My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!

I've been dating my Leo boyfriend for just under six weeks. We had a fall out yesterday (no argument) and now he won't respond to my texts or emails. All he has said is that we can talk about it after Christmas. This makes me so mad and frustrated. I want to deal with the issues now! I can't wait for another week or so before we talk. I've fallen in love with him and don't want this to end. What can I do? (I'm a Capricorn woman)

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Good news and bad news
by: Anonymous

Leos are typically pretty tough characters, and are often very aggressive, playful and competitive - almost daring insults sometimes. But, especially when younger, they can have a really hard time dealing with perceived personal criticism from someone they respect.

The good news then is that he must like you a lot to be affected this strongly so early in a relationship. The bad news is that it's safe to say you've offended his ego somehow. Perhaps a stray comment that he wasn't as good, clever, sexy, intelligent etc as someone else? Some personal criticism perhaps? Comparison to an ex who was better in some way would be about the ultimate insult. I'm hoping from this you can figure out what it was you said or did, because...

Your best bet on this one is to back peddle. Take back whatever it was you said, pretend you were joking, whatever it takes.. convince him you didn't mean it (shouldn't be hard, as he half won't believe it anyway). Failing that, find a big list of other reasons to compliment him.

Capricorns are almost opposite in this respect - tough on the inside, and soft on the outside - which is one reason the combination often starts off fairly poorly but has excellent long term potential, if you can get over the hump and start to learn from each others strengths. This probably won't be the last time you have to massage his ego to get to that point, so look on it as good practice! ;)

Re: My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo man and my wife's a Capricorn. She tends to be very stubborn and argumentative and likes to spew sarcasm and make comments that really annoy me (a lot of them under her breath). Especially first thing in the morning. She hasn't learned even after all these years you can't talk that way to me first thing in the morning- it messes up my whole day.

She puts on a good act in the public eye, but behind the scenes she hasn't been very good to me. When she wants her way about anything she is very pushy, impatient, brash and direct, and she has temper tantrums if I try to disagree. She is also very selfish. She'll dig herself into debt, and expect me to come bail her out, even if it means my bills don't get paid, and she refuses to help me with anything when I really need help. With her it's always Gimme Gimme Gimme. And all I get in return from her is more bullsh**. She refuses to see my point of view on anything, and will disagree just for the sake of disagreeing, which has left a negative impact on my morale. I end up caving in simply because I just get tired of arguing about things.

I've stuck it out with her for over 20 years, but things really haven't gotten any better. I had a bad feeling about it right from the beginning, and sometimes I feel like I was pushed into this marriage. She is way too confrontational for my taste. I've gone to sleep angry at her too many times. If I could turn back the clock I think I would have held out for someone less confrontartional, like a Libra. I've known a few Libra women over the years and they were all very nice (and respectful) to me. Nothing like the Capricorn I wound up with!

Miss Capricorn, you're being too hard on him. Ease up a little on him or you WILL lose him! Be patient!

My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

Hi again,

Thanks for your comments.
I eventually texted him (8 days later) and he was really happy to talk to me. He said he was just just texting me himself. I went to see him that night and things were back on again.
He called me the next evening and we were on the phone for almost an hour and things were fine. We'd arranged to meet on Sunday - his suggestion.
Then the next evening he'd switched his phone off. I emailed him the day later and he said he'd been on the phone all night and it was just engaged. I was fine with this. But then when I tried to call him that evening, it was the same again. I emailed him and sent him a text message but no reply.
The next morning his phone was back on but he wasn't answering and so I texted him just saying that I wouldn't contact him again and that it was a shame that he didn't have the balls to finish things if he wasn't happy. I couldn't help it - I was so angry and frustrated with him.
It's been a week now and I haven't heard anything from him.Do I just cut my losses and forget about him or hang in there, hoping he'll call? Despite all of this, I do really like this guy.

Re (2): My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

I'm the Leo guy that posted earlier. Either he's gotten cold feet, or he might have met someone else, and wishes you would just go away. Don't push things or you'll make him feel trapped. And that's the last thing you want to do with a Leo! (Trust me, I know from experience!)

If he was sincere about Sunday, he'll reach you on his own good time. Maybe he's planning a birthday surprise, if your birthday hasn't come yet. You probably need to be patient and wait and see how this plays out. Sometimes showing too much enthusiasm can be a turn-off, and will burn you out in the process as well! Leo guys don't like to be henpecked! And they don't like to be with overly moody partners either!

by: Anonymous


Re (3) My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

I'm the Leo guy again. Well, my Capricorn wife made yet another stupid abusive move. My daughter said she was going to spend the night with another girl she's friends with in a nearby town and said they would bring her home the next day. About 8pm she apparently called home while I was outside, and said they changed their mind and she needed a ride home. A few minutes later my cell phone rings. It's my wife saying I would just have to come to rescue her if she runs out of gas. She waited until she was halfway there before she called, instead of doing the smart thing and calling me before she left the house. She calls from halfway there, spewing out sarcasm and crying like a baby.

Never, ever do I hear anything until a problem gets out of control with her. I am so tired of that. I've got a good mind to trade her in on someone new, but NEVER, EVER another Capricorn! She's worn out her welcome with me a long time ago, and she's just not smart enough to see that, or just doesn't want to see it. She's never going to change, and I'm just tired of going through the motions with her! If I could have a nickel for every time she has been abusive to me, I'd be a billionaire by now! I've endured the unendurable and suffered the unsufferable with her, and I don't see it ending anytime soon. I feel like I'm trapped in a dead end marriage.

At home, she lives like a slob, belches like a pig, and waddles around the house like Fat Broad from the BC comic strip. (And has about the same sparkling personality too!) She doesn't know how to be nice at all. It's always nag nag nag, complain complain complain. And she thinks she's doing you a big favor when she's not complaining. It's the same old broken record playing the same tired song over and over again. If I'm ever rid of her someday, it'll feel like a great burden has been lifted off my shouders!

Leo ignoring me too!
by: Anonymous

Im a Sag, I have been great friends with my Leo guy for 3 years... travling in groupd of friends, working out at the gym, spending holidays together all in faith of being close friends... he recenetly told me he really likes me and it took me about a month to warm up to the idea of dating. Now I have given in, but he has become super hot and cold. I will spend a night or 2 in a row with him, then he will go cold on me... hardley responding to texts and never calls. When I run into him again he will as me to stay with him and I go (no sex), the other day, he was a little drunk but he kept saying I love you (something we always say as friends) I asked him how he meant it and he said IN LOVE, LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! he told me someday he wants me to have his kids, and that he has changed his life style for me. Once I left his house... I have not heard from him, that was almost 3 days ago. He wont answer my calls or respond to my BBMs or Text messages... what is going on???

Re (4): My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

Miss Sag, sounds to me, as a Leo man, that he hasn't really found himself yet. It's dangerous to try to get him to speak what's on his mind when he's drunk. You could risk getting hurt there in the long run. It looks like he has shown his possessive side there. That gets your hopes up. Spending a day or two with him might leave him with some sense of happiness and security that he wants to bask in for awhile, and he's afraid the next encounter with you might not be so positive, which could explain why he hasn't gotten back in touch yet. He might not be sure whether he wants to get into a romantic relationship with you or not, even though you may be good friends, and have been for awhile. There's a conflict going on in his mind. Patience and understanding is the best way to handle this situation. If he's sincere, he won't stray very far! He needs time to come around!

The leo men
by: Anonymous

I am a leo man so here is my advice. Never and ever be pushy with a leo man. Don't try to put him in a situation where he feels like he is trapped. He doesn't like to hurt the feelings of people he cares, loves/likes or interested in thus he will try to avoid you if possible with simple tricks such as being or pretending to be busy rather than being straight forward about it. It's not that leos are not straight forward, on the contrary, they are but it's more important to them that they do not hurt the feelings of others thus being straight forward would make a leo believe there will be confrontational. The leos hates confrontation so they run away if possible. Otherwise, they can really show their rough side which is rare but avoid at any cost because at that moment, the leo will simply cross off you in their list of loved ones.

My suggestion is show simple interest with kidness but not be pushy. You want your relationship to be progressed, then asked him occasionally if he would like to go for a dinner and maybe movie, walk around the town but nothing more. Let leo decide if there will be a next step in the relationship while you occasionally show interest in him. Text him with kind words once a while but nothing more. Make a couple of jokes, and show admiration. If you can't do all that, I suggest, you move on with your life. What's being said about leos in this page, pretty much what we are. I carry all leo signs except there is one midunderstanding which I have read other websites as well that Leos are flashy, they like expensive things like cars, home, fancy meals, top brands etc. I disagree with it. The leos are generous but they are not wasteful. We spend money but that is mainly on people around us because we care for them so much, putting smile on their faces and solving a problem for them is a lot more important to us than material things. We like what can make us look good but that doesn't necessarily mean the best priced items on the plate. Our reputation is highly important to us thus if a clean/nicely kept FExplorer or Toyoto Safari SUV s will make us look good and not damage our reputation we don't dream of driving the most expensive Mercedes or BMWs, or wear the designer clothes. We think those are wasteful spendings.


Re (5): My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the last poster. I as a Leo do not care about having the very best of everything (although it would be nice!). I try to live within my means, but even that can be hard to do if you end up stuck with a partner that all they want to do is take from you!

Maybe the site administrator should start a new thread regarding Leo's on Leo's!

With all that I have been through, my preferred choice of a mate, if I had it to do over again, would most likely be a Libra. I definitely feel a special kind of chemistry with ladies bearing the Libra sign that none of the other signs can compare with! It is there, with a Libra, that I feel the most comfort and least confrontation and conflict!

Leos Boys... NEED YOUR HELP!
by: Anonymous

Ok so I have an update on my situation and need more help from my Leo guys :) My guy always ends up coming around... the last 2 times we spent the night together he consistantly tells me how much he loves me, how special I am, how he wants me to have his kids, how he wants to get married someday... we agreed that I am his girlfriend and neither of us are to see anyone else, but yet he is still hot and cold! He ignores some of my messages and all of my calls (although I may only try once every couple days on the phone calls)and he is always accusing me of flirting with other guys, or telling me he doesnt trust me and he is not used to having a girlfriend! What can I do to break his bachelor habbits and get him into boyfriend mode without freaking him out or pushing him away?

Re (6): My Leo man is ignoring me. Help!
by: Anonymous

We Leo men are very sensitive and sometimes suspicious of partners with short attention span. We don't always show it, but if we catch our partner looking at or flirting with someone else, or if they meet and affectionately greet someone else they know, it makes us uneasy, even if there is no reason for us to be that way. We need to be reassured that we have nothing to worry about, and that a chance encounter with someone else that they know is harmless, that their attention is focused on us when we're out together. I know that I would let my partner know that my attention is focused on her when we're together, even if I was momentarily distracted by someone else who may have caught my eye. Or even a friend who stopped by to say 'Hi'.

I guess the nature of the beast with Leo's is that we like to have center stage when the spotlight's on. We won't settle for second place!

My advice
by: Anonymous

(part 1)

I am the same leo that replied to your 4th posting. Here is my suggestion: The fact that he wants to have kids with you and the deciding on the bf/gf thing is very positive. The leo man is loyal and protective. Now you are entering into his territory, you become very dear to him. While you are apart, he will be thinking of you, fantasizing about the things you have done together and may in the future. You are going to be his focus but here is the thing you need to understand. The leo man is full of pride, and he will not let you know how he feels completely in order not to look vulnerable which works against his pride.

At times, he may act very macho, you may think he is mad or angry though read between the lines, he can't hurt you thus it's a strange way of showing his affection sort of stating that he is in charge and he is the "protective" one of you thus expect you to realize it.

Although the issue of him wanting to have kids with you is a good sign, I suggest you be careful. Leos can be overwhelmed by emotions and for him what he is experiencing with you gives him great joy. I wonder if he says he wants to have kids with you during very "intimate" moment. In my opinion, that can be interpreted as that he is full of pride that he has someone like you whom he confidently can introduce to his close circle friends and relatives. In other words, you add to his pride and reputation. The leos won't feel comfortable with people whom they think may diminish their "desirable" look in public. The warning is that his wish comes out of the moment of the heat. When he says it again, just show some passion and give him an innocent look with a slight smile and maybe brief kiss but no response as "yes" or "no" and wait till you really make long term commitments first; otherwise, he will realize he rushed into such thoughts.....

My advice part 2
by: Anonymous

(part 2)

Since, it's now clear thru his desire explained above and you are his "girl" he wants to be assured you are honest and only "his girl." The leos can be jeolous or pissed off if they give love and get nothing in return or not a complete love back. Since you are in his territory or part of his territory :)), he wants to know what you have done all day long, the details are important to him and the details will give him the necessary assurance to a leo man. Furthermore, this is also how you can easily overcome that issue. You call him in the morning and say" good morning (with compliment such as handsome, sexy, whatever). I am just calling to say hello and hoping you have a very nice day. Maybe towards the end throw a word or two flirtious statement. Nothing more." You may do something similar in the afternoon or evening but you don't need to call too often. One short call and/or a text message would be sufficient. Moreover, surprise him with a date. Call or text him one day and say "I'd like to take you out on a date (this) weekend" if you really care about him and you want your relationship to progress. This will excite him as for leos, the life should be always exciting. The leos are extroverted although they also love staying in and relaxing with their partners, they want new and exciting things in their life. A date outside will be one of them which he may offer to pay the bill but if you cover it, then you will be teaching him, he should do the same from now on and I bet he will enjoy it so much, he might keep taking you on a date once a while- such dates can be different than the usual "let's get together" thing; or invite him in for a special night with gourmet meal you cooked. This will assure him that you also like him and interested in him. The reason is that, at this point, he wants to make sure whether you are on the same page with him and whether he can really put all attention on you. When a leo is interested in his partner, he devote love and so much attention to his partner. You become his total focus throughout the day although at times, he may not let you see it clearly, again, that is due to his pride. He has to preserve his image of "toughness, leadership, machoism."

After that, he is in your cage. Never ever let a leo walk over you. Never ever do everything for your leo. They are laid back thus it's easier for them to become lazier if you do not make them share responsibilities and leos are very responsible people.

Hope everything goes well the way you like.

Be well,


Leo man i cant get him !
by: Taurus Girl

we broke up a month ago after a conversation that i pushed for because he was acting busy all the time and i was feeling that he is not passionate as before,he said that he is insecure with me he loves me but he is not love.and he said that he likes the challenge and that i was treating him nicely... So i understood that it is over and i walked away. The thing is that we work together so we see each other everyday but no phone calls or sms.... Im ignoring him most of the times... I keep only professional conversations and when he tries to make jokes or to talk about something outside work i go back to the subject,,,,But he is treating me nicely, i catch him looking at me when he passes by my desk...Once i was listenning to a song that we used to like he came to my place and he acted stupid acting as if he is trying to remember this song,,,,,If i smiled at him or something he tries to make a longer funny conversation.
I went to a party and he came i ignored him all the party he tried to approach me more than once and dance with me but i didnt let him and i danced with everyone else.

I dont get it why is he acting like that! why isnt he avoiding me as im avoiding him ? Im hurt because i really loved this person and i gave him all my best.

Sorry to hear that
by: Anonymous

You can still get him but it requires work. He is a typical Leo. Yes, he likes to play hard to get. To him, if the expression is appropriate, you are easy. In other words, you love him very much, he knows it, and he is right, he needs a challenge. Leos are playful and need excitement. You got to keep him in his toes. Constantly, be creative, interesting, full of energy. He is craving for more energy in the relationship. Either you play hard to get with him, in which case, he will be coming back to you, he will indirectly initiate you to show him attention. Yeah, it's a weird thing but this is because probably, overall chemsitry between you two is not that great. There has to be a thing or two about you that should make him adore and admire you. Probably, that is lacking...I am just being straight forward. I am sure you can be great friends and he would appreciate it a lot more and when you find someone else for yourself, he will come and want to get you back.

Sorry to hear that,


my experience
by: Anonymous

I forgot you were a taurus. I am a gayman and have had two guy partners in the past and both were taurus. I don't know why and how, I tend to meet taurus more than anything else. As if they can pick me in a crowd because they sense I am a leo or something rather unique.

The first one was the long distance I explained in the blog and lasted a year and a half and the other one it's been more than 5 years. I am friendly with the first and the second one has been one of my best friends ever. We get to see each other less for two yrs about once or twice a week or sometimes once in every other week but talk on the phone daily once or twice. They are so opposite of each other. My current buddy is very exciting, and there are many things about him I admire so much and I think hardly anyone can be as good overall as him to me but he is partnered and they are in an open relationship and I do not want them to split up.

The first one was rather needy, high maintenance, moody but a great person, just that I thought I wouldn't be able to put up with that and decided to split up from him.

The main problem that really turns me off and that's also why I decided not to get involve with another taurus (they always tend to be very hot)is that they are stubborn and highly confrontational. I like discussions and debates but I begun avoiding it with them because they never know when to end it. To them, one needs to admit he is worng and they are right. So yeah, I think the compatibility chart between a taurus and a leo came out correct for me.


Leo man i cant get him !
by: Taurus Girl

The Thing is that he approaches me at work everyday! and i act or as if im not intrested....Im totaly acting different as before i used to go and joke with him and always showering him with nice words, but now at the oppositeand i also when i have the chance i tell him silly things about him i dont flatter him at all!he doesnt quit he keeps on coming and asking stupid thing in work just to make a conversation you know?! This drives me crazy!!!

I wanna make him go crazy !! what should i exactly do ??

Leo man i cant get him !
by: Taurus Girl

I forgot to mention, that after the conversation that led me to break up with him actually not after but in the middle he said what about meeting tomorrow and talk again.. I said there's nothing to be said you made it clear and then he started to admit things about hiself that he used to deny them before and he told me i m the one who is gonna loose not u.. and that he is really sad.. and that im an intelligent,beautiful and everything....few days later something happened at work, he acted stupid and i told him that he is acting without thinking in the consequences and he admitted that i am right!

He is really contradicted!!!

Still very typical leo
by: Anonymous

It seems to me you can't get over him and that's also very typical for a taurus. When you are alone, you probably are thinking about the whole thing and him, getting angry at times, becoming less secure and wondering if you are as he claims a great person overall and then why he is not with you? He knows the problem is with him because there's nothing wrong about you or you have some sort of deficiency. Not at all. Simply, you are not bringing the kind of excitement he fantasized or imagined he would have but that's not only limited to you. Any person a leo is with, he has so much expectation of himself, his partner and surrounding. Leos are perfectionist and that can be a curse.

You can't do so much to change him until he realize that you were really the best thing for him, he just couldn't hold on to you because of his personality. Again, he is correct when he said it's not you but him.

You want to get your revenge, you want him to regret? :)) here is one thing that you can do and make him jeolous and when he is alone, he will be always thinking of you, and wish he could have you once more.

Go get a make over. Go to a beauty place and ask them if they could give you a really different look than what you look like. Something that is not exaggerated. Something will make you look elegant with a little exotic, sort of letting people think you are one hot probably wild girl but your quiet and calm personality give them the idea that you have confidence and class. This leo will be all around you, his tongue out and his eyes are flushing and with a big grin on his face. He will do anything and everything just to touch you and be with you, again. make him pay for it. Let him suffer! :)) Don't make yourself easy, keep your confidence level high, leo can read facial expressions well. If reads in your again, you would like to get back with him, he will be old himself but if you play hard to get, and be in charge of the situation, he ain't gonna leave you for a second. He will be calling you just to see you, again.

If you decide to get back together, remember, you have to stay confident, leos like confident people. They are protective of their love ones but they also like the kind of people who can take care of themselves without a problem. You want to give the idea of "well, I really do not need you, I can take care of myself but if you want to share the ride with me, be my guest."

Don't get into long arguments, don't criticize him, it takes long time to get a leo to do something but if you nicely remind him and help him to focus, Leos will do very well. Leos usually lack focus, patience, determination unlike taurus people.

So long


by: Anonymous

By the way, he still appreciates your attention. You think you don't respond to him but he still believes you like enough to be friendly. He is craving for your attention and love which he is getting from nowhere currently. Obviously!

Is my leo man gone for good
by: Anonymous

My Leo man wants a commitment with me, but it is so hard to give it to him, when he is pushing me into it. Why can't he just let me grow with him. I do love him, because he is caring and a devoted person, but I feel like he wants to control me, and that is not going to happen. I'm a Aries, and very strong headed. We get along find in a lot of areas. Because of this commitment he want so bad with me, we stop calling each other and I gave up on him. I've been with him through some hard time in his life, and has always stood beside him, but when we get into a small argument and I tell him to leave me a lone and don't call me, he always say I've push him away. The things he says out of his month that hurts me and I will not tolerate it. When we are together it is so beautiful. I notice lately that he will make up excuse and say I need time to get myself together to think about weather I want a commitment or not, so he stay away. But than he gets up set when he can't get in contact with me. At this present time he doesn't call and my guest is that he has moved on to find what he needs or another women. We just didn't say anything as to good bye or don't call. I'm giving him what he wants, because I believe he has already moved on in his life. I'm not sitting and waiting on him, cause I have a life too. Will this haute me in seeing him pop up and will he try to regain his trust back with or his love for me. Will I be able to be in another relationship and find happiness again?

ive been ignored for 4 months ;)
by: virgo girl

The leo I know (once knew?)was a very close colleague of mine. He was new to the city and had very few friends. I opened him into my world with open arms. Invite him to parties, happy hour, etc, at the time he had a GF. We remained as close colleagues and casual friends.I soon began to realize that our lunches and dinner together that I was beginning to develop feelings for him.

I let him know that I'd like to keep building our friendship and getting to know him and he told me he really didn't think he could handle balancing the akward situatuion with being close colleagues and also trying to be close friends.

It became increasingly difficult, despite the fact he had broken up with his GF, was regularly online dating sites seeking the attention of women and dating them (he had quite a few GFs and none of them seemed to last more than a few months), as much as we had connected during the work day (not co-workers/I was a client), lots of emails and phone calls daily, half the time about work, have the time about life in general, he never saw me as someone he'd want to approach outside of the office.

I got frustrated by that and said this was an uneasy situation, being close colleagues and casual friends. He would get mad and say I am overthinking and we're just casual and get over it.

Our relationship was always like this.If he was sick,I'd offer to come by if he needed anything,if he was going out of town, I'd offer a ride to the airport, pretty much what I would do for any friend I cared about. He would do a lot for me that I wouldn't normally ask or trust anyone to do, he would come and support many events, even the ones that had nothing to do with his company, he was someone I could share a lot of my frustrations with my job, co-workers, boss, our relationship really helped to make my work days go by faster and brighter.

Our friendship was not this way. We used to be able to text each other at night and then one day I got fed up with this casual world, he knew I cared, but I was sick of being passed over for all these other women. Its not like we never spent any time together outside the office, we were both the same age, had a lot of things in common and we connected really well. We shared a lot of stories of life experiences, mistakes, hopes and dreams. I was not very nice about my frustration and from that moment on he started to tell me it was inappropriate for us to talk about feelings.

I stopped texting him all together. One night while I was out my phone was out of the holster and ended up dialing him at midnite. I got a nasty text from him that said "don't you ever do that again!". I texted back that I was out with friends and that my phone autodialed and that I was sorry, he never responded.

He became so harsh that I stopped inviting him out, didn't bother to invite him to my bday party as I had in the past, he became so mean and aggressive towards me outside the office, I just gave up on him.

My opinion
by: Anonymous

is that if you were his type (from the way you tell your story, the possibility of it was strong), after all the things you have done for him, he had to carefully analyze the details and how or whether any relationship with you would have survived for the long term. He didn't mind exploring things with others because he knew there would not be a commitment issue as he thought he could have just stopped seeing others. On the other hand, you meant something for him. He also probably cared about you very much. He probably fantasized or imagined being with you when he was alone but he didn't have the courage to take the next step because he was afraid of disspaointing you if things didn't work out for the long haul.


thanks again leo man
by: virgo gal

I had some problems figuring out how to post to this form, kept locking me up, so I had to create the new post as I thought I had locked up this post for some reason. Thanks for comments again Leo Man, I wasnt trying to highjack two forms! ;)

I did have my doubts that maybe I wasn't pretty or sexy enough for this guy, I've seen some of the other girls he's been with and they are all blonde, slender, wear a lot of make up and revealing clothes, total opposite of me--- petite, brunette, very little make up (almost all natural) cute and dress classy and causal.

I'm pretty modest in my appearance but always try to look my best and rather be a little more mysterious and I have always read leo men ideal partner is a flashy glamour girl.

I'm the social hub and connection for my friends (always planning get togethers, helping friends host parties) and incredibly feisty, I'm passionate about my work, family, friends and hobbies, I'm strong, indepedent and don't need a man to complete me, having one would be like owning a great pair of shoes, a complimentary accessory to my already happy life.

Wow, that was so cheesy of me to say that ;)

I think your last post tells me...
by: Anonymous

that you are a perfect/ideal match for a leoman. I always thought one day I would have got married and my gay feelings were temporary because I never dated a girl until I reach to my early 30s and decided to come out. Until that moment, I always thought of finding a modest, classy, intelligent and confident lady. I would have preferred a natural girl with no or slight make up as well. They are more appealing to a leo when leo decides to get into a longterm partnership. I personally always found ladies with such qualities mysterious and incredibly fascinating. The flashy girls are, I highly doubt, the better types for leomen but leomen may spend sometime with them to prove to themselves and people around that they can get any flashy(sometimes understood as hot) girls because leomen are confident and think they are sexy and/or appealing to others.

I am familiar somewhat with Virgos as I have been with a Virgo (man) before. I admire them, their bright minds, confidence, rational approach to matters. It is just that, sometimes Virgos can be selfish- more focused about themselves and their own priorities rather than others and being too strict with their already planned schedules that they would probably never consider changing to keep their partners happy can be frustrating or not so much appealing for leo. I think that virgos should let it go things or give up the driver seat at times, then everything will be a lot better.

I think you are simply perfect the way you describe yourself. It's his lose and not yours. I am sure you will find someone who deserves you.


thanks for your kind words!
by: virgo gal

Virgos strive to be perfectionists but I am in no means perfect and trust me I beat myself continuously when I'm not, I am far more critical of myself than anyone else.

All this talk/type of this Leo Man and I am starting to miss him and although it is tempting to want to reach out, I feel there is still some space that is needed. I can imagine that he probably thinks I am mad at him/hate him and vice versa. I'd be afraid to drop a note to get a response that tells me to "fvck off and die", I tend to really imagine the worse, no idea why.

It's funny that you mention how virgos are structured with time, I try to be a good time manager especially in the work place, but once it comes to fun, I really don't care, I have a tendency to just make it in time or be 5-10 minutes late, I'm lucky to have not missed any flights! I found myself always giving into the Leo, however but it did feel as if he wanted control of everything, trying to dictate my behavior and actions, which I get is to help not push any issues and get on his good side, but you know as a strong virgo, that never went over well with me.

It wasnt until recently where our communication improved and we fought less, got a long very well, but then poof he disappeared like that.

I would like to think that one of my priorities are my relationships and making sure the people I care about are happy, I'm almost always the designated driver, I gladly will volunteer to play party host/clean up crew, etc, whatever I could do to make my friends' happy.

Anyway, I appreciate your kind words Leo Man! You seem like a very good guy :)

Leo man Leo woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Leo woman. I dated a Leo man. I found that Leo men are better to their friends. I do not think I would ever trust a Leo man romantically again. But they make loyal friends.

Help - Leo man ignoring me
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a Pisces woman who started dating a Leo man 3 months ago. We dated for almost 6 weeks. He went very fast but I kind of liked him. He is divorced, introduced me to his daughters on the 3rd date, then he introduced me to his family. He adored me, was very nice to me all the time, we really enjoyed our time together. We would spend a lot of time together. I made something stupid on a weekend, he was missing in action (it was Saturday and I had not heard from him) so I texted him asking how his day was going, no response. I called him no response either. The following day Sunday I kept texting him asking why he was not responding me. He finally responds saying he was hanging out with his family and that he was not happy about my texts and calls, that I was very demanding. I asked him to call me. He didn't. I emailed him no response, he would not want to talk to me. I kept trying reaching out to him, but he would never respond to me. He finally did text back saying it would be good if we both moved on. I asked him why and he would not respond. I don't understand why everything was so good in the beginning and then at the first sign of conflict he disappeared. I have not been able to have closure because he simply does not want to talk to me. It has been almost 3 months since the last time I saw him and a month since the last time we texted. In one of the last texts he asked me 'why would I change my mind?' (because he says I'm demanding. I think he is not ready for commitment and its a bit immature to not want to talk to a person you cared about so much, you introduced your family to, etc, etc. I'm confused. Can anyone provide some thoughts? Thanks so much.

by: gemini taurus cusp gurl!!

m nt much into this zodiac thng...still if it cn help!?? :)
my best frnd is a leo guy...
We shared a whole happy last 2 yrs of highschool :) n still r best frnz....he said we r perfect fr ech odr n i felt d same way bt luvd ech odr as bst frnz till d day i actually fell fr him as a lover. i proposed n he said luv u as best frnz bt nthn more. n dnt wanna loose u plz i lv u. It tuk time n i smhow managed to cm bak as bst frnz ...
schools over past 2 yrs...we r in diff college. bt r still bestest frnz :) bt now i smhow feel hez bein busy...or may b actin. those 24x7 phone calls came down to 1 hr a day. feels pathetic. wn i complain...he behaves as if m irritating him. bt wn i leave he makes a whole lot of efforts to bring me back. why is he bein indifferent at times? i kno he kuvs n cares. but as a bst frnd only. bt still i smtyms feel hez takin me fr granted which irritates me...!!! wht to do? cn u help???

ur a swt heart taurus gemini cusp gurl :)
by: leo girl

i kno wht u r goin thu taurus gemini cusp...:) bt i wud like others to comment first...i write a little later :) waiting fr others :)

wave goodbye to Taurus girl
by: Venus on Earth

the leo im seeing has just left from holding me tight all night to ignoring me all day and night with no phone call or a reply back from a text message i sent him.. we r new to a relationship rekindled and my memory serves me well that this is the same stuff he pulled 7 months ago when we parted was the clencher i will not repeat the pain I dealt with form the last time.leo man, say good bye to your loyal TAURUS girl for good I will not be drinking your koolaid when u decide to try and woo me back to your sizzling embrace.

leo man ignoring me
by: Anonymous

hi i went on a date 4 weeks ago with a leo guy!im a gemini and we just connected.had an amazing day and night!weve text every day since.he always tells me his plans and when im out with friends he always texts what im up to with a question mark.
i asked him shall we meet for drinks when we are both free?he didnt reply but still continues to text{im really confused)
he says im pretty and i make him laugh!i feel theres a connection!
im a very confident and independant gemini and attractive!and have an active social life!
do i scare him
or does he just want to be friends and hes been polite replying to texts

should i stop texting and see what he does?

he came out of a bad relationship last year so his he not wanting to rush??

by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo/Libra cusp. I am in love with a Leo. Help!! Haha I kid. but seriously he's knocked my socks off and I am quite certain he feels the same. We met while I was travelling this summer and all my careful planning was thrown into the wind... damn leo. haha. I am back home now, We are not dating or seeing each other as we live far apart. but by all rights this guy is my soulmate. even meeting him was a series of synchronicities that neither of us could ignore. So why am I writing this letter to you?? well I am at a standstill..he has not responded to my letters, i really don't think there is anyone else in the picture, he knows I wouldn't be offended if there was, I just want, if nothing more, his friendship...and he knows that..I honestly think he is cold and lonely and digging himself a bitter place to hide this winter and if he gets happy letters from me it must mean that I am happy and doing fine without him...see where I am going with this..anyways any suggestions on how to approach this. I don't want to lose contact but i don't want to be the creepy girl who sends 5million letters

Is he "my" leo man?
by: ConfusedSagWoman

Ok I've been in some sort of relationship with a leo man for alomst 7 months now. We started out just fine being "friends with benefits" (seeing each other 3 + times a week but talking everynight)cuz his two past relationships (one of which was an 8 marriage) ended from the women cheating on him & my last few relationships ended cuz the guys were too controlling without giving anything back to the relationships.
Anyways, everything was great the first couple of months til he said something so seriously that it scared me away from him (nope wasn't the "l" word) but turned out to be a misunderstanding & we started back up after a week.
But this time, we were seeing each other everynight. It was all great & I started to fall for him & I've been skiddish about it. So I kept asking him for awhile if our status had changed (I was too scared to tell him I was falling in love but he noticed) & he would say things like "be patient & we're cool, we're friends" one night then the next night say things like "your getting closer, seek & you shall find" etc. I was so confused that I just kept taking him at his word that we're just "friends with benefits" still & didn't change how I acted around him. Then one night when he was out with friends, he asked me to join him (he was drunk) but forgot to tell me where & I forgot to ask. So I went all over to find him & when I finally did, he'd forgotten his invitation & it took him awhile to understand why I was "chasing after him" & apologized.
Well, the seeing each other everynight only lasted 3 months. Now he & I don't even talk everynight even tho I still call. I don't understand what's going on. I've told him the truth - that I've always been exclusive to him & let it slip once how I feel about him. But we've gone backwards to seeing each max of 3 times a week. I'm not sure of what's going on here. He's always dropped hints (& still does) that he isn't doing anything with anyone else but I still don't know how he feels about me & it feels like it might be ending with the holidays coming up. I've tried giving him space to think for a few days, being respectful of him by not showing up uninvited, being pushy by showing up uninvited to show I won't be pushed around. I don't know what the right thing to do is. I've never "fought for a man" before but would like to no loose him (that's how it feels). HELP!!!!!!!!

Leo Male Driving Gemini Female Crazy!
by: Anonymous

NEED ADVICE FROM A LEO! My ex (Leo Male) contacted me by email out of the blue after years of not talking. We broke it off years before when he was hot and cold to me when I didn't kiss him in front of an ex boyfriend who was very upset that night; the LEO was cold, but never wanted to talk about it and I had enough. He wrote me a letter later and said he was sorry for the way he treated me, but I thought it was a booty call and I ignored it. I met someone else and really could not deal with the hot and cold even though I really, really liked the LEO. Now when he emails me it is very flirtatious, and he tries to get me to talk to him about our sexy/passionate past. He said something about wanting me to come over and see him and at first I hesitated so now he is being cold as ice again. I only hesitated because my son was calling me from a friend's house and wanted me to come pick him up as he was upset, I told LEO I would go to his house the very next day. Now my LEO says he just wants to be friends and then ignored my last two emails. My instinct says that sometimes I have hurt him with my hesitation, but both times were legitimate, I want him to stop playing games and being hot and cold, but fear he never will. In the meantime, I have not contacted him, but he is on my mind every second and it is driving me crazy. I feel like I want him so badly, but cannot have him yet how spoiled is it to get angry just because I could not drop everything and go to him THAT minute!!?? Please tell me what you think and if you think he is even worth the trouble.

Older Virgo Woman
by: Anonymous

I am A Virgo Woman who is 50 years old. I go to the gym work out and am in great shape. I have long hair and always wear dresses and heels. I also wear makeup. I met a Leo man who is 54 years old. I was so attracted to him like I have never felt before. I felt like I knew him. I know that is strange but I have never felt that way before. I knew he would be in my life. I just knew. We talked and talked and I always looked forward to seeing him. We had incredible chemistry. We have been seeing each other for about 3 1/2 months and wow the chemistry we have is like no other. We get so incredible close and the sex if hot. I put the music on light candles dress in hot lingerie and heels for him. He falls to his knees. I always make him feel like he is the most important person. I really feel that for him. I truly love being with him. After he leaves I notice the next day he is distant and he doesn't call. I don't call him because I know we had an incredible time and he must need some space because he must be feeling something he needs to put into place. Sometimes he doesn't call for a couple of days. This is a pattern for him. We always see each other again and have an incredible time. My advice is give him the days he needs he'll be back. No reason to get upset and loose control. As we get older we realize we all have things about us that might not be easy for someone else to understand. He just needs space so he can deal with want he's feeling don't take it personally. If you know you had a incredible time when you were together than you did. He'll be back. This seems to be some kind of pattern with Leo men.

I confuse with my leo libra woman
by: sany

i have been together with this leo guy. we begin as friends and later fall inlove with each other.He divorced with his wife.have two kids, (which i love and really care for) before we been together he have a relationship with a girl for 4 years(i think after he divorced his wife or before)and then they get married and separated bcoz the girl lie to him, she have a daughter in her country and he just used all his money for her. He done everything for this woman.they didnt hv a child but they not divorced yet.they separated for 1 year and i met him.we happy together, like no dull moments, i spent a lot of many to him...becoz i care, we are so happy.just laughing all the time.we planning to be married. suddenly after 3 years the girl resurface..when she found out he have a steady she want him back.she come to malaysia again to see him.and they have sex,,,i catch him with his chose of words when he didnt see me one night. and all crashing down..he like turn to a different person..i dont know him anymore...he never sms just sometimes, when i want see him he always tell he busy he still see me and tell me he love me...but he say he can not leave the girl...i never do anything to hurt him, i respevt him all the time, not like the girl always shouting to him and they always they fight physically...but he cnot leave him,,,is there hope for us or he just play with me? pls leo man can u suggest any?thanks

Betrayal by 15 years buddy
by: Anonymous

I'm leo Almost coming nine years to been a single without dating girls.

i have a leo man broke up with me
by: Anonymous

im dating this leo man since october of last first our relationship its not serious then around december we realize that we fall for each other but i did alot of mistakes to him he always caught me lying not having other guys.. i lied to him about going out to the bars with my friends coz he doesnt want me to go out anymore, now that hes already fed up he decided to let me go but i cant handle it, im so sad i keep calling him, texting ang sending him emails but he doesnt respond what should i do so that he will go back and stay with me??

shattered by stubborn Leo
by: cancerian women

Im a cancerian butterfly with an enormous pride I met a this great man who is a Leo we connected straight away & had instant chemistry and sexual energy. we got along really well in so many ways ..sense of houmour , same interests but I noticed he was very male ...he was more open with me when texting than in person he sort of held back . we only dated for 3 weeks but it felt like i knew him for an eternity we just clicked it was beautiful day whilst texting I probably said the wrong thing in relation to was he still interested or not ...well that was enough for him to ignore me totally for the rest of the day .
the following day I attempted to make contact again by calling and texting ...which I had not done previously ..he did most of the work when we met ..he just totally ignored my phone mess and my text altogether ... so now I have left it & am so shattered he no longer wishes to communicate .
I know he had strong feelings towards me & visa versa ..but now he is just unavailable ..I have decided to move on reluctantly because I cannot stand to be treated like this ..normally I would reach out on an emotional level to a man like this but I get the feeling this will get me nowhere ..does anyone have any idea ???

3 months with Leo Man....and still no feelings?
by: Sag Lady

I am a Sagittarius woman, in "like" with a Leo Man. This is my first experience with a Leo and UGH, they are confusing!!!

We met three months ago and started dating. Our first date was simple, but great! Him and I talked (and walked the lakes by our houses) for almost four hours. Him and I have an incredible connection, and unbelievable chemistry. But I think he's shy...or so it may seem.

I tell him that I like him, and that I think he's great, and that I want to keep seeing him. And almost everytime we go out he always references how we'll do this, or that, in the future. And we generally always do.

The trouble I have, is that this guy is very busy. He has two kids that he spends an enormous amount of time with (which I have no problem with), so we only see each other about once a week, maybe twice. But I generally ALWAYS have to be the one to ask. I swear if I didn't text him every so often, I'd NEVER hear from him (or hear from him very rarely) when we're not together.

He NEVER tells me that he "likes" me, but when we are together he is fabulous. He treats me like I'm the only person in the that moment! lol. That is once he gets past his shyness. He always finds a way to touch me, and once I MAKE the first move to sit by him, or touch him, THEN he seems to gain confidence and things are great the rest of the night.

I'm starting to get tired of this routine. I'm tired of having this amazing and beautiful connection when we're together....and almost nothing when we're apart.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to engage with this man outside of the face-to-face, so that when we see each other we don't have to deal with that shy, akward dance every time??

I really like this guy, and believe that he's someone that I could really be into long-term...IF we can get past this!

Help! :)

This Leo man is completely confusing me.
by: Taurus Female

First off- I can play this stupid "I don't need you game" I've been reading up on Leo men since I met this one. He and I have so much in common and he has gone to great depths to let me know how much chemistry he feels for me and how hard it is for him to stop texting me throughout the day.

This went on for a few weeks, getting more intense... then he stopped all communication. I sent him just one text that said "I'm sorry if there was anything that I said that may have come out the wrong way. I still think you're great. Text me back whenever."

7 days after that, and I hadn't text him once... He texts me "Hey" Firstly I wanted to reply with WTF? But I played it cool. "Hey how was your week?" etc. He kept it really casual for about 2-3 days, and then it was like fireworks all over... Texting back and forth all day, etc.

Then, Friday morning I got a text from him that I could not retrieve because my phone broke. I text him back a few hours later after getting a new phone and let him know I never got his last text. No response since Friday morning. It's Monday morning, and over the weekend, I decided to just send him 2 casual texts about some of the fun things that I did over the weekend, etc. I joked and began the text with "While you're on your top secret mission for the government, this is what has been going on here..."

This morning I sent him a humorous text with a funny picture.

I think maybe I should let that be the last one until he texts back.

This whole game is SO STUPID! The only reason I am playing along is because I want him BAD. He is absolutely TOPS on my list of everything I want in a man.

My dad is a Leo, and this is the first one besides my dad that I have met. My dad loves my Aquarius mom and they are still married. I get along great with him and seem to understand him really well.

This man and I have a lot in common, to include or faith and belief system. He's in the military, and before my ex husband left me, due to his deployment related mental health issues, I was Mrs. Military, Family Readiness Group leader, Leader in the Women's ministry, and I did everything I could to make my husband look good. -So all this hype about Leo men wanting someone who makes them look good, well- I have got that one covered in all areas.

I have the confidence and the patience to see this through, but I must have this man. If anyone knows about a mature Taurus lady, they know that we want to be 2nd in command, not 1st. We are extremely loyal and physical, most of us are great parents, and everything else a Leo would want.

Seriously, how long do I have to play this game with him. It's like as soon as I want him so bad I can't stand it, he stops all contact. Geez- like a pendulum back and forth.

Any advice?

need some guidance
by: Anonymous

I don't normally go on these things,recently something happened, confused and hurting. I'm a Virgo. It was only two weeks, but this Leo man and I really connected, we talked about our future, asked if I wanted kids. Told me when If I let him he would love to take care of me. Complimented me everyday. Told me he loved talking to me. Said I was a dream come true and I was exactly what he has been looking for. He even asked to see photos of myself and my son because he knew we were a package deal and to have me meant to accept my son. Told me that my son was a bonus, we would be an instant family and he really loved that idea. Instantly wanted to label us as bf/gf, even told his really good friend the first weekend that I was his gf and showed my pic, he was SO proud. He made me SO happy and I made him SO happy! Craziest thing, we NEVER officially met in person. We were planning on meeting in two weeks because he had a business trip in another town, but after the first week he suddenly had a huge business promotion to take over the office to fix issues that suddenly came up and the company wanted him run the company's office in another country. He had to make a decision within less than 24 hours and if he did, he was to fly out the next day. He said he was so upset because if he went, it meant we had to end it. He also said we would talk later, he had to really think this out. Didn't hear from him the rest of the day, which wasn't like him, so I knew he made the decision to go. I texted him and emailed him that it was okay, I did not want to hold him back from his career, but I would still love to keep in contact with him. Didn't hear back until the next morning that he was so very sorry, that he was very upset and felt it was best to let it all go (I don't know what this really means). I texted him several other times that it was okay, but let me know if we can still communicate and that I was proud of him and everything will be okay...he responded Thank you very much and wished me the best. I again asked him if we can stay in touch that he was too special to totally end it, that I want him to go forth with his career..his last reply was "thank you for understanding. HUGS!" I have not heard back from him again, never said we were never to communicate again. PLEASE help me to understand. Do you feel he may still contact me or do you feel that this was a complete goodbye and I will never hear from him again? I think he was falling for me and had really strong feelings for me, like I did for him. I really need advice, never been with a LEO! :( I want so much for him to contact me. I emailed him after he left that I want whatever he would offer as long as I can keep contact with him. But I'm afraid that his "pain", he deals with it by cutting all ties for good. Does this mean he really cared? Mainly, will he make contact with me again? Or just give it all up.

Virgo who needs some help here..Thank you.

In Love With a Leo Ma
by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini.. I have known this Leo male 8 years. We liked each other but we never dated.. So when started having sex and thats been goin on for a year now. When I call and text him he never reply or call back.. but when he want to have sex he call.. We have been on a breakfast date and we went to the movies together.. when i told him how i felt he did not have anything to say.. then i ask him how he felt and he said he is not ready for a girl friend.. but he told he told he is not going anywhere and i can come to him about anything.. and he said i dont mean that we will never go out and he said if i didn't like you will not be coming to see me or talking to me.. the sex is amazing and he thinks so too.. i cant find my self stop thinking about him.. but i told him just a couple days ago "that i enjoyed his company and the sex but i am in love with him to much and i realize that we are not on the same page so we couldn't have sex anymore we can only be friends" and he never replied back.. please help me: did i do the right thing or did i do the wrong thing ... do he like me or not... i am confused

It's time to break loose
by: Anonymous

Just start to get freaky and go out be yound your means. You would be surprise on the other side of you. You would start to not even care, it the as hole is ignoring you. He problable have some one else or tired of the booty. And have something freaky than you. So break loose and get kinky. I have and it feels good. Mens out hear are not appricate a good women any more. They either are DL or just tired of the pussy. And want something else. I've been enjoying myself and not giving up my ass but freaking my own self and it feel good. When I want it i will snatch someone husban up to get it and much more. Wife is not producing in the bed room so they are missing that and are hungry. Ask him these question. that are mention in this message to you. Toy store has all the acessores to keep you happy and better.

what do i do about this leo man ?
by: cancergrl

So I met this Leo man on facebook late July. I accidentally sent him a message saying hey. After a day or two if talking I told him if he wanted to get to know me text me of which he did ...we talked on text for weeks and the first week his bday happened and he asked me to see him but I told him I live too far. I immediately realized after my first message to him that he's a NFL player. That is a rookie but extremely popular ESPN time etc. He asked me a few days in if I was looking just for fun aka sex but I told him I wasn't and wanted us to know each other and not just sex and he agreed and said he wanted to get to know me. I professionally model which he saw from my Facebook but I'm going back to college to a new school that's close to him 15 mins. We planned to meet for 3 weeks but now that I've been here almost two weeks. The first week he said we should def meet up during the week and this was in between bouts if him ignoring me for some days and hr gave me info to his room and hotel. But it never happened then a week later.I left a get well gift at his hotel after seeing he was hurt after his game and he told me thanks and glad etc then I said we need to hang out asap he said yes and we were supposed to go furniture shopping for our first meet thus Monday but he never called and then I text him saying he was playing games and hr said everything was closed due to the holiday ...then I sent a text saying it would have been nice if hr called and at thus rate it feels like we r never gonna see each other and I don't wanna waste my time so be honest to which he said nothing in response. I then said I don't know if what I said came off harsh because it was a text but it wasn't meant to be and I told him I was available to hang out the next day. No reply so today I say hey babe then no reply I said something unrelated and conversational no reply to that and finally I told him I didn't wanna bother him and hope he's healing up and to hit me up sometime. No reply. This is today and in sad ..I really am interested in knowing him and was looking forward to seeing him. I fear I was too emotional with him/pushy or something. Is it over for good? What do I do? Please Leo men perspective too.

UGH ! IS HE FAKE OR is there something im missing ???
by: Anonymous (HELP)

OKAY. well im 16 and my boyfriend is 17, i dont kno if that means anything but it might.. we've just started going out, and id say its been at least two weeks...i dnt kno if he's cheating or what but i wouldn't think so considering the fact that they say leos are loyal. BUT. its really weird how he's acting because he is so sweet and fun to be around and every time we see each other its great but i only talk to him like, every other day sometimes every other two days and its really bothering me especially because im so used to past boyfriends wanting to talk to me everyday.I mean i really like this guy alot and i tryed to go to him and tell him what was on my mind, how i didn't like not talking to him for such a long period of time and i guess i came to him too hard, telling him so many things i didn't like and he hung up on me. so i called him back he told me that i was talkin bullshitt and that he didn't kno what i was talking about. is it me or is he fake. im a Sagittarius by the way... PLZZZ HELP ME, IM SO FRUSTRATED !

Annoyed Aquarian
by: Anonymous

I can't seem to understand this ridiculous relationship. I am absolutely crazy about my Leo man but he gets under my skin in a way that irritates me to no end. We fight like cats and dogs but can't stand being away from eachother. Our biggest problem is that when he calls me and if I don't/can't answer he jumps to conclusions, then ignores me completely. I believe in sorting issues out and effective communication; but he is opposite. He is a very intense individual and if I get slightly upset with him, he gets mad at me for being mad at him- huge blowout over something so stupid. He never likes to take responsibility for the things he does, he'd rather blame the other person (me). We are perfect when around eachother, I mean really insync. But the moment we are apart we fight and it's always because I didn't answer the phone when he called or texted him all day or he took a comment the wrong way. It's always up and down. He loves me today and tomorrow he doesn't want to be with me. In a weeks time we will have broken two times. Or neither one of us will break silence and not speak to eachother for a month. He can be extremely selfish and bratty. I hate when someone has this type of hold on me because I can't stand being vulnerable and this emotional rollercoaster makes me feel even worse. How can I break away for good? Will he improve? He wants to get married in a couple of years but keeps up with this off and on headbutt. I can't manage my emotions around him!

Annoyed Aquarian
by: Anonymous

I can't seem to understand this ridiculous relationship. I am absolutely crazy about my Leo man but he gets under my skin in a way that irritates me to no end. We fight like cats and dogs but can't stand being away from eachother. Our biggest problem is that when he calls me and if I don't/can't answer he jumps to conclusions, then ignores me completely. I believe in sorting issues out and effective communication; but he is opposite. He is a very intense individual and if I get slightly upset with him, he gets mad at me for being mad at him- huge blowout over something so stupid. He never likes to take responsibility for the things he does, he'd rather blame the other person (me). We are perfect when around eachother, I mean really insync. But the moment we are apart we fight and it's always because I didn't answer the phone when he called or texted him all day or he took a comment the wrong way. It's always up and down. He loves me today and tomorrow he doesn't want to be with me. In a weeks time we will have broken two times. Or neither one of us will break silence and not speak to eachother for a month. He can be extremely selfish and bratty. I hate when someone has this type of hold on me because I can't stand being vulnerable and this emotional rollercoaster makes me feel even worse. How can I break away for good? Will he improve? He wants to get married in a couple of years but keeps up with this off and on headbutt. I can't manage my emotions around him!

Leo Man Pride or Hurt
by: Virgo

So I met this Leo guy at my reunion. I was just walking minding my own business socializing with friends. As I passed by I hear some say "Shorty". I knew it was me because I am short and was the only one there. I turned to him with attitude because I don't like guys that do that. I ask him can I help him? Does he have a problem? He said no just thinking how good you look. I said okay and walked off. Then my friend was taking pictures of him and his friends jokingly I said to my friend you could cut that guy out. That's when we started talking. Nice conversation. As I left I went up to him and shook his hand and said it was nice meeting and talking to him. He asked me for my number and I said uh let me think about it. That was a first for him. He has dated many women. Well I have known him for 2 months and at times I can get a hold of him. However, he would text me all day. I thought is this how people communicate these days? I just got out of a 19 year marriage. Well I told him this texting thing is really not working out for me. He seems very ambitions but at the same time lazy always sleeping. When were suppose to meet he over slept. In high school they had a banquet for him MVP he missed because he slept. Anyways, he and his cousin share the name Ellison. That is his middle name and his cousin's first name but I didn't know that. I thought it was funny so I check his cousin up online superior court that has any records. (I check him up the first time when I spoke to him). His cousin showed domestic violence against my cousin! What are the odds of that? So I ask him. He got all upset that I did not trust him because he told me that was his cousin but did not explain having the same name. He felt I was looking up private information and its public record. He is angry and hangs up. I text him and explain my side and I was just protecting myself. I apologized and ask him to forgive me. Basically, kissed his ass. No response. Finally I text him and told him to put his pride aside and realize I did nothing wrong. If it is over man up and tell me don't just cut me off. But instead I cut it off. So I was sad we got alone well and had an incredible night before. So he finally he text me and told him I was wrong for not trusting him. Hello I have known him for 2months. The next night told him I missed him and we had something good and etc. I just feel like telling him off because he acts like he as has not lied to me or did anything wrong. One more thing I have tried to break it off at least 7 times 2 months but some how we end up together again. I am done texting him. I just don’t understand why he is so mad when his last girl friend played him. That isn't the case with me. So did he cut me off or do you think he needs time or deleted me from his life? I am not sure if I love him. He many habits that gets on my nerve but we have fun. So wait or try to contact him?

Leo Man Pride or Hurt
by: Virgo

So I met this Leo guy at my reunion. I was just walking minding my own business socializing with friends. As I passed by I hear some say "Shorty". I knew it was me because I am short and was the only one there. I turned to him with attitude because I don't like guys that do that. I ask him can I help him? Does he have a problem? He said no just thinking how good you look. I said okay and walked off. Then my friend was taking pictures of him and his friends jokingly I said to my friend you could cut that guy out. That's when we started talking. Nice conversation. As I left I went up to him and shook his hand and said it was nice meeting and talking to him. He asked me for my number and I said uh let me think about it. That was a first for him. He has dated many women. Well I have known him for 2 months and at times I can get a hold of him. However, he would text me all day. I thought is this how people communicate these days? I just got out of a 19 year marriage. Well I told him this texting thing is really not working out for me. He seems very ambitions but at the same time lazy always sleeping. When were suppose to meet he over slept. In high school they had a banquet for him MVP he missed because he slept. Anyways, he and his cousin share the name Ellison. That is his middle name and his cousin's first name but I didn't know that. I thought it was funny so I check his cousin up online superior court that has any records. (I check him up the first time when I spoke to him). His cousin showed domestic violence against my cousin! What are the odds of that? So I ask him. He got all upset that I did not trust him because he told me that was his cousin but did not explain having the same name. He felt I was looking up private information and its public record. He is angry and hangs up. I text him and explain my side and I was just protecting myself. I apologized and ask him to forgive me. Basically, kissed his ass. No response. Finally I text him and told him to put his pride aside and realize I did nothing wrong. If it is over man up and tell me don't just cut me off. But instead I cut it off. So I was sad we got alone well and had an incredible night before. So he finally he text me and told him I was wrong for not trusting him. Hello I have known him for 2months. The next night told him I missed him and we had something good and etc. I just feel like telling him off because he acts like he as has not lied to me or did anything wrong. One more thing I have tried to break it off at least 7 times 2 months but some how we end up together again. I am done texting him. I just don’t understand why he is so mad when his last girl friend played him. That isn't the case with me. So did he cut me off or do you think he needs time or deleted me from his life? I am not sure if I love him. He many habits that gets on my nerve but we have fun. So wait or try to contact him?

If he ignoring you, time to leave him !
by: Anonymous

Leo is well known as a flattery.
First time he tried to steal my attention, I ignored him without I realized it. But seems he kept remembering it and continue to try. And once we had conversations... that was really lovely. And yes, he's a very lovable person. I felt mate in many things with him. So did he, according to him. I I am a Virgo and elder than him. But he really didn't care about it cuz he said he felt very suitable with me.
In a day... he would messaged me so many times (we were in relationship in facebook) with very much sweetest words. He really knows how to make a woman feel be loved and special. :P

After we chatted... he instantly posted the video of Michael Jackson titled "You Rock My World" to his facebook wall. :D)))
But as a sexy one... he always provoked me to be involved in very horny conversations.
But I am not in the state. I don't like doing that stuff. I slightly told him about. I guess he accepted my policy about. But still we continued talked and he said he would waiting for that moment til we meet each other one day. But he said, "I guess I can't put you as the only one the girl of mine while you are so far from me. At least I'm not lying about."

Well, that's Leo.
Then for two days he didn't message me whereas I saw his updated statuses on 'my home'.
I curiously messaged him, "Hi baby, how are you? Missed you."
Hours later I got his reply, "I have two exams today. Wish me luck".
It shocked me. It was a weird answer for me. Where's his flowery words? Usually, he always put 'baby', 'darling', 'honey', 'my love' and another sweet calleds. But at the time as if he was losing it. So then I answered back, "Is that all?"
And he replied soon, "Isn't it enough?"

I got more shocked and asked back, "What happened, baby?"
And then, bla bla... he said, "Honey, I am not rude. I am just very busy lately. But listen, I may have many things to do. Why do women always want other to pay attention to them so much? I can't always write you and tell you more and more about the same things. I will writing when my exams were finished."

But after I didn't get anything from him.
So, how lovely and smart he is... I think I can't stand with him. It was hurting when I got his cold words. :(

Cuz I had expect that he would said, "H

by: LOLA

Okay, me and this LEO man started seeing each other (i am a gemini)..everything seemed to be going great, he took me out on date, we did have sex but he still wanted to see me after that...he was saying things like "i dont want to fall in love"..why do you keep yourself away from me for so long" but at the same time, not answering my texts sometime but then answering my phone calls MOST of the time...I got sick and tired of the hot and cold, not to mention I saw some girls walking out of his house at the same time he was SUPPOSED to be sleep. I told him that i respected and valued myself too much to continue sleeping with him as a lil play toy and I havent heard from him since yesterday. I would write it off, but it really seemed like he liked me. or I guess it could be that im new to dating (recently single) and this is how they do it someone please provide insight?

by: Anonymous

Hey can u help me ?! I was c a Leo man am cancer, the chemistry was amazing , then suddenly he jus stopped calling, a few weeks later he was back again this has hap a few times an wen o asked him y he says he doesn't want commitment??!! Av never asked him for it to b hOnest, this is doin my head in I can't seem t forget bow him (Wat shud I do?

by: Anonymous

Leos as any other sign have good and bad personality, I find my self in every aspect of leos personality,we can be cold,we can do that becouse we want somebody to get more interest in us like "whats wrong something bothering you etc etc (cuz we want attention)"we also get cold when we get insulted in front of public (oh beleave me you dont wanna couse scenes with leo in public, he can get very agressive and he will want revenge,then you can forget him cuz he will not come back since you insulted his pride)
That is the reason of leos cold in most cases.

What we leos like is to play games with our pray(wemen we find attractive and interesting)flirting is our favorite game,in most of cases we get inspiration from woman we like, then we get all talkative and we are working on our (you will be mine) tactic,and once we succed at the first part (flirting) then comes the next level of games.And that in most of cases depend on Leo and dating girl,if he really likes you he will make you feel special,we can also be very possessive and jelly thats the bad side we can cause scenes but thats cuz we are afraid of losing girl we care about.

If we dont respond to your calls and you keep pushing us about something that means we are trying to figure out our selfs trying to solve some problems witch we want to solve by our own and not share it with any1,so give us a bit of space 1 week or so,on the other hand it can be that we want to get away from you without words,cuz you are not what we expected you to be.

here is my story i would like to share and what made me act cold:My best friend met me with this Libra girl,we talked about everything we get along we talked and done things i never thought i would do with any girl,she showed interest in me, i thought she was unique like 1 in a million,we were dating for 1 month,then 1 night in some club i told her how i feel about her,she told me she feels the same,i fell for her,tommorow my other friend tells me she slept with my best friend later that night after the club,then i turned my emotion switch off turned back and walked away,i still see her and when I say hi to her i do it just so i dont act rude and ignore her and make her look bad.She texted me few times,but ofc i ignored.

Leo man

libra woman dating a leo men
by: Anonymous

I know this is a little late, but im dating a leo. he's the fourth one ive dated. im 26, he's 21. he childish, pushy, and confrontational. he expects me to agree with whatever he says or he throws a tantrum like a 2 yr old. if i tell him he did something wrong he gets mad and stops talking to me for days. we live in two different cities and he never comes visit when i ask, only when its convenient for him. he doesnt take responsibility for the mistakes he makes in our relationship and im sure ill be breaking up with him VERY soon. do yourself a favor sweetheart and let it go before your too involved. leos only love themselves and are incapable of being in a relationship simply because everything has to be about them.

Virgo lady
by: Anonymous

I was engaged to a Leo who was very centre of attention but I was never goi g to be able to keep him from straying so had to walk away.
Now iv been dating another one and we split about once a week as he frustrates me so much with not making me feel what I should in a relationship. This time he told me he's not sure he can put up with my moods anymore and accepts no responsibility what so ever. He said he needed to thi k and he's right and it gave me time to think and I realized I am not so much in love with him but more the thought of being in love with him.
Anyhow after reading your post I have sent him a card in the post saying I'm making it easier and I'm moving on, yes I love him but no he can't give me what I'm looking for, I gained my Virgo confidence back. I also know he will acceptthis and if he does try to get me back I will defiantly be looking back here. It's made me relise It was not all me but a mix of both of us and I don't want to loose myself zx
Thanks to all of you x

by: Anonymous

I had a 3 month long distance relationship with a Leo man. He was a sweetest Leo guy! We got irritated one day, then he said that we should have some space. Three months after, he went to my office but unfortunately I wasn't there. We didn't see each other after. Then he called me all the way from his country and talked with me for hours. For two days he was all over me again, and I felt so good as I still love him. But after those two days I never heard from him again. I don't know what happened. I didnt want to make the first move as he might not like it. So I decided just to wait. The big question though is, WILL HE STILL CALL ME OR CONTACT ME? His last words were 143= I Love You. :-( He was a sweetest Leo guy!

My crush (Leo guy) ignoring me.
by: Anonymous

Hi all. I have been crushing over this guy from past 1 year nd I think he likes me too. We see each 3-4 days for 1 Hr in the gym. Sad part we have never talked. But his body language is quiet obvious that he is attracted to me. Silently he has been pursuing me pain past 1 yr. Never approached me not sure why. But he would stare, ignore, all non verbal cues of attraction. He will make his presence felt but ignore me. Recently he has started to ignore me not sure why. As I am a Scorpio nd I am quiet sure he is Leo. I can tell. I don't quiet know what to do other then ignore him. I am confident attractive woman who doesn't like to play games but this guy goes hot nd cold on me which drives me crazy.
Recently he has found another girl whom I think he is friends with. She takes some class nd she will see after class for few min. Yesterday I saw him looking for her in the class from far but near me where I can see him if I want. Then that girl comes later on to talk to him especially. He is all smile. I am a strong girl who is not giving into his games. I just don't show any jealousy. This other girl seems very clingy
Anyways pls tell me what should be my plan of action. One thing is for sure I will not aprroach him if he is playing games then he is not worth it. We are adults nd it's waste of time. Tell me pls if ignoring will work on him. Has he moved on or playing w me. Thanks all

This Leo boy has my mind hazy
by: Lovelylibra

as you can see I'm a libra(: I'm 17 && like talking to a leo boy who's also 17( first guy I'm involved with my age ((: ) anyways he's exactly a leo, sweet romantic indulgent fun wild ,and this Leo can turn me on like no other, it's rediculous. But to the point, he tells me he really likes me that I'm beautiful, that I'm hott, cute, sweet&& tells me how he would never wanna hurt me but he has this tendency to "loose his phone" alot .. && other random excuses why but I don't push the issue, but I haven't heard from him in two days at all now and I reaaaalllllyyy like him even though he throws me Wayy off my libra balance<3 I wanna know where I stand with him.. Why. He ignores me, if I can change it, && how...&& quite frankly any other advice for a libra with a leo would be much appreciated!!(:

Leo Man He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a capricorn female aged 21. I've Known my leo guy near enough 5years and we've always been cool. Years back I didn't no much about guys as I was young so I didn't show much interest but I did like him. As I've grown older I just want to make him happy and I feel I now have the confidence to be the women for him. What doesn't help is now he's gained more confidence over the years he comes across as if he's got loads of girls on his case. He told me that he's always liked me but as soon as he decides to take a back seat, that's when I decide to show major interest. Everytime I talk about us, as I'm so confused about where I stand, he keeps telling me he doesn't want a girlfriend but yet he likes me more then he ever has. He told me if I was another girl he would have left me a long time ago (due to my capricorn traits) but he said he's been patient, but I don't understand why he's holding on? He told me that I'm special to him and he has a lot of respect for me, but what does this all mean? We haven't had sex yet, but he says he wants to have sex with me, and I want to have sex with him, do you think he's scared that after that intimite connection his feelings might become to strong? One night we ended up in the same club and it burnt me to see him with other girls. He introduced me to all his friends very proudly and saved the last dance for me. He then said he felt like a King when he was dancing because he knows everybody was watching but his pride just about stopped him from calling me his queen. I feel like he's been hurt in the past and I just want to make it better. He always tells me to be patient and wait to see how life pans out, as I can be moany at times. I'm trying hard to accept his nature cos I do love that about him, but its like he doesn't even want to see me but then keeps saying I've never made an effort and it has always been him which is true. In the club I no he was watching me hard, as I caught him a few times, although I was watching him he approached me everytime hugging me, holding me and he wasn't like that with anybody else.
I understand he's to busy for a girlfriend right now and I'm not ready for a man but I feel were going round in circles as I dnt no in depth how he feels about me. I can't help the way I feel so I'm ready to live for the moment, but never seeing him, always missing him does not help. I'm so confused!! HELP IS NEEDED ASAP!!!

viewers in this blog should help me thank the grate temple.
by: alex

hello my name is Alex i am frm Washington have a story similar to your friend Clara. my wife of almost 3 years said the exact same thing, that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be with me, and after 10 days, moved out. We have a son together and that complicates things further. Luckily, I haven't been hysterical and freaking out like I normally would. I know that will only push her further away. my days of not seeing her it feels like absolute hell. she came back to get her stuff and to talk to me and she said she would still be there for me. I don't know if it was out of being truly genuine or because of our son. I truly love this woman, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. and the biological factor is so true. we've had our ups and downs but when it came down to it, we always kissed and made up. I honestly don't know what happened, as far i was concerned i would do everything to bring her back to me.along the line i was happy for brigs which introduce me to a spell caster men this temple is magical,good and sweet truly she is back to me she inside right now i was just ask to follow up some steps by the temple and 6 days later Gina come begin that she dint know what came over her,i accept her quickly for she is my hearth viewers in this blog should help me thank the grate temple.

Is he into me & why does he ignore me ?
by: Ms.nikki

Im a scorpio woman and the guy that im into is a leo man. We've been talking on and off ever since jan. Okay, its march and he still hasn't taken me out yet, but he talks about it. When I text him, *sometimes he replys back and he *sometimee answer my calls. When he do answer, something may come up to where I have to call him back and he says, "Why are you trying to get off the phone with me." but yet, when we're on the phone, he tells me what kind of female we need and I dont quite fit that description, at the moment. He always tells me he's gonna come see me or he wants me to come get him, but when its time, he doesn't answer. After that, I dont hear from him and when I do, he tells me he was with his family for either something came up. When I with him, he's very affectionate and can't seem to keep his hands off of me (no sex).

He 24 and im 18. He knows my father and my dad's a bit over protective of me, so I have to sneak to see him. HELP! I REALLY LIKE HIM(he doesn't know that, though).

Is he into me & why does he ignore me ?
by: Ms.nikki

Sorry about the spelling errors, I was typing on my phone and im not use to it yet. :) Let me know if there's anything you can't understand.

Aquarius and Leo
by: Nina

To be honest, it has been a very bumpy ride with Leo. We started out with an on again off again relationship. With my pride and stubbornness, we bumped heads constantly. But then one day something clicked and we finally decided to commit. He's amazing but very possessive, bossy and have lots of pride. Because we been dealing with each other over a year, I know him and some of his ways. Met his family, he told them he wants to marry me. I can't stress how demanding and bratty he is. But I can deal. He lost his job and that put a lot strain on the relationship. I gave him money to help him get back on his feet. But because of his self centered demeanor, I feel like he's using me and I can't take it anymore. I was trying to be supportive and loyal but now it seems way to easy for him to ask me. Over it! How can I turn things around in the right direction before I leave him?

I really like a Leo guy but he stopped calling
by: Anonymous

I was talking to a Leo man about a year ago. Everything seemed great between us, but then one day he just stopped calling me! just recently I bumped into him at a pub & a few days later sent him a text to say hi &somehow got on the topic of why he stopped talking to me. He swears it was me who stopped talking to him, but that wasnt the case. He said he had a lot going on in his life then & his response he said, "well how can I fix it then?"I wasn't sure what he meant, so I asked him. He told me,"is there a way he can fix what happened a year ago?" so I asked him if he meant it? He said he did, so I told him,"then fix it" we hung out the other day & he seemed so affectionate & sincere. We fooled around a bit towards the end of the night,but never slept together. I told him I liked him & didn't want to lose his respect. Then the next day, I sent him a text telling him thank you and that I had a nice time & it felt nice being with him. He responded that he had a nice time too, but haven't heard from him in 2 days. Did I do something wrong?? Any advice?

You wanna go? Go!
by: annieniemouse

After reading all these comments I was thinking..are u girls like have 10 kids or something..even if u did u shouldnt let a man treat you this way.

There is a huge ass world out there, and I should know. I come from a small town in a 3rd world country..

I fell for my Leo friend and as an Aries we are almost "the same". We had a fight the other day and I sent him email and called but no response, I didnt bother checking all the mediums I used (IM and FB).

Thing is I really dont care as long as we're friends, if we establish that again I regain my friend and continue TO MOVE ON.

I have a bevy of males to cater to and if he doesnt want me then go get with someone else..Goodluck he'll need it lol.

Frankly girls just please try to:

1) do not call him or text him. this is the worst thing you can do and i was guilty of that..
2) leave him alone , he feels like hes in danger..
3) try to look good and move on, you'll feel so much better
4) give it 4 mos before talking to him and make sure he initiates it first. u dont have to reply all the time too.

Talking to Leo man
by: Sag girl

Hey everyone, so I'm a Sag girl here and I'm talking to a Leo man. I was wondering if we're compatible? Also, for the Leo men out there, what are some of your favorite topics to talk about? I'm currently "seeing" him on a dating site, he's in the army and deployed right now.

Hi everyone
by: Anonymous

I love reading ur posts and learning more abt Leo since I never dates one yet.I start talking w this Leo 10 days ago and it's been 24 hrs on.we truly find so much in common.he even invited me to go w him in south Africa for new yes eve,he told me everything abt his life and how every woman give him what he wants and w me is we still never even kissed,and mite be to early even think abt this but today is only day that he didn't talked to me at all.and like I said from talking since am till we fall asleep it's weird for me.what should I do when Leo ignoring without any reason.Help!btw I am Scorpio so I am nice but I know what I want on my own

hey my leo man is ignoring me too
by: Anonymous

hi im a aries woman..i love my leo man and he claimed to have loved me also but up util three days ago he stoped calling and textng me. His mom says he does this all the time even to her. i really dont want to lose him but idk what to do. he wont answer any of my phone calls or text and im very positive he's over his baby momas house. Weve been in a relationship for a little over a month now and its really hard to just stop calling and texting him. i know for a fact that he is a very prideful and stubborn person. i really do need help and idk what to do..

i scared him
by: Anonymous

My guy is 31 nd we been "friends" for two-three weeks but I've been wish washy with my attitudes...i cut him off nd say i just wnt him as a friend but then change my mind...he since has askd me nt to txt him nd i wnt another shot...plz help leo guys

Need advice from a Leo man
by: Anonymous

I've been dating a Leo man for about 3 months. Things have been great, almost too perfect. He smothers me with comments, wants to be around me, etc. He has been having some custody issues with his ex-wife. Last week I was upset b/c he was texting & arguing with this woman while we were together. I don't mind that he talks with her but it's just that his whole attitude changes when he does. It's like I become his therapist & all the fun is over. To further complicate things we had weekend plans that fell through...this being my fault. He was rather upset about it. We were supposed to get together this week but he has cancelled every day. He told me last night that he has a lot of things on his mind regarding his kids. Further states that I don't know what it's like to have your kids despise you. He said that he needed some time & eventually things would work themselves out. I was trying to understand what exactly he was saying. Was he implying we needed a break? Perhaps, he needed to be left alone for a while? When I inquired into this, I got no response. He hasn't returned my calls, texts, or e-mail. He actually didn't go to work last night & had his phone turned off. I have yet to hear from him today. Not really sure what to do. My heart says, "leave him be". However, I don't want him to think that I don't care either. Any insight into this behavior or advice would be greatly appreciated.

heartbroken libra
by: Anonymous

My Leo man admitted that he was growing closer to me and having stronger feelings and he doesn't want that because I was supposed to be moving soon (told me he doesn't want to be the reason I stayed). He said he was afraid of being hurt...blah blah blah...I wasn't going to hurt him and he knew it. He ended up hurting me though. I miss him so much it hurts. How can I get him back?

Leo man vanishes
by: Anonymous

I met a leo man 2 months ago on a matrimonial site... We started chatting and it was great at the start. Then he started pulling away. We have never met, he lives in the u s and i live in india. He would call me every weekend and talk for hours. Last weekend he called and told me i should keep looking and that he cant commit as we have never met and that he has some problems b cos of which he can not travel to india... I am helpless... I really like him and i dont know what to say...
Please help.

loves my ex leo
by: Anonymous

I am desperately in love With my ex Leo boyfriend... I'm an Aries gal n we shared awesome relationship for a year...we both r Indians but from different cast... When we decided to get married his parents opposed... N finally After much deliberation we decided to break up... But I still love him a lot and I want him back ... I want him to fight for our love with his family... its been 2 months n I finally told him i'm getting engaged to make him jealous... N he gave his best wishes n asked me to be happy forever... it kills me that he doesn't even fell sad 4 us...he has moved on so fast and I am sulking here ... What should I do ... I still love him a lot but I guess he has no feeling for me anymore... how could his feelings 4 me change so soon... Last year during this time he Was so crazy behind me.... Its so hard to deal with this ... Can someone please help me to get him back ....

Desperately Need Advice
by: Anonymous

I am a Sagittarius woman and I have been in a relationship with a Leo man. We have been dating for about 4 months now. There was an issue involving another guy. I did not sleep with the other guy, but did have an emotional relationship with him. My boyfriend read some texts that were not sexual in any way, but weren't exactly harmless. Now, I didn't know how my boyfriend felt about me because we only saw each 2-3 days out of the week. He expressed that I lost his trust, however the exact same day asked me to move in with him. That was two weeks ago. I just moved back in with my old roommate so my boyfriend could work on him and I can work on me. He texts me more now, calls me more now, and he still calls me 'babe.' I am trying to give him space to think things over. I do love him very much, however, neither one of us has said I love you to the other. I heard that one you lose a Leo's trust it's almost impossible to get it back. Is this possible second chance sincere on his part? Or is he just lonely? Does he care for me more than what he is letting on? Or is this just a game?

Cancer female - Leo man
by: nnm

Hello, I'm in need of some adivce!
I've run into a Leo at about three parties. We always talked and flirted. I would playfully take his hat and he'd tell me how sexy I am in it. However, if another male spoke to me, he'd vanish until I was free again. I understood not liking competition and didn't bother him much. At each party I was pretty busy myself so we'd only chat sometimes. But when we did, there was chemistry. & I always called him out if he used cheap lines, which I think he enjoyed. I heard from a friend that he had said he found me ridiculously attractive. At the third party I finally decided to ask him if he wanted my number. I was sick of running into him and him not asking (though he was obviously wanting to) because other guys were talking to me. He pratically jumped at the offer and agreed. Before I left home, he spent about an hour trying to get me alone and pursuing me. The next morning he texted me, to my surprise. (I thought he was too drunk to remember.) We spent the whole day flirting and just talking through texts. Kept asking when he'd see me again. If I didn't reply, he'd text me again. He told me bluntly that he was interested in me. Asked me if I was good enough for him (which was cute) and tried to get to know a lot about me.
Well... The other night he stopped replying. (but he was on facebook that night.) I didn't text him again. I didn't want to seem pushy or clingy. So a day passed and we didn't talk, and I finally decided I'd text him. He replied, and we went back to texting like before. He continued replying, had a LOT to say. He'd always send me paragraphs - and keep the conversation going. Appeared interested and happy to hear from me. Admitted he had stalked my facebok pictures. (lol.) Today I asked if he wanted to hang out, and he impatiently asked to see me today. But I said I was busy, and to wait until the weekend. He offered to take me to the movies and made plans. Said he'd have an entire day just for us. Then once again, he stopped replying. It's been about six hours and no contact. I'm not mad or hurt, I'm just confused. If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't reply or make plans with me - right?
So.... What's going on. I'm either thinking he's genuinely busy, or perhaps his texts aren't sending and he doesn't know. ... Well, at least, that's what I'm hoping. Lol. I'm not being clingy or pushy. But maybe I'm being TOO distant? I haven't admitted to being interested - I don't compliment him as much as he compliments me. Am I pushing him away without trying? I don't want to seem too interested or clingy, but I don't want to push him away either. - I plan to give him his space and not pursue him until the weekend comes around. Then ask him about our plans. That is, if he doesn't reply at all.
Maybe he just is interested in sex. I DUNNO. I'M SO CONFUSED HEEEELP.

I need Advice :(
by: Ms. Gemini

Hi im new to this but i need some advice. I been dealin with a leo man for 8 months which now he is incarcerated. He is very charming and i can tell he loves me but sometimes its like he's moody. 2 weeks ago he called and i was so excited but it was like he was upset about something and he made me feel like my back was against the wall so i slipped up and said he was acting like he was on his period..:( He hung up on me. He never disrespected me n anyway until tha happened. I havent heard from him n 2 weeks and then recently he called but when we were talkin he brung up other things like he needed some type of validation...He still tells me he loves me and he even said we will always be together but he is the type of guy that has no problem pushin someone away at all..What do i do? How can i get him back to the loving boyfriend he is?

by: Gemini

Hi, I need your help :(
I'm a Gemini and have a Leo man. He is younger than me. He accepted so much for me, even my kids. I always told him to move on but he always wanted to stay. Now he is on holiday visiting his grandma. He wanted to see me before leaving but I played hard. So we didnt see each other then. But things were still a bit ok, although he took some time before answering my messages. Until 8 days ago when I hurt him a lot. He always told me he wasnt going, that he was staying and that we arent friends bec we're together. Since that day, he hasn't contacted me. sent him millions of messages and called him trillion times. but no answer.

Does this mean its over for him? Or is he just ignoring me to get hurt? Been crying the whole time but feeling a bit better day by day.

BTW, we work in the same company. So I know in a couple of weeks he should be back and we'd see each other again. I dunno how to handle the situation. :( please help :(


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