I had gone in for that split second I was inside for the night so he headed home. We started to creep late at night because our involvement with one another was to be a secret. (I hated not flaunting him around because he is sooo sexy to me and nearly every other girl I know but the secret was very important to me because my overly protective older brother and also because I didn't want people to talk about how I had just been so enveloped in the Leo just a month earlier.) We would hang out with all of our friends during the afternoons until late at night when I would pretend to go inside for the evening in order to derail any suspicions that may have risen by our excessive company. After everyone would leave and head home for the night he would come back over to my house and we would spend hours outside talking and ?getting frisky? lol.

Mind you I was still a virgin so where I may have let him get a feel of my ass or something I would never let him really touch me. He never got upset or frustrated or too aggressive. He was understanding and gentle, while at the same time very sexual which was fabulous to me. I wanted him so badly and he knew it I figure that is why he was so patient with me. He was a great listener those nights we spent alone and it was so comforting to have someone to talk to about stuff and have them level with me.


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My first time with a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

part 2

He made me yearn for nighttime every day. I would sit in school and consistently think about him and what would progress when I got to see him. He was so fun to be around. He would always make me laugh no matter the subject and he could always give me insight on anything that I found unnerving or problematic. I really felt like he cared for me like no one else had ever cared for me in a romantic sense anyway and so we took it to the next level.

Just to clear this up though I stayed a virgin for 17 years of my life with no doubt that I could have waited even longer I honestly believe now thinking back that I loved him before we slept together. Everyone is telling me that it is all because of him being my first but that is a bunch of bologna. I wouldn't have just given it up to someone in general. I did have severely deep feelings for him.

So yeah he was my first and he was amazing. I thought for a second before doing it that I would regret it but there is no regret whatsoever following. He was gentle making sure not to hurt me and when I was in slight pain he quickly stopped until I was ready again. Every time I have had sex with him which was from August until the end of September he always ask whether or not I am okay during and if I do anything to sudden he stops making sure I'm alright. Now that doesn't happen often because as you well know we are both sexual signs and our intimacy is intense so very rarely do we stop to worry about anything minor. I was the happiest I had ever been this past summer and into September being with him and then I went wrong.


In the beginning we had agreed with one another that our feelings for each other were going to have to take a backseat because he is heading off into their Force come January and I may be moving away. So in order to save the heartache I took part in that agreement and while I think he knew I was already in too deep he didn't say anything and so push came to shove now back to my point.

Near the end of September when we had sex it was more intimate than it had been before. We weren't usually the kissing while getting it on type but that had changed. I loved it! I felt closer to him because in my opinion kissing is a sign of deep affection sometimes more meaningful than sex itself. So anyway, we were having a conversation and he had brought up the idea of having a threesome with me and I should ask my best friend to join I said ?NO! That is so far out of the question. I would never. YUCK!? The truth is I didn't find it disgusting to a degree where I would just rule it out like that it was the fact that he had asked me to share him with someone else. I didn't tell him that because I felt possessive and I hated it. I figured my answer was enough and that was the last I would hear of it. NOT!

My first time with a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

part 3

About a week later I found out that I was going to Florida on vacation to go visit my hometown and some old friends. It had been about a week since me and my Pisces had slept together and I wanted some before I left. When I had asked him he was like ?I don't know I have to work early in morning and I am already exhausted.? I stuck out my lip and pouted and in order to be funny I shrugged it off dramatically and said, ?Well I mean if you don't give it tome before I leave then I'll have to get it while I'm down there.? JOKING!!!!) He took it seriously because I had spoken before of a dude that I used to like a lot before I moved and about how we still hung out whenever I visited. I was kidding though honestly, I didn't want anyone but my Pisces. But still he took it personal and retaliated with ?Well don't worry because this Saturday I have that threesome lined up with two other girls.? It still hurts my feelings even now as I write this because in no way did I doubt him. I knew he WAS serious because we weren't exactly dating but we had established that we were exclusive. So I told him should he go and do that then when I got back from Florida there would be no way I would continue sleeping with him. I had to stand up for myself and so that's what I did. He simply said ?Well I'm doing this and you won't do it with me so I guess if that's what you decide I'm S.O.L. I agreed with him and acted as if it didn't really bother me. But it did I was a little heartbroken by it actually and all though I never said it to him I think he knows I love him and that it really did hurt me.

Days went by and we spoke as if nothing had happened even though the very thought of him being with someone else two people at that burned my insides to the core. He was all I wanted everyday and now it was about to be ruined by some stupid fantasy bullshit!

My first time with a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

part 4

I went to Florida at the end of the week happy to escape and I left my phone here at home so I would be able to think less of him and more of my vacation. I spent all of Friday and all of Saturday thinking about him though and about the threesome he had set up for Saturday evening. I loathed myself for the obsession but I couldn't help it. When Sunday finally rolled around I went out with my friends and watched my sister play a softball game and nearly forgot about his existence. Then I did a bad thing! You see when I go to Florida to visit I stay with my oldest friend. We have been friends since we were 5 and we love each other to death (heterosexually). So yeah, she has a boyfriend that she has been with nearly two years now and we were all hanging out. We had gotten a hotel room on the beach and some alcohol for the evening and we all got pretty wasted. When I get drunk I get very sexual and I really wanted some sex?. REALLY! But when my old friend the one I mentioned before that I was closed with before I moved couldn't show up I was ready to call it a night and hit the pillows. Didn't happen, my best friend and her boyfriend were in the bed next to mine screwing when they crawled up into my bed asking me to have a threesome with them. Dazed and confused I said no and rolled over. They pressed the issue further and I hate to blame it on the alcohol but sure enough Al redirected my thoughts and in no time we were all 3sleeping together. (FYI me and her only kissed I'm more or less homophobic so that was all I could handle.) 15 minutes into the action I could not see anything but my Pisces and how I had turned him down from a threesome in no more than a second. I started to feel sick and regretful and so I excused myself from the scene and went out to the beach for a smoke.

It has been about a month since we have been on good terms and lately I only see him every few days. He calls me some Fridays for me to come over (booty call in my opinion) but I have been unavailable every time which I'm not happy about but in a way it is nice to be able to say no. I love him and I can't be with him. I knew that from day one but I threw myself in shoulders deep despite that. I want everything to be like it was before I went on vacation but I don't think that's likely.

My first time with a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

part 5

A big part of that has to do with the devastating fact that he has a baby mama and lord knows no girl wants that drama. He goes back and forth to and from her and to my dismay I have been subjected to the between times. He is so stuck up her butt and no matter what happens she always will be. So while I want to hookup with him I know that if we did get together as more than just lovers I wouldn't be able to handle being in between him and her.

With that said I have been in my opinion taken advantage of because I know for a fact he has known our current situation was inevitable from the start regardless whether or not I did what I did in Florida. This would have still happened somehow. I do not blame him for anything though because I too knew subconsciously that our fun wouldn't be any more than late nights and secrets. But even so the way he acts now is unfair. I don't deserve to be nearly forgotten except for the few nights he gets lonely and wants me to give him company. I deserve more than that and I have decided that the next time he calls me for one of those visits I will make it what it is and leave right after my desires have been fulfilled. To me that is the only way to get back at him for treating me like just a piece of ass.

He'll expect me to stay awhile and talk or watch T.V. or something and when I up and leave telling him he was great and I had fun but now I had other things to attend to maybe then he'll realize that I am not going to play his game. He knows that he is like a drug to me and no matter what I can't resist him and that is my most regretful weakness. I will not ignore my desire because I am fueled by his attention but I can make it seem as if I am using him also and hopefully get something out of it. I want him to know that he has hurt me. I want him to hurt also which I don't bet on because he is so ?I don't give a shit? but it's worth a try. The worst that could happen is he doesn't call me for the next one and the best he asks what my problem is and I tell him about himself.

I know my story was more dramatic and less about details a relationship between a Pisces and Scorpio would have but maybe my story will help you draw conclusions on what to and what not to do when with a Pisces dude. This was a great way to vent. If you read this I hope you have some popcorn I feel like such a girl.

beautiful story
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your beautiful story - I did not have the popcorn, but I had an open heart and a lot of compassion.

It is sometimes a curse being a Scorpio woman with such intense emotions.( but a blessing you will find, just wait for the right one!!) However, you sound more mature than your mate, or Pisces interest.

I had a partner that was playing with my mind and it was very painful (actually he was Virgo) and the threesome thing came up as a suggestion for my birthday gift! Being a Scorpio, generally pretty sexual beings, it is not such a big deal- more of a challenge, but that one nearly wiped me out, as the suggestion was to have it with my very attractive blonde friend!

I think Pisces and Scorpio is a good match, maybe your friend is too immature for you at this point in time. You are not alone, keep your self preservation

thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio female too, and I really enjoyed reading this. I did pick up a few interesting bits about pisces, and scorpio x pisces relationship from your story. It seems that the secret meetings with you were like fantasies to him. Pisces love escape and secret affairs, so you were probably that fantasy.

I wouldn't go so far as to say he "used" you. I think pisces aren't as manipulative (?) as scorpio in that way. He probably still have strong emotions for you, as you do with him. It's so tragic and heartbreaking reading the ending, but I honestly feel that if you just tell him how you feel about him and the lies/cheating, he will understand and confess his feelings too (partly because pisces absorb in the emotions of the other person, so if you're regretful, he'd be too. And partly because he's passive and just need someone to initate the emotions that he already has in the first place)

Our scorpio pride really can get in the way of true love and growth. If there's one important thing I've learned throughout my life, it's that sometimes the strongest thing to do is to swallow your pride completely and open your mind to the other person's views.

I sincerely hope for the best between you and him, and if it really wasn't meant to be, then I hope that you find someone you're truly happy with.


by: Anonymous

I'm really glad I found your article. Because I'm a Scorpio female who's fallen hard for a Pisces man. I know for a fact the Pisces man is very loyal to a woman he loves. I think they just need to live out some of their fantasies before they can fully commit to somebody. I don't thats just how I've noticed things.

by: Impossible


I'm a male Pisces sun/Scorpio rising and I just wanted to throw a warning here. You said:

I want him to know that he has hurt me. I want him to hurt also which I don't bet on because he is so "I don't give a shit" but it's worth a try. The worst that could happen is he doesn't call me for the next one and the best he asks what my problem is and I tell him about himself.

And I just wanted to suggest that this is probably a bad idea. Like... a really bad idea. Please trust me when I say that Pisces guys are not nearly as laid back as they appear to be, and that hurting him to try and get revenge will only make it worse for him and for you. May I suggest the alternative of instead of going over to his place for a "booty call," as you put it, go over and as soon as you arrive ask him to explain - explain whatever you want to know; how does he view the relationship, how he feels about you, why he is calling you simply for sex (if that is really the case), etc.

It would also help if you could remain calm and collected, and refrain from yelling or making any accusations, because if either you or he becomes overly emotional the entire night will be an exercise in futility. If you both remain calm and you ask him questions in a simple, direct manner and don't let him sidestep the questions, I would be willing to bet that you will both find that this has all sprung from a misunderstanding.

Trying to get back at someone, especially a Pisces, is generally a bad idea, and will just alienate him further. Talking to him honestly is the best way to go.

Good Luck,

Question for
by: Anonymous

I am dating a Pisces man and his childs mother now knows he is in a committed relationship so the drama begins. My question is why do he get mad at me ever time he talks to her. That is how I know he talk to he. I hurt when he does because she is using him just for money. I don't want her to control our life but there are times I think he still cares for her. Because he gives in and I tell him don't go to court so you can see you child. then he screams like a crazy person. Now I don't even give a comment when he ask for my opinion regarding the matter. I just say do what you think is best. Am I wrong to feel as if he still mad that it didn't work out with her. I not a jealosy person but with him i get a little tight. One time we went shopping and He actually looked at this chick did a 360 and thought I didn't see it. Pissed me off!.. I told him to go look so more and if he is not happy with me. Then what is the point. I know I don't have butt from the start and if that is what you want then go. I walked away and he follow saying things like "what" did I do. "shut up you don't know what you talking about" after I came out of the ladies room it was about you need something lets buy you this. he wanted to buy the whole store. he always apology afterwards. Then it is when we are eating out and he say he wants this and i tell the waiter get him this. He be like no I said I don't want it. I be like come on get it. then that is a short angrument.I hear it to be patient with Pisces Men I do get it and he is worth it. I in love with him. I enjoy doing things for him.

so help me understand is it me or he has a lot on his plate.

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