My Leo man has gone quiet help please?

by Marcy
(Marina Del Rey, CA USA)

HI... I'm very true LIBRA women mid 40's. I've been dating a Leo Man, 52, for 4 months, he is divorced 5 yrs (wife cheated) father of 3, good provider, powerful businessman. All around good man, all LEO!

Our relationship has been one of excitement, passion, and respect. I am single with no children and have much more time than he to spend together. He recently got sick. I went into Libra mode, calling, texting and asking questions about his care. I care and am concerned, however, I wouldn't of done this much calling in the beginning of a courtship if it wasn't for the health issue. Feel it turned the tables.

We recently had few firm words, he felt i was giving him pressure, asking too many questions, and i needed to be patient with him, he had things to work out and he needed to get well. I said, ok and that was it. Its been 5 days and I have not heard from him, and I of course have stopped contacting him since that conversation.
I do feel like maybe I asked 1 too many questions about this Doctor's care (ie what meds, how much etc), but only out of concern and caring. He said, this bothered him.

Do I let this ride out, or pop a note into him... I do care a great deal for him and feel we may have a shot at something real... however, I dont want to lose ground or seem insecure...
SUGGESTIONS? thank you!

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I know its hard!
by: ALeoMan

I have a Libra gal and well...she's done that
Ive snapped once or twice and ignored her, not intensionally to hurt her or as revenge but just because im stubborn.

The answer is the hardest, we HATE to say we're wrong HATE to admit that ok, ok ok i was wrong.

Try pretending every things alright, if you can get in contract don't badger him ask him about his day, or maybe, "Hi hun i had the crazest day at work" to lighten the mood.

The faster the silence is over the better, more so if he doesn't need to say he was wrong.

Leo man :)

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