My Leo man is attracted to a Scorpio woman

Some really great comments; take the advice if you are newly forming a relationship with a Leo man. I am a Leo female myself and I tend to attract Earth signs (which I want to stay away from now). My first Leo I actually loved, blew up in my face- I am commenting because he is attracted to a Scorpio female, is very much a "do whatever I feel like" guy, needs to be the one who is chasing (though most men are this way but I think with Leos it's even more so since we are usually one of the more physically attractive signs, magnetic and sexually appealing) and I can sense he loves the strength yet mysterious nature of the Scorpio female, what's different from him so to speak.

Ultimately, he is one of those guys who will marry whoever is available when the time is right for him, but will probably prefer a type like Scorpio. Love and sex comes too easy for him. I think a Scorpio female is good for him as well because it provides him with challenging situations so he will never be bored in the partnership. Leo to Leo is not a good pairing; as a female I couldn't control him (he had lost interest anyway because I was too emotionally available to him) and I am one of those that if he is not reciprocating properly, then I sabotage unconsciously or consciously, and to the point that there is no turning back. I think Scorpio females may handle it better. Leo males are definitely attention hungry, immature, and game players for most part. They like their cake and eat it too, and unfortunately many females give them a lot of cake, so they are very spoiled. Stay away from if you are in a bad emotional state or re bounding as I met mine during that time; in other words I have had periods in my life where I was much stronger and could have handled a guy like him better. He was the last thing I wish I had met coming out of the relationship I was coming out of. Though I don't regret meeting him, timing could not have been worse. There is a natural attraction between Leos as well I think, and I just remembered a fling I had with fellow at work.

I lost interest when I found out how much of a player he was (he had sex with whole office all the women under 30). I only wish I could have been as apathetic towards recent fellow as I was towards previous. I think Leo men are possibly much more magnetic & desirable than Leo women even (I'm a tomboy Leo, not your run of the mill sex kitten Leo unfortunately). So lesson is: proceed with caution. You will fall in love probably, and it's better to not do so unless he is the one chasing you, and for a very long time. Have some self respect as well before jumping in, because the potential to lose some of it is there, after teaming up with this fellow. He can be heartless and cold in an instant (when he falls out of infatuation from your neediness for his affection or chasing him for it). If you don't love him, and can be detached, I would advise then only to pursue physical relationship. I saved myself from further heartbreak by not allowing a physical relationship. He gave signs he was a player type so I did my sabotaging (unconsciously) but still, am left wishing I had been a lot more detached to him. So key is do not love him. He should love you enough as well to be exclusive. This Leo was so bad, he didn't mean what he said and even used very emotional words to manipulate, and with intention only for scoring one more to the bed post....and yet after being there for him in one way or the other for several months he became a cold fish and said it is not your business who I am sleeping with. I hope I emphasized enough, to not fall for him. If you meet a Leo man he is also most likely a cheater (another Leo I knew cheated on his girlfriend as well, same type- used to getting sex from everyone just by looking at them) as well. In summary, any other fire sign for me but my own.

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i loved this story.couldnt be more true.well im earth sign im taurus lady i loved leo for three years and it destroyed me.all i didi was wrong and i truly lost self respect and myself in general.he was such a manipulator such a liar so full of himself so cold and heartless at times it was unbelievable.long ugly story.i got his son one good thing he left me and gave me during three years still recovering from this sick relationship with this sick person but im getting much better starting to love myself again and gaining back my confidence as i lost it while beeing with him.i just truly lost myself and of course its only my fault as i let him do it to me.well life goes on and its only three years ruined thankx god not 13 and not 30 beeing with such an idiot.

my experience with a Leo :)
by: me :D

i personally am attracted to a Leo he is fantastic ,he is funny ,sweet like honey lol and definately a romantic ,plus a total blast.we are total buddies and lovers on the side so i don't have to be scared that i'm doing something wrong because he understands me ,unlike any other person i have ever been with. :) i'm a Capricorn and i'm totally head over heals for this guy :D OOH YES!! lol

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